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Lego Minifigures Series 11

Updated on September 29, 2013

Series 11 Minifigs are coming!

Will the minifigs ever stop coming? We hope not! Now into its 11th "series", these special minifigs from LEGO are a fantastic opportunity for collectors and LEGO enthusiasts to add fun, humor and special interests. Series 11 is now available!

What's in this series? How about a female robot, elf (with ears!), gingerbread man, British bobby (with iconic helmet), female scientist, and many more.

Photo: product image

Series 11 Minifig Unopened Bag - Who knows which figure you'll get!

LEGO 71002 Minifigures Series 11 Random Pack
LEGO 71002 Minifigures Series 11 Random Pack

Here's an original unopened series 11 surprise bag


All the Series 11 Minifigs

The LEGO Company has announced the minifigs to be included in the Series 11 packs. Here they are:

Pretzel Girl - a Bavarian-looking waitress with messy blond hair (what - no braids?), Oktoberfest-type costume, and holding a pretzel. According to her official bio, she's a world-class yodeler!

Saxaphone (sic) Player - guy in a black suit with a black trilby hat and sunglasses, holding a saxophone. His bio says that he's a man of few words, prefers to let the music speak for him.

Gingerbread Man - your classic brown gingerbread cut-out-shape guy, holding a mug that says "dunk me". He must have a death wish!

Scarecrow - with a great "ragged" costume printed on (which would be more useful if it didn't extend across both torso and legs, but never mind), battered straw hat, classic pitchfork, and a crow perched on top of his head.

Scientist - great to see a female scientist! A useful lab coat torso, short hairpiece that's different from the classic short hair, and a couple of nice chemical flasks built from what looks like jewel pieces.

Lady Robot - apparently she's a real party animal, and can wind up her own clockwork so she never stops.

Barbarian - a sort of Conan look, with muscles, stubble, snarl, and TWO swords, one for each hand.

Grandma - OK, I think I have to get this one for my 83-year-old Mum :) Nicely styled gray hairpiece, shopping basket, and the essential cat. According to her bio though, she was quite the adventuress in her younger days!

Mountain Climber - with a helmet, pickaxe to stand in for an ice axe (could have done better there, LEGO), a rope (molded into a coil - who knows why, there have been real cords and ropes in sets for decades) and climbing harness printed on his legs. Apparently he's a rescue worker as well as an ordinary mountaineer.

Holiday elf - at first sight I though the amazing sticky-out ears were molded on to the head, but a closer look at the picture suggests they may be part of the hat and the head is a regular one. Nice teddy bear, too.

Diner waitress - Roller skates! Yup, looks like separate pieces attached to the bottom of her legs. Pink ones, but maybe more colors will appear. She carries an ice cream sundae on a tray, has a nice hair-do that looks like an ice cream cone, and a great face.

Yeti - Snowy and furry (though he looks more spiky than furry to me) and holding an icy-blue popsicle. Hmmm.

Island Warrior - A bit like the figs from the old Islanders sets, but with a large and elaborate mask.

Constable - a stereotypical British Bobby with the helment, truncheon, and a big bushy mustache.

Evil Mech - well, it's a mech, but without the usual moving parts. 'K. Interesting reference to the old Blacktron theme in the official bio, though.

Welder - Very nice denim overalls torso, welding helmet and welder. Just what you need for your repair shop, factory, or farm.

Of course, when these first become available in stores, we'll have to buy the mystery packs and won't know what we'll get. But it's only a matter of time before specific figs show up for sale on eBay, Amazon, and Bricklink.

Right now, the best pictures are on the LEGO website, along with all the official bios.

Videos of New LEGo Series 11 Minifigures

Yay, here are the new characters shown on video!

Great Accessories with Series 11 figures

One of the things about these minifig series is that we get a whole load of fantastic accessories which can be used with other figs and for other purposes. Check out some of the things included with Series 11 minifigs:


Welding machine and helmet

Saxaphone and trilby hat

"dunk me" mug


"granny" hairdo

shopping basket

climbing rope

elf hat

teddy bear

roller skates

upswept hairdo

ice-blue popsicle

police truncheon

British Bobby helmet


pink ice cream

Wow! Already showing up in stores in Poland

I wonder if this was a mistake on the part of the store. Anyway, someone in Poland already found the new figs on the shelf!

Characters from Previous Series

While you're excitedly waiting for Series 11 to be released, why not pick up some people you missed from previous series? While I can only include a small selection here of the 160 previously released figures, you can click through to Amazon on any of them and find the ones you really want.

What's your favorite Series 11 character?

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