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LEGO Construction Set For Kids

Updated on September 17, 2015

LEGO Road Construction For Kids

300 piece LEGO Road Construction Set with enough imagination your child will be able to build a truck, front loader, and other construction type vehicles with a great mix of elements in the set. Great for free builders and starter set alike. The colors are fabulous for boys and girls who love to build with Lego bricks. Recommended for ages 4 - 12 other sets are available (sold separately) to expand with other vehicles, blocks, and transportation figures (such as the 'airport building set').

This page will explore the product features and provide a customer review summary so you can shop informed and find the best Lego set for your child or grand child. These make great gifts all year long and provide educational experiences for children through the use of and development of motor skills and problem solving. Most of all imagination which when developed lends itself to a higher score on other educational topics.

Your kids will greatly enjoy the challenge of building something by themselves.


LEGO Road Construction Set (6187)
LEGO Road Construction Set (6187)

Ready set build! The 300 pieces in this construction them set are going to be a fabulous gift for any child who loves to use the imagination and build things. There are several manufacturer provided product feature on the following list and then you can find the customer review summary later on this page.

One miniature figure

300 pieces (blocks elements and more)

Great for construction and can build construction vehicles (steam roller, front loader, or a truck)

Hours of imaginative playtime for children over the age of 4 (choking hazard for ages under 4)

33 out of 35 customer reviews (at the time of this summary) give this set 4+ stars with overall average of 4.7 out of 5 total possible

Well diagrammed instructions to build the construction vehicles

Durable, educational, fun

Great activity for parents and children to work on together


LEGO Road Construction Set Ratings And Review Summary

What are people saying about the LEGO Road Construction Set

Remarkable customer review ratings of an overall average of 4.7 out of five stars and only one rating below 4 which suggested this set should come with a carrying case. The rest of the reviews are positive, with a suggestion (by one customer) that some younger children may not be able to handle the block well. For these children it is recommended you see the 'Duplo' options in this series which are recommended for younger beginners.

4.7 out of 5 stars with 33 out of 35 giving 4+:

  • This toy is a big hit
  • Son loves this
  • promotes creativity and fine motor skills
  • High quality will last for years
  • Tiny pieces may not be suitable for under age 4 (sometimes 4 year old children are reported to have problems with the smaller blocks)
  • Enough pieces to make three or more construction vehicles all at the same time
  • Visual instructions are kid friendly

The biggest fun seems to begin when the children move aside the instructions and start creating things to build from their own imagination. The fabulous kid friendly instructions for the pre-determined vehicles sparks interest and independent thought so once they have the mechanics mastered they can move forward with some original ideas.

Videos Of Lego Road Construction Sets. - Road Construction Games Are Fun To Set Up With These Lego Sets.

Here is a video review of Lego architecture and Lego construction captured for your entertainment and to add to your knowledge on this topic! In addition to this, remember that the Lego Road Construction Sets shown on this webpage are a great money saver.

Toy Road Grater. - Smooth Out Any Rough Spots At Your Construction Site.

Mega Bloks CAT Motor Grader
Mega Bloks CAT Motor Grader

Yоur kids саn dig uр а load оf fun wіth thіѕ cool put-together toy. Thіѕ toy set wіll spark уоur child's imagination. Thе Motor Grader іѕ а practical lіttlе toy thаt саn bе built аnd rebuilt а ton оf ways. Thе grader іѕ а bright yellow construction vehicle wіth real rubber wheels аnd hardworking blade аnd sorter. Thе set includes оnе stop sign, thrее large rocks аnd а construction worker wіth hard а cap tо stir thе action. Thе vehicle іѕ fоr flattening surfaces, plow land аnd lay thе foundation оf big dreams. Thе Motor Grader boasts а fully working suspension fоr ultra-grading fun. Plus, assembling іѕ аѕ easy аѕ one, twо аnd three.


Lego Airport Construction Blends With Roads - Lego Airport Construction Adds To Building Roads.

LEGO Bricks & More Airport Building Set 5933
LEGO Bricks & More Airport Building Set 5933

Here is your chance to build your own airport using this quality Lego toy set made up of all the components you will need to get the job done including a written instruction guide..

Once the airport is built, you can play with the minifigures which include a pilot and workers needed to prepare the aircraft for take off and provide maintenance when it comes back from its flight.

Everything is provided and the instructions walk you through the process to get everything functioning smoothly just as the real airports are designed to do.


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