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LEGO Legends of Chima Costumes

Updated on April 16, 2013

What do the LEGO Chima Characters wear?

Find LEGO Chima costumes and role play accessories - Lion and Croc tribe swords and shields! What do the LEGO Legends of Chima characters wear? Let's take a look at the costumes worn by the Lion, Wolf, Croc, Eagle and Raven tribes of Legends of Chima.

Legends of Chima is a new LEGO theme for 2013 and the main characters are intelligent animal creatures that stand on two legs like humans, or indeed like minifigures!

Let's take a look at the costumes worn by the LEGO Legends of Chima Minifigures.

LEGO CHIMA Role Play Accessories

My Chima Warriors


The swords and shields in action with my two boys. (My older son prefers the Wolf Tribe so he's got the Croc gear but is dressed as a Wolf.)

Laval's Lion Tribe Shield and Sword

Do you know someone who wants to dress up as Laval the leader of the Lion tribe (I do!) Well there are official LEGO role play accessories available so they can do just that. You can get a foam shield with the Lion tribe logo and a lenticular CHI orb. And there's a matching sword too.

My younger son has this set and we were impressed with the quality, it's much better than other foam sword and shield sets that we've had.

Cragger's Croc Tribe Sword and Shield

Or maybe you know someone who want to dress up as Cragger? You can get Cragger's shield and his very cool matching Croc sword. I've got two boys and my older one likes the bad CHIMA characters best and his favorite color is red so he loves these.

The sword and shield are larger than I expected and nice and thick and well made.

LEGO CHIMA Sword and Shield on Amazon

An alternative choice for buying the sword and shields.

LEGO Chima Costumes

Here are some of the LEGO Legends of Chima costumes from the Cragger's Croc Boat set. You can see members of the Lion, Croc and Raven tribes in this picture.

LEGO Chima Lion Tribe Costumes

The LEGO Chima Lion tribe members include Laval, Leonidas, Lennox and Longtooth.

The Chima lions have cool anime-style manes in different colors. They wear blue costumes over their beige / brown bodies and gold armor.

LEGO Chima Croc Tribe

The LEGO Chima Croc Tribe includes Crominus, Cragger, Crug, Crawley and Crooler.

The Crocs have green bodies and and crocodilian heads with lots of sharp teeth. The Croc tribe wear dark red clothing adorned with teeth and bones and some of them wear ragged dark red cloaks.

The LEGO Chima Raven tribe includes Razcal (left), Rizzo and Razar (both above).

The Chima Raven tribe have very cool costumes, I think they're the best of the lot. The Raven tribe have black bodies and impressive feathered headpieces and wings.

Some of the characters have pirate-style details including a peg-leg, hook for a hand and an eye patch. These guys have obviously seen some battle action!

LEGO Chima Eagle Tribe Costumes

The LEGO Chima Eagle Tribe includes Eris (above), Equila, Eglor (below).

Eris is clearly a girl (she had girl eyelashes.) The Chima Eagle costumes are very cool with eagle headpieces with beaks and impressive eagle wings. Like other Chima tribes they also have golden armor.

LEGO Chima Wolf Tribe

The LEGO Chima Wolf Tribe includes Wacz, Winzar and Willhurt.

The LEGO chima wolves have black, grey or white bodies. They have dark red costumes - just rags. The wolves have battle scars and ferocious looking teeth.

My son older likes the wolf tribe best.

The best LEGO Chima costumes?

Which LEGO Chima Tribe has the best costumes?

See results

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LEGO Chima Costumes

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      I'm looking for a Cragger costume for my 8 year old. We bought the sword and shield but he wants a full costume.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I need a costume for a 7 year old boy to wear. Is there such a costume and if so where can I order it. Thanks,