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LEGO Sets for Adults

Updated on December 9, 2013

LEGO for Grown Ups - Find a gift for an AFOL

My favorite LEGO sets for adults. Do you need a gift for a grown up LEGO fan or AFOL (adult fan of LEGO)? Let's look at some LEGO sets that will appeal to men and women model builders.

It would appear that I'm now an adult fan of LEGO. I'm obsessed with the stuff. I got new LEGO sets for Christmas (as did my partner.) and I can see us playing with LEGO long after our children have grown up (yes they are LEGO obsessed.)

I'm female, and as I child I didn't have LEGO, I guess it didn't occur to anyone. I did get to play with my cousin's LEGO every Sunday at our grandparent's house though. My partner had lots of LEGO as a child, in fact his parents still have it so we have lots of fun with old LEGO when we visit.

So how did I get into LEGO as an adult? Through my kids. They needed help building LEGO sets and I started playing with LEGO and looking at LEGO catalogs and now I'm hooked.

On this page I'll highlight some of my favorite LEGO sets for adults. The right LEGO set makes an excellent gift for an adult who already likes LEGO or one might love to receive their first LEGO set as an adult. We'll look at how to tie a LEGO set into existing interests such as history, travel, video games or architecture.

Image: LEGO Creator Grand Emporium 10211

Valentine's LEGO Gifts for Geeks and Kids
Find LEGO sets for Valentine's day. Valentine's LEGO makes a great romantic gift for a boy or girl geek and also works well if you want a little gift to show...

The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings LEGO

I read The Hobbit by Tolkien as a child and then the Lord of the Rings. They had a huge impact. And I've enjoyed the LOTR movies too (and will hopefully see The Hobbit this week.) I love that there are tie-in LEGO sets available.

We have all of The Hobbit LEGO sets and quite a few of the LOTR sets. They are shared family sets except for the Hobbit Hole (An Unexpected Gathering) set which is mine, all mine. Yes it is. I'm a big fan of LEGO buildings (as you'll see) and both The Hobbit and LOTR start our here so it was a key piece for me.

I loved building this set. It's packed full of small details that make you smile like the map tiles and tiny food. This makes an excellent display piece.

LEGO Architecture Series

The LEGO Architecture series of models will appeal to a lot of people who aren't already LEGO fans because the featured building is significant to them, or they just love the architecture. LEGO Architecture recreate real buildings in miniature form. They're generally stylish and subtle and with some you might not even realize they are LEGO immediately.

LEGO Creator Modular Sets

Age 16+

The LEGO Creator Modular sets are wonderful and specifically designed for adult LEGO fans. They are small scale realistic buildings. They are likely to appeal to anyone who likes dollhouses, train sets or other nostalgic collectibles. These sets are highly collectible and sometimes rise in value once the are discontinued.

LEGO Buildings

Excellent for adults

The regular LEGO buildings will also appeal to a lot of adults. Do you know someone who would love a log cabin, or a seaside house, maybe you can't afford to buy them the real thing, but they might enjoy a LEGO version. Or maybe they have a vacation home and would love a model of it. Of course the wonderful thing about LEGO is that you can adapt the model to be more like the real thing.

LEGO Creator Log Cabin 5766

@ Amazon


LEGO Creator 7346 Seaside House

@ Amazon


LEGO Minecraft

The LEGO Minecraft set was a LEGO CUUSOO project (proposed by LEGO customers) which was made in limited numbers. It's very popular with fan s of the Minecraft video game and very collectible.

LEGO Shuttle Expedition

LEGO Shuttle Expedition is a space shuttle replica set aimed at the older age group. It will appeal to science and space enthusiasts. This is a large set with 1230 pieces which will take quite a few hours to build so only buy it for someone with patience!

This is another collectors piece.

LEGO Castle Medieval Market Village (10193)

@ Amazon


The LEGO Castle theme is very long running and has some wonderful medieval sets that will appeal to adults with an interest in history.

The LEGO Castle Medieval Market Village is a great set for adult collectors who enjoy the mediaval period. Do you know an adult who likes to take part in medieval reenactments or renaissance fayres? A member of the SCA perhaps? The LEGO Castle theme is perfect for mini reenactments.

LEGO Adventurers Theme

LEGO Adventurers is a theme that ended some years ago now, but the sets are still available on eBay if you're lucky. We've started collecting this range because the sets are very very cool! They have a Victorian era, gentleman and gentlewoman explorer feel to them. They will appeal to Steampunk enthusiasts, travelers and anyone who loves a good adventure story.

The theme spans Egypt, India, China and the Amazon and includes some amazing architecture from around the world.

LEGO Winter Village

Christmas / Holiday LEGO

The LEGO Winter Village theme has a new LEGO holiday scene each year, centered around a building. These sets appeal to a lot of adults who love the idea of a LEGO collection that comes out every year during the holidays and gets added to. Vistors to the house diring the festive season will really enjoy the display.

Lego Winter Village
The Lego Winter Village sets are holiday-themed Lego Creator models ...

KRE-O Star Trek

Not LEGO, but Hasbro's KRE-O building bricks. We think KRE-O Star Trek sets will be popular with adult brick builders.

KRE-O Star Trek 2013
Star Trek KRE-O sets are coming in 2013! Watch the teaser trailer and find out about these cool building sets. Yes, I'm a Star Trek geek and my kids have sev...

LEGO Mindstorms for Making Robots

LEGO Mindstorms is fun for hobbyists who like to make LEGO models that can do something. The sets includes a programmable brick and sensors, motors and building components (which are compatible with regular LEGO.) There's a new LEGO Mindostorms version coming out in late 2013.

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 - New for 2013
The new LEGO Mindstorms EV3 has been announced. Find out all about version 3 of the popular LEGO Mindstorms programmable robot building kit. LEGO Mindstorms...

Gifts for LEGO Geeks

If you're not sure what sort of LEGO set to buy for a LEGO fan, you could choose a LEGO-related gift for them instead:

Gifts for Lego Geeks - Lego Clothing, Clocks and more
Are you looking for a Lego gift for a Lego geek? I've compiled a list of Lego themed gifts that will make Lego fans of all ages happy! There's a great choic...

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LEGO for Adults

Do you have a favorite LEGO set that appeals to grown ups?

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