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LEGO Friends Adventure Camper Building Toy For Girls

Updated on December 15, 2015

Friends Dolls Go Camping With Their Own Camper And Gear

The LEGO Friends Adventure Camper is a great toy for girls to build and imagine their trips with friends.

This product line has won Toy of the Year again in 2013!

I would have loved a toy like this when I was a kid, either as a stand-alone, or to add to other sets for play outdoors.

The camper opens so that play can be inside it, and outside where the dolls enjoy a picnic table, bikes, surfboard and lots of other camping gear, in Lego style.

This set includes Olivia and Nicole mini-dolls. The 325 pieces won't take too long to assemble (I tried it myself on Olivia's Inventor Workshop), and then the camping adventure begins.

Product images via Amazon,

LEGO Friends Adventure Camper 3184

Details Show the Camping Set Up Close - RV, Trailer And More Gear For Outdoor Fun

Adventure Camper playset Lego Friends
Adventure Camper playset Lego Friends

Like many of the LEGO Friends sets, this one is loaded with accessories.

It gives your girls' imaginative scope for creating stories around the dolls and their environment.

LEGO Camping Set for Girls and Boys

Lego Friends Adventure Camper 3184
Lego Friends Adventure Camper 3184

I remember playing with put-together toys when I was a kid, but LEGOs came along later. I wish they'd had these back then!

LEGO Friends Camper camping gear bikes
LEGO Friends Camper camping gear bikes

LEGO Friends On An Outdoor Adventure

Doll houses were common, back in the day. But none of the dolls had their own RV to go camping.

We used to play outdoors with roller skates as cars, gravel and small trees became villages. It would have been so nice to have sets like these to bring out and add to our play, and to play with indoors when there was bad weather or cold.

Parents who got the Adventure Camper set for their girls say that playing with this set helps them build confidence to put the pieces together, and that the camper set, along with the other LEGO Friends sets, encourage creativity.

It's a camper today, and tomorrow, who know what they might come up with, to build with their Legos.

And, I have to think that outdoor activities in a playset can also encourage the same in real life. Imagination can take them anywhere.

Lego Friends sets have lots of room for girls to imagine doing things and creating adventures that they might not think of through other means.

LEGO Friends Sets Expand

All the pieces of LEGO Friends sets are compatible with bricks in the complete LEGO System.

Lots of people are adding this product line to their larger collections.

Do Your Girls Get Lego Friends? - Would The Camper Appeal To Them?

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    • ATTHED LM profile image

      ATTHED LM 5 years ago

      nice set

    • Charmcrazey profile image

      Wanda Fitzgerald 5 years ago from Central Florida

      The details on these Lego sets are incredible. Great info.