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Lego Friends House

Updated on July 6, 2014

Meet Olivia and Her Friends!

Girls can now have as much fun with LEGO as the boys!

This Danish company decided on a more feminine approach to the building block game with LEGO Friends. Reports state that LEGO's sales soared 25% last year thanks in part to this new series of building blocks.

This new line which includes mini-figures such as Olivia and her friends and pets, comes in pink, along with a number of kits such as the dream house with a pool, a beauty shop, tree house and many more kits that are designed to appeal to girls.

The Lego Friends series is a great way to get young girls interested in Legos. Any little girl is going to love the little Lego dolls that come with each set. Lego Friends is designed to boost concentration, develop patience and it is a great toy for building hand and eye coordination as well as developing little ones imagination.

The Legos come in small plastic bags labeled with numbers and there is a full color instruction booklet that will provide step by step instructions. Younger children may need a little help but I for one would love to "play" with them myself!

LEGO Friends Olivia's House

Lego has come up with a unique way to get girls engaged in their building blocks by designing the Friends series. Your child can get Olivia's house and add on to the entire set of Lego Friends. Olivia's House comes with a cat, Olivia, Mom and Dad.

The house features everything necessary to make this a great toy. There is everything including the kitchen sink. As well there is furniture for all the rooms and a number of accessories.

Here is what one happy parent had to say about Olivia's House: "I have to admit, I think I enjoy building these as much as my daughters! The youngest is only 4 and needs a bit of help to assemble, but after it is built together--she loves it! Even my 11-year-old is having a blast, and it is easy for her to put together herself. They each come with a booklet and step-by-step instructions, so you never get confused."

LEGO Friends Olivia's Tree House

What kid doesn't love a tree house? Now Olivia can have one too! Included in this LEGO tree house is Olivia, the mini-doll figure along with her pet cat Maxie and several other pets. There are lots of other accessories that any child would love to have in their tree house!

Here is what one happy parent had to say about Olivia's Tree House: "Our daughter loves Lego Friends. She first saw them at a friends house and was instantly obsessed with them. She was a little young at the time at 5 years old, but we decided to purchase this set for her for Christmas and it was a big hit. She did really well with it because of the simple to follow instructions. Since then, we have continued to purchase sets to add to her collection."

LEGO Friends Update for 2014

It has been reported that LEGO will be continuing the Animals line with a 4th series. Animal Series 3 came out in September 2013. As well there are nine more sets planned for release. Here is a list of those series:

Animals Series 4

Turtle’s Little Paradise (41041)

Tiger’s Beautiful Temple (41042)

Penguin’s Playground (41043)

System Sets

Sunshine Harvest (41026)

Mia’s Lemonade Stand (41027)

Emma’s Lifeguard Post (41028)

Stephanie’s Newborn Lamb (40129)

Heartlake Juice Bar (40135)

Stephanie’s Beach House (40137)

Sunshine Ranch (40139)

Heartlake News Van (40156)

Heartlake Horse Show (40157)

LEGO Friends Collectible Animals Series 3 - New September 2013

This LEGO animal series can be combined with other animals to make for an even bigger playground. All Friends pieces are fully compatible so you child will have hours of fun mixing and matching sets and series.

LEGO Friends Series 3 Animals - Puppy's Playhouse (41025)
LEGO Friends Series 3 Animals - Puppy's Playhouse (41025)

Now your child can have fun with a new puppy and you don’t have to take care of him! The set includes a seesaw and there is even a bone in his dish. As well there is a dog house for when he gets tired. Included is a bow tie accessory.


LEGO Friends Heartlake Pet Salon

When Olivia's puppy Charlie needs a bath she can take him to the Pet Salon. Olivia will also be able to get pet food and accessories to keep her puppy happy! Also includes Emma and Joanna mini-dolls and a white poodle.

Here is what one happy parent had to say about this Lego set: "This Christmas I was happy to find this line of Legos in girl colors and themes. My 5 year old has really enjoyed following instructions. She really liked this set, the largest we've bought. Only problem is now she wants a career in pet grooming!"

Lego Friends: Olivia's House Video

LEGO Friends Heartlake Stables

Every little girl wants a pony and now she can have a whole stable! This LEGO Friends set includes a barn with fencing and accessories such as carrots, pitchfork and saddles and bridles. Everything a horse needs to be happy!

LEGO Friends Stephanie's Outdoor Bakery

This LEGO set comes with one mini-doll figure Stephanie, along with everything you need for a bakery. Not only does it include the kitchen sink there is even cake and milk!

LEGO Friends Heartlake City Pool

What could be better on a hot summer's day? Now Olivia and her friends can enjoy a swim in the Heartlake City Pool. Not only is their a slide to enjoy but there is even a snack bar for a cold drink to cool off!

LEGO Friends Beauty Shop

This set comes with two mini-doll figures Emma and Sarah, along with everything you would find in a beauty salon. You won't believe the details. There is even lipsticks, sunglasses and a hairdryer!

LEGO Friends Butterfly Beauty Shop Video

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