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LEGO Galaxy Squad

Updated on April 18, 2013

A new bugs in space LEGO theme for 2013

LEGO Galaxy Squad is a new LEGO theme that we were expecting for 2013. But there are already sets available from this bugs in space theme.

From what I can piece together the theme involves human spacemen in colored teams (red, green etc) who must battle ialien bugs to defend the galaxy.

So we'll be getting cool bug vehicles and humanoid bug minifigures - very good. My kids are fascinated by bugs so I can see this range really appealing to them.

This will be the replacement for the Alien Conquest LEGO theme so give us a new set of space heroes and alien enemies.

I'll be updating this page as I find our more about LEGO Galaxy Squad.

LEGO Galaxy Squad Sets

The following LEGO Galaxy Squad sets are expected in the first wave:

LEGO Space Swarmer (70700)

@ Amazon


LEGO 70700 Space Swarmer is an 86 piece set with two minifigures - alien buggoid and robot sidekick.

The main build is an insectoid flying vehicle with wings and pincers.

LEGO Space Interceptor 70702

@ Amazon


LEGO 70701 Swarm Interceptor is a small to medium sized Galaxy Squad set with 218 pieces. The set includes a blue space man Solomon Blaze with his ship and also a winged alien mosquito with a small vehicle.

LEGO 70702 Warp Stinger

Red Team

LEGO 70702 Warp Stinger is a 310 piece Galaxy Squad set. It includes a red spaceman with his small vehicle and two aliens and a big bug vehicle.

LEGO 70703 Star Slicer

LEGO 70703 Star Slicer is a 311 piece set with a blue space man and his buggy and an alien minifig with a weird and wonderful mantis vehicle.

LEGO Space Vermin Vaporizer 70705

@ Amazon


LEGO 70704 Vermin Vaporizer comes with a large vehicle to build and Chuck Stonebreaker and his robot sidekick. You also get an alien buggoid and his scorpion attack vehicle.

LEGO Space Bug Obliterator 70706

@ Amazon


LEGO 70705 Bug Obliterator is a large set with the Bug obliterator which can split into two smaller hero vehicles for Jack Fireblade and Ashlee Starstrider. You also get a winged alien mosquitoid and alien vehicle.

LEGO Galaxy Squad on eBay

LEGO Galaxy Squad isn't released until 2013, but you may find some sets or minifigs available early on eBay.

Is LEGO Galaxy Squad Official?

Well, there has been a small hint towards this theme from LEGO - some artwork appeared in a comic strip in the LEGO Club magazine that shows alien bugs.

What is more, a Toys R Us store in Canada is reported to have put Galaxy Squad sets on it's shelves for sale - you can see LEGO Galaxy Squad pictures showing the sets in the store.

At time of writing it is also possible to see the LEGO Galaxy Squad product description in German on - see here for links.

And is reporting the names and Euro prices of the sets.

So it looks pretty likely. I'll be looking out for more official information from LEGO.

LEGO Insectoids (retired)

This isn't the first time that LEGO has developed a space bugs theme. The now retired LEGO Insectoids range featured bugs and spiders in space.

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LEGO Galaxy Squad

Are you looking forward to getting LEGO Galaxy Squad sets?

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