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LEGO Ninjago Coloring Pages and Activities for Kids

Updated on April 15, 2013

Fun for LEGO Ninjago fans

Are you looking for LEGO Ninjago coloring pages and fun activities for kids? LEGO Ninjago is the popular new LEGO range featuring Ninjas who practice the martial art of Spinjitzu. The heroes Kai, Zane, Cole, Jay, Nya and Sensei Wu battle against the evil Lord Garmadon, Samukai, and the Skeleton Army and Snake People.

I have two boys who love coloring, drawing and making and Ninjago and are now fascinated by Ninjas. We've been frustrated that we can't find any official Ninjago coloring pages. I'm going to keep looking out for Ninjago coloring books and pages and will add them to this page if I find them.

There is a LEGO Ninjago Sticker Book that Ninjago fans will enjoy though.

I've also included some other coloring and drawing themed Ninjago ideas.

Ninjago Coloring Pages and Ideas

There are some drawing tutorials for Ninjago and some fan art pictures available.

Ultimate Sticker Collection LEGO Ninjago (ULTIMATE STICKER COLLECTIONS)

@ Amazon


LEGO Ninjago Activity Books

There are new LEGO Ninjago activity books coming out in 2012 featuring the snakes theme. Some are available for pre-order already in the UK. You can check here for availability:

LEGO Ninjago Activity Books - US

LEGO Ninjago Activity Books - UK

LEGO Ninjago Pens

These LEGO Ninjago pens make a fun gift for a Ninjago fan who likes to draw. Look out for the new Masters of Spinjitzu pens in the green packaging.

We'd Like to See Official Lego Ninjago Coloring Pages

I wish I could point you to some official Lego Ninjago coloring pages or books. But I haven't been able to find any. I created this page to bookmark such pages for my sons (aged 3.5 and 5) who love Ninjago and coloring.

Well at least we now have LEGO CHIMA Coloring Pages.

Would you like the see official Lego Ninjago coloring pages and books?

See results

Ninjago Books

Graphic Novels and Reading Books

There's an excellent range of Ninjago graphic novels and reading books to choose from.

Ninjago Books - Story, Chapter and Fun Books
An overview of the Lego Ninjago books that are available (we own quite a few of them!) The range of cool Ninjago books includes early readers, chapter books ...

Ninjago 2013 Sets - Stone Army, Gold Ninja!
We're rather excited about the new LEGO Ninjago Sets for 2013. These sets tie in with the latest episodes of the Ninjago TV series and feature the stone army...

Thanks for Visiting

LEGO Ninjago Coloring Pages and Activities

I hope you liked the Ninjago Coloring Pages - Comments

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I have every body

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      @anonymous: thanks! that is a great site

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      i have zane kai cole jay and lloyid the green ninja

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      @MagpieNest: check out

    • jordanmilesbask profile image

      jordanmilesbask 5 years ago

      my son's another fav toy...Nice lens!

    • MagpieNest profile image

      MagpieNest 5 years ago

      @anonymous: I know, I know! I created this page to bookmark Ninjago coloring pages for my boys, but I haven't found any official ones. I do keep looking and will update whenever I find anything. I have included some fan art and drawing tutorial links, but would like to find some official licensed images. Sorry you are disappointed - I'll keep looking out for new material for this page.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      You say your page is NInjago colouring pages, its soooo frustrating, when we get here and there is nothing to print off!

    • Paperquest5 profile image

      Paperquest5 5 years ago

      I am always amazed at how popular coloring pages are. Great lens!

    • profile image

      baby-strollers 6 years ago

      I have a little guy in karate - they call it 'little ninja's ' - he will love, love some of this lego.

    • davidleetong lm profile image

      davidleetong lm 6 years ago

      Nice lens. Check out my son's LEGO Ninjago site - tons of info there too :)

    • toyfairy profile image

      toyfairy 6 years ago

      My boys love Ninjago! These coloring pages should be perfect to keep them busy on our road trip to the grandparents. :-)

    • Philip12 LM profile image

      Philip12 LM 6 years ago

      Good work, a very interesting topic indeed :)

    • Philip12 LM profile image

      Philip12 LM 6 years ago

      Good work, a very interesting topic indeed :)

    • WayneDave LM profile image

      WayneDave LM 6 years ago

      Thanks for posting this, really good lens.

    • Mermaiden profile image

      Mermaiden 6 years ago

      My son had a Ninjago birthday party last year. It was so much fun. I know he'll love these coloring pages! Thanks!