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Where to Buy Missing Lego Pieces, Parts, and Bricks

Updated on October 18, 2016

Do You Build Sets or Make your Own Creations?

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Where to buy missing Lego pieces?

Your putting together an old Lego set you acquired years ago, except you are missing one or multiple pieces. Or you have all the pieces to your Lego Darth Vader minifig, except the helmet. Or you want to build an army of Lego storm troopers or orcs from Lego Lord of the Rings?

The question is, where do you go to find a few Lego bricks to complete your set or a mass amount of a color or figures to complete your own creation?

There are three places I go for these type of acquisitions: the Lego store,, and eBay. Here's a brief description of all three. Shop

The Shop provides a place to purchase individual pieces to help you complete a custom one-of-a-kind Lego creations, replace missing pieces, to adding accessories to your current sets. Typically, you will find pieces that are part of new sets and the pieces cost anywhere from 10 cents to 99 cents.

When you go to the Lego website, be sure you have a piece in mind because searching through the hundreds of different pieces and blocks available would be quite time consuming. Pick a Brick allows you to find bricks by color or category, and even do a more advanced search by brick name, element, and design.

Another place to find Replacement Lego Pieces is a website that is not affiliated with the Lego company, however, has brought together the Lego community to allow them to buy and sell pieces, sets, and minifigs. is a community of individual sellers and buyers. The website also has a great search feature that allows you to find almost every past set and the pieces and minifigs that were contained in each set.

I utilize Bricklink to find missing pieces and purchase them directly from the sellers. I also utilize Bricklink to sell pieces I have acquired that I probably won't be utilizing.

My Bricklink store is called "Bricks, Plates, and Tiles".

I need a lot of lego pieces

Another place to accumulate a lot of Lego pieces quickly is eBay. There are many people selling Legos on eBay and you are able to find just about anything. eBay is great for buying a large number of the same color of bricks or if you are looking for certain sets or minifigures. eBay is not the place to try and find a single piece to complete your set though.

Where do you find individual lego pieces?

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    • Safari Chic profile image

      Marlene 2 years ago from FL.

      Useful & informative. I will pass this on to my brother. My 5 yr old nephew loves to play with Lego. Thanks for sharing.