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LEGO The Lone Ranger

Updated on April 17, 2013

LEGO The Lone Ranger 2013 theme

It looks like there will be a LEGO The Lone Ranger theme for 2013 to tie in with the new Lone Ranger movie starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer.

The Disney Lone Ranger movie is coming out in 2013. There are reports online that a Lone Ranger LEGO theme is being developed to be released in 2013.

We don't have confirmation yet. But that does sound rather cool! My boys would love Tonto and Lone Ranger mini figures and this theme could be a great use of the new LEGO horses which can rear up and stand in that position.

I'll be keeping an eye out for news and updating this page.

A LEGO Western Theme with Cowboys

A lot of people will be excited that we're getting Lone Ranger tie-in LEGO. But there will also be lots of people who just want a generic Western theme and will want to use these sets for historical or custom creations.

In our house it's a bit of both. The parents will appreciate the Lone Ranger tie-in. But my six year old has a strong interest in history so he'll be interested in it from a Wild West frontier days perspective.

Lone Ranger LEGO Set List

First Wave

79106 Cavalary

79107 Commanche Camp

79108 Stagecoach Escape

79109 Colby City Duel

79110 Danger in the Silver Mine

79111 Train Chase

Cavalry Builder Set - 79106

LEGO The Lone Ranger Cavalry Builder Set (79106)
LEGO The Lone Ranger Cavalry Builder Set (79106)

It looks like LEGO have really been listening about making key characters available in smaller sets. This is important for younger kids who aren't ready for the big sets and from an affordability perspective. Kids won't have to wait for Christmas or a birthday to get the Lone Ranger.

This Cavalry Builder set includes the Lone Ranger and his horse Silver. And you also get three cavalry soldier minifigs and weapons.


Silver Mine Shootout - 79110

LEGO The Lone Ranger Silver Mine Shootout (79110)
LEGO The Lone Ranger Silver Mine Shootout (79110)

This is my older son's favorite set in this range for lots of reasons. He's really interested in history and also geology so he's really into the idea of Western gold and silver mines. And even tough he's too young to watch the movie, he loves the characters and their names. There are some great minifigs in this set.

You get a different design of Lone Ranger - he's dusty from the mine.

You also get dusty Tonto and Chief Big Bear. Butch Cavendish is here. And no doubt also causing trouble is Skinny Kyle the bandit.

The mine is packed with features adn details. There's a cart that shoots down a piece of rail track, buffalo skull missile, trap door, cute that leads to the cart, and lots more.

The rock effects and waterfall make this set look really good. And it has lots of details and accessories for mining and living as well as re-enacting the silvermine shootout scene.


Stagecoach Escape - 79108

LEGO The Lone Ranger Stagecoach Escape (79108)
LEGO The Lone Ranger Stagecoach Escape (79108)

The Stagecoach Escape is a medium-sized set with the Stagecoach itself as the main build.

You get two black horses to pull the stagecoach.

You get the Lone Ranger and Tonto in this set to save the day.

You also get a Red Harrington minifig which is very cool. There aren't many female characters in this range but Red is a very cool figure.

And causing trouble are Jesus and Barret the bandits.

And there's a brown horse included too. This is a very good set for building up a collection of horses.


Constitution Train Chase - 79111

LEGO The Lone Ranger Constitution Train Chase (79111) (Discontinued by manufacturer)
LEGO The Lone Ranger Constitution Train Chase (79111) (Discontinued by manufacturer)

It wouldn't be a western theme without a train would it! And the Constitution Train Chase is the big set for this range.

You get a buildable train with a locomotive engine and three additional cars. The cars are all different.

There's also a water tower to knock down.

You get 7 minifigs in this set. The Lone Ranger and Tonto, Rebecca Reid and her son Danny, Captain Fuller, Latham Cole and Butch Cavendish.

You also get enough track to create a loop (you can also buy additional compatible track.)

Lone Ranger, Tonto, Rebecca Reid, Danny Reid, Butch Cavendish, Latham Cole and Captain Fuller


A note on LEGO Guns

The Lone Ranger theme does include LEGO revolvers and rifles. LEGO typically don't include guns in the City theme which I'm grateful for. But you do get them in Star Wars. I think LEGO have this right. Fantasy and historical use of weapons does seem different to modern day usage.

But if you prefer your kids not to have toy weapons of any kind then you should be aware that they are in these sets so you can remove them before giving the sets to your children.

Used Sets and Parts on eBay

As usual, eBay is a good source of individual minifigs and part sets if you don't want a complete set. You'll also find the complete sets both used and new.

The Lone Ranger: 75th Anniversary - Seasons 1 and 2

@ Amazon


The LEGO Lone Ranger sets tie in with key scenes from the new movie. But this had made me thing of the original Lone Ranger TV series. Reruns of the Lone Ranger were a regular part of my childhood.

I think my boys are getting close to the age where they would enjoy watching them on DVD (and I'd be more than happy to rewatch them!)

Thanks for Visiting

LEGO Lone Ranger

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