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Top Lego Sets for 3 Year Olds

Updated on March 6, 2015

Best Lego Sets for Kids aged 3

Three year old children are probably just becoming interested in building things and piecing things together, therefore they will love some of the easier LEGO sets with fewer pieces.

Many of these sets start at age 5, but many 3 year old children will be able to build with them, too. They simply aren't recommended for ages under 3, due to choking hazards. There are a few however that are suitable for kids of age 3 as the blocks are slightly bigger.

It's always a good idea to supervise younger children, when they are playing with smaller pieces, and this is always a great opportunity to bond with your child and teach them, at the same time.

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My Experience with these building blocks

I can remember my little brother playing with Lego when he was at pre-school level. It turned into a hobby of his and he continued to build figures and buildings up until his early teens. There are still some old building blocks at the back of his wardrobe. Unfortunately there were not as many great sets available back then compared too today! My point is that encouraging little kids to build these can give them a lifelong hobby! Some of the bigger sets sometimes go on to be collector items.

Farm Set was a hit

I had to buy a present for my boyfriend's 3 year old nephew for his Birthday and as he loves farming this Lego farm set was top of my list. He never stops talking about John Deere tractors and farm animals so this seemed like a good idea. Since he has received this toy he has played with it every day (I gave it to him 2 weeks ago). The only problem is that his 2 year old brother, also a tractor addict also wants to play with it, so it looks as if I am going to have to buy another one or a similar one! While this has a recommended age of 3, I have noticed that two year olds can also manage the pieces, as they are not too small.

See the exact item below

Lego Duplo Farm

LEGO Brick Themes DUPLO My First Farm 6141
LEGO Brick Themes DUPLO My First Farm 6141

Amazon rating is 4.9 stars

This cool lego set for kids aged 2 years and up includes a 2 piece tractor, duplo figure, 4 farm animals and a large farm to build.

Great for stimulating a child's imagination and developing role playing skills at a young age.


Lego Duplo Sets are perfect for little hands and big minds!

Three year olds will love this range of Lego Duplo and this will stimulate their imagination and creativity! Which one is your favorite? I have to wait until my baby nephew is a little older before treating him to one of these. Personally I love all of them but if I had to pick just one I would go for the zoo.

LEGO Duplo Ville Baby Zoo V70 (4962)
LEGO Duplo Ville Baby Zoo V70 (4962)

Contains 18 pieces consisting of a zookeeper and animals.

LEGO DUPLO My First Garden 10517
LEGO DUPLO My First Garden 10517

This Lego set would be a perfect gift for a 3 year old who has a spring or summer birthday as it will help them learn more about their garden.

It comes with an apple tree, house, fence. flowers and animals


Super Hero Lego Sets

Let them dream with one of the lego sets featuring a Super Hero. Which one will you choose or will you help them collect the entire range.

Only a select few are shown here.

Lego Super Heroes Cat Woman Minifigure (2012)
Lego Super Heroes Cat Woman Minifigure (2012)

Who says a girl cannot be a superhero, definately not catwoman. Little girls and boys alike will want to add this Lego minifigure to their collection.


Did you find something you think your 3 year old will like?

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    • profile image

      LEGOdomenick 3 years ago

      My wife and I are looking forward to our child getting old enough to play with LEGO sets. The Duplo are nice, but she is more interested in my LEGO pieces.