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Minotaurus Lego Board Game 3841

Updated on April 20, 2013

Lego Minotaurus Board Game

One of a series of new Lego board games, Minotaurus is a simple family game in which special minifigure heroes make their way through a maze of Lego walls to the secret temple at the center of the game board. Avoid the Minotaur, the mighty mythical creature who guards the temple, to get to the center before your opponents, and you win!

When you first open the Lego Minotaurus game, you'll build the game board with bricks and instructions that will be familiar to any Lego fan. Then, take turns rolling the special Lego dice to move either your colored game piece, a labyrinth wall, or the Minotaur. Advance your hero piece, block your opponent's path, and send the Minotaur after another player to be the first to reach the secret temple!

Keep reading to learn more about how to play Lego Minotaurus and to find out about the other new Lego board games released this year.

Watch a Lego Minotaurus Video - "Speedgaming" time lapse video of Minotaurus game play

This video shows you all the setup and gameplay in under a minute!

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LEGO Minotaurus Game (3841)
LEGO Minotaurus Game (3841)

The mighty Minotaur, a mythical creature, protects a secret temple hidden deep inside a labyrinth. Be the first to lead your heroes to the temple, avoiding the Minotaur and cleverly placing walls to block your opponents. Lego Minotaurus has clear and simple rules make this game great fun for the whole family.

How to Play the Lego Game Minotaurus
How to Play the Lego Game Minotaurus

How to Play the Lego Game Minotaurus

The simple steps and official rules for the game

Lego Minotaurus is simple to set up and even easier to play. Here are the basics.

  1. Build the game board using the included instructions to arrange the walls, hedges, and special colored spaces on the square green base.
  2. Build the special Lego Dice by attaching the six side panels as shown in the instructions.
  3. Take turns choosing a colored team of heroes.
  4. On your turn, roll the dice and make your moves as follows:
    • If you roll a number, move one of your hero pieces that number of spaces to work your way to the center of the board
    • If you roll the gray panel, move a gray piece of labyrinth wall to either clear your way or block an opponent
    • If you roll the Minotaur side, move the Minotaur 8 spaces. If you can get the Minotaur to reach an opponent's hero piece, send it back to the start!
  5. Continue taking turns and working your way to the secret temple in the center of the board.
  6. The first player to get one (if playing with 3-4 players) or two (when playing with 2 players) of their 3 heroes to the center wins!

Customize the Lego Board Game Minotaurus
Customize the Lego Board Game Minotaurus

Change the Rules to Create Your Own Game

How to tweak the rules to Lego Games Minotaurus

In the instructions for Minotaurus you'll find several suggestions for ways to change the rules to make the game more challenging or just to add a little variety to the gameplay.

  • Change the Dice and Jump the Hedges
    You'll build the special Lego Dice yourself with interchangeable panels for the sides. In this variation, remove one of the numbered sides and replace it with the green panel. When you roll green, your hero game piece can jump right over a hedge for a shortcut through the labyrinth!
  • Design Your Own Custom Labyrinth
    Tired of the using the labyrinth pattern you were instructed to build for the game board? Mix it up! Arrange the walls and hedges any way you want to keep things interesting or to make the path more difficult for the ultimate challenge. You can even add some of your own Lego bricks and make up new rules for how they'll work.
  • Extend the Game with a Harder Challenge
    The official rules call for each player to get one or two (depending on the number of players) of their three hero pieces to the secret temple to win. For a longer, more challenging game, change the rules to make the winner get all three heroes to the center before a winner is declared.
  • Make the Mighty Minotaur Mightier
    In the basic rules, you can move the Minotaur 8 spaces in an attempt to send an opponent back to the start. In this variation, you decide what the Minotaur can do when you roll his special side of the dice. Maybe your Minotaur will move fewer spaces, or jump hedges, or knock down walls!

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