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Lego Friends Advent Calendar

Updated on September 9, 2013

LEGO Friends 41016 Advent Calendar for 2013

There's a new Lego Friends Advent Calendar for 2013. This one includes Stephanie and Lily mini dolls. The Lego Friends Advent Calendar is for girls aged from 5-12. The calendar contains 24 Lego Friends gifts to open in the 24 days in December leading up to Christmas day.

The Lego Friends advent calendar will contain lots of small Lego toys to help the Lego Friends girls get ready for Christmas. Girls will be able to open a new Lego-friends themed gift each day to build a Christmas scene.

The Lego Friends advent calendar can be packed away to be reused next Christmas or it can be used to add to a Lego Friends collection and used all year round. Some of the pieces are Christmas themed, and other are not specific to the holidays.

Image: LEGO Friends 41016 Advent Calendar

This year's calendar is very cute. There are two mini dolls - Stephanie and Lily. And lots of little gifts to build. You can create a lovely wintery outdoor scene with market stalls and ice-skates for the girls.

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar


LEGO 3316 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar contains 193 pieces all together! This means lots of small accessories and bits and pieces for the LEGO Friends.

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 3316

@ Amazon


At time of writing (6 September 2012) the LEGO Friends Advent Calendar is available from third parties at Amazon.

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar


The LEGO Friends Advent Calendar includes 24 mini gifts including 2 mini dolls (Olivia and Christina), dog Coco and lots of winter and Christmas themed mini models to build.

At time of writing, the LEGO Friends Advent calendar is in stock and shipping from

Lego Friend Advent Calendar on eBay (US)

Some LEGO Friends Advent Calendars are appearing on eBay.

How Much does the Lego Friends Advent Calendar Cost?

Lego Friends Advent Calendar Price

The Lego Friends Advent Calendar is expected to cost $34.99 - $39.99. This is based on the price of existing Lego advent calendars like the Lego City range and the Lego Star Wars advent calendars.

When is the Lego Friends Advent Calendar Available?

Lego Friends Advent Calendar Release Date

The Lego Friends Advent Calendar has September 2012 release date. But Lego Advent Calendars usually start appearing in August for preorder.

Update: Looks like there is limited availability of the LEGO Friends Advent Calendar.

You can check for availability at Amazon and


The Lego Friends Advent Calendar is likely to be very popular so it may sell out. If you know you want the calendar and see it at retail price then buy it, later you may only be able to get the calendar for more than retail price.

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Lego Friends Advent Calendar

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