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LEGO Mindstorms Projects

Updated on February 3, 2016

LEGO Mindstorms Projects - NXT 2.0 Kits - Make A LEGO Robot

With the LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 robotic projects are just a snap away. The LEGO Mindstorms is robotic kit that allows people to create and program their own robots using LEGO TECHNIC building elements. However, it goes far beyond the complex replicas of LEGO TECHNIC.

LEGO Mindstorms comes with its own microcomputer: the NXT. The NXT is the processor of the robot. The picture is from Amazon and can be seen below. The latest version of LEGO Mindstorms microcomputer is the NXT 2.0, which adds a host of new capabilities such as Floating Point operations and a screen on the NXT microprocessor brick.

What a great Christmas present this robotics kit will make for that budding scientist you have t home. Let your son or daughter know that learning can be fun! Let these advanced LEGO sets help your child learn new things and experience the joy of creating something wonderful.

Can you imagine how exciting it will be for your child to create a robot that can actually move and think. Read about NXT, check the reviews, and I am sure you will agree that this is a fabulous gift for girls and boys alike.

Find Out About LEGO Mindstorms Kits - Mindstorms Projects And Ideas

This LEGO set is just about the best gift idea for kids ages ten and over. You can't go wrong with a LEGO Christmas gift!

The LEGO Mindstorms kit comes with items that allow the Mindstorms creation to interact with its environment. These kits include:

  • Two touch sensors, allowing the creation to feel its surroundings.
  • One Ultrasonic sensor allowing the creation to not only "see," but also detect motion.
  • One Color sensor, allowing the creation to differentiate between colors, light settings, and act as a lamp.
  • Three different servo motors allowing the creation to move. The servo motors have built-in sensors that allows for precise precision on the movement of the motors.
  • Seven connector cables that allow each of these components to connect to the NXT microcomputer.

NXT 2.0 also supports wireless Bluetooth connections that allow the NXT brick to communicate with other Bluetooth devices. It can connect with up to three other devices at the same time and one Bluetooth connection. It can search and connect with other Bluetooth devices or can be set as invisible to other Bluetooth devices.

The Mindstorm Kit Come With Software

The LEGO Mindstorms kit comes with software allowing your computer to interact with the Mindstorms creation. The CD contains an icon-based programming language called NXT-G, which allows easy programming for your NXT microprocessor via your computer. You are not stuck with NXT-G, however. Many home-brewed variations of the NXT icon-based programming language include IeJOS NXJ, RobotC, and NXC. LEGO encourages a large community of creators.

The NXT 2.0 brick is a powerful microcomputer on its own. It includes:

  • A 32-bit ARM7 microprocessor
  • A USB 2.0 port
  • Four input ports
  • Three output ports
  • Support for Bluetooth wireless communications

The LEGO Mindstorm NXT Needs Batteries

Six AA Batteries power the NXT 2.0 brick, but this is not the only option for the user. A lithium rechargeable battery is available separately if one finds that their AA Batteries drain too quickly. This lithium battery attaches to the back of the NXT 2.0 brick, so anyone using this battery should take the extra width of the NXT 2.0 brick into account when planning their latest creation.

There are many additional sensors available for the LEGO Mindstorms set, including an Accelerometer sensor that differentiates between up, down, left, right, and side-to-side and measures acceleration. The Compass Sensor allows the creation to measure the Earth's magnetic field, which gives the creation the capacity to tell which direction the creation is facing.

Video Review Of The LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0

This LEGO Mindstorms projects kit is going to be a popular toy for young boys and girls in the ten and older range. It's a great toy and a learning tool that is perfect for kids who enjoy making models.

My LEGO Mindstorms Creations

Are you wondering what you can do with LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0? Here are some great ideas!

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The LEGO Robotic Monsters Clash. Who will win? The LEGO Scorpion or the LEGO Robogator?

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LEGO Mindstorm Printer

Let everyone know what you think of the LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 kit!

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