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Lego Dino - Dinosaur Lego Sets 2012 2013

Updated on April 16, 2013

New Dinosaur Lego Sets for 2012

We're very excited about the new range of Lego Dino sets for 2012. It's about time we had some new dinosaur Lego sets.

I have a five year old son and two of his great interests in life are dinosaurs and Lego. The Lego Dino sets are for kids age 5-12, so this is just perfect!

The Lego Dino sets were first available in early 2012.

LEGO Dino 2013 Sets?

Will there be any new LEGO Dino sets for 2013? No, it doesn't look like it. What's more, therthe LEGO Dino theme has been discontinued for 2013. So you probably want to think about buying any LEGO Dino sets that you want as soon as possible. LEGO Sets can get very expensive once they are discontinued.

It might be a while before we get more LEGO dinosaur sets and dinosaurs are hugely popular with lots of kids.

LEGO® Dino - Chase Video

LEGO Dino Tower Takedown 5883 - Age 5-12

LEGO Dino Tower Takedown 5883
LEGO Dino Tower Takedown 5883

The Lego Dino Tower Takedown (5883) set feature the Pteranodon flying prehistoric creature (not technically a dinosaur but around at the same time.) This set also features a tall tower with a net that can shoot out to capture the Pteranodon. There's also an action hero figure with a jet boat and accessories.


Fans will enjoy the LEGO Dino Game - a fun chase featuring the dinosaurs and characters from the range.

Lego Dino Raptor Chase (5884) - Age 5-12

LEGO Dino Raptor Chase 5884
LEGO Dino Raptor Chase 5884

The Lego Dino Raptor Chase set features a raptor dinosaur. You also get 2 hero MiniFigures and their off-roader vehicle with big wheels and a lasso for catching that raptor. Lots of accessories too.


Lego Dino Triceratops Trapper (5885) - Age 6-12

LEGO Dino Triceratops Trapper 5885
LEGO Dino Triceratops Trapper 5885

The Lego Dino Triceratops Trapper (5885) features a big Triceratops - over 7" (17cm) long and 3" (7cm) tall. There's also a big truck (with three horns on the front!) and two dinosaur hunters with accessories. There's a cage for capturing dinosaurs which fits onto the truck.


Lego Dino T-Rex Hunter (5886) - Age 7-12

LEGO Dino T-Rex Hunter 5886
LEGO Dino T-Rex Hunter 5886

Lego Dino T-Rex Hunter (5886) features one of the most popular dinosaurs of all Tyrannosaurus Rex! The is a larger and more detailed set for kids age 7-12. The set also includes a Sky Crane Helicopter for capturing the T-Rex from above, and an ATV with trailer plus two minifigures and lots of accessories.


Future LEGO Dinosaur Theme - What would you like to see?

The LEGO Dino theme was based around the Dino Team needing to save humans from rampaging escaped dinosaurs.

A previous Dino Attack theme was much more conflict based.

What would you like to see in a future LEGO Dinosaurs theme?

See results

LEGO Dino Defense HQ (5887) - Age 6-12

LEGO Dino Defense HQ 5887
LEGO Dino Defense HQ 5887

The Lego Dino Defense HQ (5887) set is a large set that includes 3 dinosaurs: T-Rex, Coelophysis and Raptor. There's a big dinosaur headquarters compound to build with bars to keep the dinosaurs in or out. The Dino Defense HQ has opening gates, a moving crane with a net, a communications centre, a laboratory, a helicopter landing pad and 3 flick missiles. You also get a helicopter and a land vehicle and 4 action figures.


LEGO Dino Sets on eBay

The LEGO Dino range was discontinued at the end of 2012 after just one year in production. Dinosaurs remain a popular theme with younger LEGO fans so these sets have become collectible.

You can usually find the sets on eBay. New unopened sets are likely to be quite expensive, but you can also find used sets. Buying a collection can be good value sometimes.

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Lego Dino - Dinosaur Lego Sets 2012
We're very excited about the new range of Lego Dino sets for 2012. It's about time we had some new dinosaur Lego sets. I have a five year old son and two of...

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Lego Dino Dinosaur Sets 2012

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    • profile image

      KeepsakeIdeas 6 years ago

      These dinosaur Lego sets look like so much fun. Little boys can be tricky to buy for... well not any longer!

    • markettrol profile image

      markettrol 6 years ago

      Great Lens......My great nephew loves lego and Dinosaurs....He would love these.......Thanks