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Lego Display Ideas

Updated on May 4, 2015

Best ways to display legos in your home

My kids and I have a lot of legos. What we lack is a good way to display the legos, so each of my kids have done it a different way. The best thing about lego sets, is that there is no wrong way to display them. In fact, there are so many arrangements and places to put them, sometimes you forget where they are. Other times, they just become too much and take over an air hockey table

Typically, though, each of my kids has their favorite type of lego sets. For example, my son loves Star Wars Legos and Indiana Jones Legos, it must be the things that fly. One daughter loves Harry Potter legos and Disney Legos, whereas another daughter loves City legos. Finally, I like the tall ships from Pirates of the Caribbean, although, I'm still waiting to get one, or maybe one of those big Millennium Falcons.

All pictures are my own, just don't tell my daughters I went into their rooms.

My Daughter's Desk with Legos on the Top Shelf

My Daughter's Desk with Legos on the Top Shelf
My Daughter's Desk with Legos on the Top Shelf

Top of the Desk for this Daughter's Legos

My daughter loves City legos. She displays them on her top desk shelf. It's getting a little crowded now, but it looks good. She tries to keep the sets together, but its hard when there is limited space. Not sure what she is going to do with the next set she gets.

Lego Display on Shelves

Legos on Shelves
Legos on Shelves

Cube Shelving is Great for Displaying Lego

My oldest daughter, loves disney legos. She has taken to displaying them in a cube shelving system. Luckily, most of the legos fit, except for the Harry Potter set, which is mine.

Lego Staging Area

Lego Staging Area
Lego Staging Area

Lego on an Air Hockey Table

Since we have so many sets, most of the legos end up on the air hockey table as they are being put together. It's easy to have them spread out as you are trying to find pieces which have all been thrown into a big bucket. The worst is that the Star Wars legos are pretty much the same color, so its hard trying to find just the right piece or shade of grey.

Lego Minifigure Display Case

This is something I wish I had when I was a kid. How many times do you wish you had a place to store your lego minifigures? Here you can display over 100 minifigs at one time, or remove a shelf and display some larger ones.

More ways to display legos

Here are some more display ideas for legos. I really like the ones that look lego blocks.

How do you display legos?

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