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Name that Brick: Lego Identification

Updated on July 28, 2014

Lego Brick and Minifig Identification

It's important for Lego builders (ametures and professionals alike) to be able to identify bricks by a common name so that they can purchase bricks individually for custom builds, or to know what bricks come in existing sets. You'll find pictures of Lego pieces here to get you started in knowing how to identify a Lego brick by its official name.

Learn Lego Naming Conventions - Here are some Pictures of Lego Pieces and their Official Names (to get you started)

Click thumbnail to view full-size
1x1 Brick1x1 Plate1x1 Technic with Hole45 2x1 Slope4x4 Corner Brick1x3 Brick4x6 Brick
1x1 Brick
1x1 Brick
1x1 Plate
1x1 Plate
1x1 Technic with Hole
1x1 Technic with Hole
45 2x1 Slope
45 2x1 Slope
4x4 Corner Brick
4x4 Corner Brick
1x3 Brick
1x3 Brick
4x6 Brick
4x6 Brick

The Size of a Brick is Measured in Lego Pegs

so a 2x4 brick would be two pegs wide and 4 pegs tall.

Try Lego's Pick a Brick

You can Shop Lego by brick, and this is a great way to become accustomed to the various brick types and their names. Just remember, you can't purchase all bricks from Lego individually. I'm not sure why some bricks they sell individually, and other's they don't. At first I thought they didn't sell retired bricks - but sold all the rest individually. I've since discovered that there are some bricks they sell in sets that they do not sell individually (or on custom brick orders).

Discover Bricklink's Lego Identification Tools

BrickLink has a user forum where you can post pictures to identify bricks, and also a really helpful catalog that lists the names and colors available of each brick, as well as a catalog of sets and a catalog of minifigs. You can even purchase bricks (new or used) from a multitude of sellers all over the world.

I actually like better than Lego's Pick a Brick shopper because it lists ALL bricks (and not just the ones currently being sold individually by Lego). That way you can purchase bricks used (or recycled as I prefer to call them), even if they haven't been sold by Lego New in years.

Screenshot of BrickLink's Lego Catalog

Screenshot of BrickLink's Lego Catalog
Screenshot of BrickLink's Lego Catalog

Ask Lego Fanatics to Identify a Brick

If you can't find the brick or minifig on the Lego site there are several different Lego forums and threads that I've run into where you can have Lego Experts or Fanatics help you identify a brink (especially if you have a picture).

Trying to Identify Lego Star Wars Bricks or Minifigs?

There are so many resources for Graphic Designers trying to identify a font! There's even an application where you can upload a JPG with a font in it, and have a font name spit out. It would be nice if we could do the same time with Legos (or if this does exist PLEASE tell me about it!!).

Is there an automatic brick identification tool online? - How do you identify Legos?

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    • profile image

      DawnTreader 3 years ago

      And it is 2 Studs wide by 4 studs long, not 4 studs tall...

      No they are not interchangeable as a peg might refer to another kind of part that isn't part of a brick...

      LEGO not Lego...


    • yomikelaw profile image

      yomikelaw 4 years ago

      Thank you!!

      This is awesome!!!

    • shauna1934 profile image

      shauna1934 5 years ago

      @anonymous: I think you can use the words interchangeably :) But I've seen studs mostly.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Oh dear, they are measured in Studs not Pegs

    • YearningAndHarm profile image

      YearningAndHarm 5 years ago

      Wow, I never knew Lego had gotten so far outta hand! ;-D I know a few Lego Addicts here and there ... but they don't have ANYTHING on that site! I suppose I should have taken a hint from some of those huge models that I sometimes see at malls or fairs! Lego is more than just a toy ... it's a revoluton! :-D