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LEGO Pet Shop For Kids!

Updated on September 18, 2015

LEGO DUPLO LEGOVille Pet Shop For Kids

This LEGO DUPLO LEGOVille Pet Shop set includes 2 mini-figures of a little girl and the shopkeeper. Also pets are included (rabbit, cat and dog) with a total of 29 pieces in the set. Recommended for ages 24 month to 6 years. Great set for younger LEGO beginners to explore the world of LEGO while imagining a pet shop and the activities of caring for animals and running a pet store. This set is compatible with other LEGO-ville sets. Your Kids will enjoy the variety of components.

Fabulous LEGO play set will give toddlers fun and educational playtime while helping them to develop fine motor skills and imagination. Duplo is a well known alternative for toddlers to begin learning how to build with blocks. Duplo is a LEGO brand which provides a larger block and easier to use systems so toddlers can more easily use them (built for tiny hands to use).

Although the Lego Duplo Pet Shop is the featured play set on this lens, there are other Lego sets of equal value and quality displayed on this webpage for your inspection.


LEGO DUPLO LEGOVille Pet Shop 5656
LEGO DUPLO LEGOVille Pet Shop 5656

Remarkable alternative to the LEGO size blocks for toddlers to begin learning about the blocks and start building while also having themes they are more likely to be enthusiastic about.

Toddlers love pets, and these tiny figures and elements are going to allow them to have fun building and caring for animals in a pet shop. The design is appealing to younger children in the 2 - 6 year old range.

Reputable LEGO DUPLO brand

Durable and Safe

REMOVE SMALL PARTS from this set before giving to children if child is under the age of 3 to prevent choking hazard

Pet Shop theme with animals and other elements

Mini-Figures of Shop Keeper and Little Girl

Provide imaginative playtime

Opportunity to teach and learn about pet care, business, community, and the importance of proper care of pets

Adorable set with blocks and accessories (total of 29 pieces)


My First Zoo - Set The Scene With Plenty Of Colorful Lego Bricks.

LEGO DUPLO My First Zoo 6136
LEGO DUPLO My First Zoo 6136

It’s аnоthеr fun day аt thе zoo. Wіth fоur cute zoo animals, including а baby elephant, tiger, polar bear аnd giraffe, there’s аlwауѕ ѕоmеthіng fоr thе friendly zoo keeper tо do, lіkе feeding thе animals. DUPLO bricks, figures аnd animals аrе colorful, safe аnd sturdy fоr lіttlе hands аnd big imaginations.


Video - LEGO DUPLO Building Blocks

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