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LEGO CHESS sets to Build and Play

Updated on November 6, 2012

Limited Editions to PC Game there is Lego Chess for Everyone

Here some of the better Lego Chess sets are showcased. Whether you want your kid to spent some more time behind the board pondering his next move or are a collector and want to get your hands on beautiful original chess boards or Lego Set we have what you are looking for. Between Amazon and eBay you can find the best deals on the net. Personally i played a lot of Chess in my youth up to the regional championships and I've found it beneficial through my entire life. To be succesful playing chess you learn how to approach a problem systematically because there is no way you can calculate every move and that is a very helpful approach through your life. I was taught at an early age by my dad and later went to the Chess club but you can't start early enough. Kids pick this game up so fast and will have so much fun once they pick up the rules. I've found that it is also a great activity for a mom or dad with his kids when it gets colder. Hope you can find some Lego Chess sets you like.

ULTIMATE LEGO Castle Chess Set

This is without any doubt the Ultimate LEGO Chess set. There are 2,481 pieces and fantastic intricate pieces. All the Chess pieces have Lego equivalents with intricate details. The intro picture of this page shows the case of the set. It comes packed in there and when you put it away it goes back in there. It resembles a giant book case. It's the ultimate LEGO set for any chess player, collector, or LEGO Castle fan. Because this was a limited edition run and it is highly sought after the after market value has exploded and it is very rare to find a set. If there are none on Amazon try your luck at e-Bay.

LEGO Kingdoms Set

Playing Chess has never been so much fun before. Now you can play your favorite game with your favorite toys and learn and play at the same time. It's also a great feature that the lego minifigures are very solid and the board can't be knocked over very easy. It has a few tiny parts though so this board is not suitable to give to children below 4 years old. You'll have to build it before you can play :) check it out

Lego Chess

This is a PC Game for Lego Chess. You can play either with Indians or Cowboys or Pirates. A King explains how the game is played and all the options of the game. The battles of the pieces are animated and its possible to play over a network. It includes a tutorial by a professional chess teacher and the computer's skill level can be set to varying degrees of toughness.

Lego Chess
Lego Chess

Fun for 6-12 year old kids that like Chess.


Lego Castle Set

Fancy Lego chess set not suitable to small children as the pieces are quite delicate and there are some small pieces. Overall it looks very good but Lego and can be a great item for a Chess fan and Lego Collector but it honestly doesn't make the greatest of toys in my opinion. To fragile and Lego isn't so well suited to have pieces moved around as much as on the chess board. Buy now on Amazon

Which Lego Chess Set caught your eye?

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