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Winnie the Pooh LEGO

Updated on May 20, 2013

Winnie the Pooh & Lego = Awesomeness

Lego is a perfect toys for children. This building block toy is created solely to enhance children's creativity & imagination and making a fun & enjoyable learning phase.

If your children love winnie the pooh, they can now play with their favorite winnie the pooh characters (pooh, eeyore, piglet, tigger).

On this page, you will check the best prices of winnie the pooh lego.

Winnie the Pooh DUPLO

At the moment, I can only find these original winnie the pooh LEGO: Picnic, Tigger Expedition and Winnie the Pooh House.

These three LEGO collection are DUPLO, which is LEGO products designed specifically for children age 18months old - 5 years old.

With colorful and bigger blocks than the original LEGO, DUPLO blocks are colorful and safe for little children.

The block has been tested to resist weight of 15kg, means it won't break when the children accidentally step on it or throw it to the wall.

Winnie the Pooh is in the middle of looking for honey, but his stomach is grumbling. Chasing bees are actually hard work for Pooh.

So he takes a break, enjoying his bread while singing his favorite song. Let's go to a picnic together with winnie the pooh. Bring your favorite picnic basket and pack up your favorite sandwich.

And if you find bees nearby, don't chase the bees! Just let Pooh does it for you =)

Best Prices for Lego (Duplo) Winnie the Pooh - Picnic (5945)

It's a beautiful sunny day; so Tigger packs up his fishing road and Piglet brings his canoe.

Then, while exploring Hundred Acre Wood, they find a bridge and a river. Excited, Tigger decides to fish from the bridge, while Piglet takes his canoe and starts enjoying the scenery along the river.

The question is: will they be able to find their way home?

Best Prices for Lego (Duplo) Winnie the Pooh - Tigger Expedition (5946)

Piglet and Eeyore are coming over to Winnie the Pooh's house and they're playing together.

If they're hungry, Pooh has enough honey for everyone.

Bored? Let's take turn sliding down & up =)

Best Prices for Lego (Duplo) Winnie the Pooh House (5947)


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