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LEGO Friends - New LEGO Theme for Girls

Updated on December 12, 2013

The New LEGO Friends Range

Find about the new LEGO Friends range for 2012. The LEGO Friends range is new for 2012 and very popular with girls from 5 to 12. The range has encouraged lots of girls to play with LEGO and is a now a popular gift for young girls.

The LEGO Friends blocks are compatible with standard LEGO but the minifigures are different - they have a more human shape.

The LEGO Friends sets are based on themes that are designed to appeal to girls featuring hobbies, professions, leisure activities, animals, sport and science.

We've bought LEGO Friends sets as gifts and my niece has a several sets which she loves and mixes with her regular LEGO. Interestingly my boys are quite happy to play with them too, though they wouldn't choose LEGO Friends sets.

Image: My niece has fun with LEGO Friends sets.

New Summer 2012 LEGO Friends Sets

LEGO Friends New Sets 2012 2013
The second wave of the popular LEGO Friends range came out in summer 2012 and we're expecting more new sets in 2012 and 2013. Find out about the latest and u...

Original LEGO Friends Sets 2012

LEGO Friends Video

LEGO Friends Olivia's House 3315

@ Amazon


Olivia's house is the biggest set in the original LEGO Friends series. There's a big house to build and you can access the rooms from the rear to use it as a dollhouse.

The set includes Olivia's Mom and Dad, furniture for the house, and lots of accessories.

LEGO Friends 3061 City Park Cafe

LEGO Friends City Park Cafe 3061

@ Amazon


Andrea and Marie run the LEGO Friends City Park Cafe in this fun set. The LEGO cakes and drinks in this set are adorable.

The Cafe itself includes a kitchen area and outdoor tables for the friends to gather at.

LEGO Friends Olivia's Tree House 3065

@ Amazon


Olivia's Tree House is one of my favorite sets from the original LEGO Friends wave. You get a cool treehouse, birdhouse, pet cat and Olivia herself.

And of course, lots of fun bits and pieces that kids will enjoy,

LEGO Friends Stephanie's Cool Convertible 3183

@ Amazon


Stephanie and her cool purple car and Coco the dog too! You also get car wash kit and hair accessories for tidying up after an open top car ride.

LEGO Friends 3188 Heartlake Vet

LEGO Friends Heartlake Vet 3188

@ Amazon


The LEGO Friends range features lots of pets - you'll find horses, cats, dogs, birds and more. So it's just as well there's the LEGO Friends Heartlake Vet set.

Sophie is the Veterinarian in this set and you also get Mia. There's horse called Bella, Scarlett the dog, and even a cute hedgehog named Oscar.

LEGO Friends Butterfly Beauty Shop 3187

@ Amazon


The LEGO Friends Butterfly Beauty Shop is a very girly set. The set includes Emma and Sarah mini-dolls and a beauty parlor with lots of salon equipment.

LEGO Friends Heartlake Dog Show 3942

@ Amazon


Another animal-themed set is the LEGO Friends Heartlake Dog Show. This set includes the venue for a dog show along with Mia and Scarlett and Jacky the puppies.

Smaller LEGO Friends Sets

There are also several smaller LEGO Friends sets from the beginning of 2012. These sets are good add ons or first LEGO Friends sets for younger girls.

LEGO Friends Stephanie's Outdoor Bakery 3930

@ Amazon


LEGO Friends Emma's Splash Pool 3931

@ Amazon


LEGO Friends Andrea's Stage 3932

@ Amazon


LEGO Friends Review

LEGO Friends Olivia's Workshop
LEGO Friends Olivia's Workshop

I wasn't sure whether I'd like these sets aimed specifically at girls. I'm a Mum to two boys, but I'm also an auntie to two girls who are the right age for LEGO friends.

My boys are LEGO mad and have lots of LEGO sets. I decided to buy a girls set to see what they made of it. I chose the LEGO Friends Olivia's Inventor's Workshop 3933 set as my first LEGO Friends set. I chose it because it's the geeky set and that appeals to me. I have a technology background. As soon as I opened the box my older son came to have a look and ended up helping make the set.

For the money I think this set is excellent value. There are plenty of small items to build - perfect for a child's first LEGO set to build themselves. And there are lots of small items that are fun to play with. I love the vice, it's a very clever detail.

I'd love to see more gender neutral themed LEGO Friends sets. But when I see the toys that my nieces choose, I get it. Having a toy that appeals to them and encourages LEGO building and following instructions seems like a good idea to me.

The new minifigures are about the same height as the standard ones, but they are a different shape. They work well with the new range.

My niece got several LEGO Friends sets for her 6th birthday and we were there when she opened them up and built them. My 5 year old son was only too happy to help build the sets - LEGO is LEGO it seems!

The sets are well-designed with lots of accessories and colors that appeal to girls. These are definitely sets to play with rather than build and sit on a shelf.

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LEGO Friends - New for 2012

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