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Everyone's Raving About the LEGO City Fire Station

Updated on October 24, 2013

Don't you just love how LEGOs just warm your heart! Everyone loves those bumpy little toy parts.

Looking for a kid's gift

prompted me to learn about the beginnings of these super popular toy building sets. Turns out the generator for this concept was made of wood - big bumpy wooden toys.

Legos began in Denmark. In fact the name is short for the Danish term leg godt, a sweet command to play well back in 1934. Wikipedia says that the name has another complimentary meaning in Latin, I assemble!

Legos have been around almost

as long as I have, but they were new to me when my kids were young. In my early years up in Alaska we had wooden toys, metal trucks, and some baby dolls. As a kindergartener, looking at the toy display through the windows of the largest mercantile store in Fairbanks, Alaska, I surprised my parents by asking for Santa to bring me a colored baby doll. There was nothing else I would even consider.

My kids, though, discovered LEGOs

and that was the name of the game from then on. Prior to that day my boys loved firetrucks, any kind of firetrucks and I'll share an old photo below (you'll laugh, even though it might be a train engine, and memory made it into a fire truck, anyway).

Firefighters are the world's lifesavers

and I love it that they are dedicated to saving people, and animals. Whatever ills befall us we know we can count of firefighters to work to rescue people, put out fire, and rescue kittens from the top of power poles. LEGO presents the champion of Fire Station sets.

5 Little figures and a dalmation doggie

join the beautiful large open fire station, the emergency van, and the multifunction fire truck. Coax the captain and the crew from their cozy rest period inside the station, and slide them down the pole on their way to the rescue.

Flames and all the tools anyone could

want to save the day and put out the fires will enthrall all the young firefighter enthusiasts. Lucky toy owners will have lots of opportunities to devise problems and solutions.

Operate the garage doors and fly

the helicopter. Look through the station windows to make sure all the officers are in uniform.

Pull the hose out and douse

the flames. Set out the warning cones and get the job done. Keep the dog safe, maybe put him in the cab. Save 25% on the price of this toy set that will continue to entertain when your kids have kids.

How I wish I had some kids in my family to play with this marvelous set. I have a distant step-relative who's a firefighter and I'm so proud of her. She displays the same fine qualities that we want in a firefighter in the rest of her life.

Congratulations and Thanks for all Firefighters!

a little photo from our pre-LEGOs days, before we even heard about them at our country home. ©1970 Leslie Sinclair

Along with the Fire Station kids of all ages can get involved in a big family celebration with several sets.

LEGO Police Station 7498 (Discontinued by manufacturer)
LEGO Police Station 7498 (Discontinued by manufacturer)

Add the city Police Station for more lifesaving fun and strategy.

LEGO City Fire Emergency 60003
LEGO City Fire Emergency 60003

The compassionate among the group will relish all the caring opportunities this set helps foster. Lots of healthy discussions can prevail.

LEGO City Police Forest Station 4440
LEGO City Police Forest Station 4440

Complete setup for acting out complicated activities of forest theft and rescue.


Photo Gallery

Original LEGO photo at
Original LEGO photo at

Do you love LEGOs as much as my family does?

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    • sousababy profile image


      5 years ago

      LEGO is a forever toy - I think every generation enjoys it. There are so many different kits now too.


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