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Lego Super Heroes - New for 2012

Updated on December 12, 2013

Lego Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Iron Man, X-Men, Wonder Woman, ...

There's a new Lego Super Heroes range for January 2012 featuring both DC Comics and Marvel Comics superheroes. Yay!

The deal with both DC Comics and Marvel Comics means that we can expect lots of new super hero Lego sets is the new few years.

We've already got Lego Batman, Catwoman, Green Lantern, Iron Man, X-Men, Thor, Loki, Hulk and we're expecting lots more sets throughout 2012.

LEGO Marvel Avengers Sets April 2012

There's a new Marvel The Avengers movie for 2012 and we've got a new range of Lego sets that tie in with the movie. There are some great sets in this range starting with the small LEGO Captain America's Avenging Cycle through to the big LEGO Quinjet Aerial Battle.

The sets include lots of our favorite Marvel super heroes and bad guys including Iron Man, Hulk, Magneto, Wolverine, Thor, Loki and Black Widow.

Lego Super Heroes in January 2012

Lego brought out a new Lego Super Heroes range in January 2012 - just in time to spend the Christmas gift money! The first Lego Super Heroes sets are now available.

Lego have done a deal with both Marvel Comics and DC Comics so we can expect Lego ranges featuring lots of our favorite super heroes over the next few years.

LEGO Super Heroes Catwoman Catcycle City Chase 6858

@ Amazon


The Catwoman Catcycle City Chase is one of the first new Lego Super Heroes sets to be released. It's a very cool smaller set making it an affordable choice.

The set includes a Catwomen minifigures with a very cool purple Catcycle. A Batman minifigure is in pursuit so you get two excellent minifigs in this set.

Catwomen has a diamond which Batman is trying to retrieve. The set also includes traffic lights, whip and other accessories.

LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Set #6860 The Batcave

@ Amazon


The new Lego Batcave is the centerpiece of the new range and much anticipated. This is a big set which include five minifigures: Bruce Wayne and Batman plus Robin, Poison Ivy and Bane.

LEGO Super Heroes Superman Vs Power Armor Lex 6862

@ Amazon


This set includes not only Superman and Lex Luthor figures but you also get Wonderwoman to help out. Lex has robot amor equipped with Kryptonite. Uh oh.

LEGO Super Heroes Batwing Battle Over Gotham City 6863

@ Amazon


This scene for this set is a airborne battle between Batman and the Joker. Batman has his BatWing aircraft and the Joker has a helicopter. You get flick missiles and various weapons and there's also a third minifigure - a henchman.

Lego 6857 Exclusive set The Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape

@ Amazon


This set is the Joker's new Lego base and he's go the Riddler and Harley Quinn to help too. Oh no, they've got Robin. Quick Batman!

LEGO Super Heroes Batmobile and The Two-Face Chase 6864

@ Amazon


This is another large set featuring a road chase. Batman of course has his Batmobile, while the villain Two-Face attempts to flee in his car. You also get the bank to build, safe dynamite, dollar bills and other accessories.

As well as Batman and Two-face minifigures you get two henchmen and a guard.

Lego Ultrabuild Super Heroes

There's also a set of Lego Ultrabuild figures to collect. These are figures to build from many pieces rather than small minifigures.

Lego Super Heroes from SDCC on eBay - Collectible Lego Super Heroes

Before the new lego super heroes range came out in January 2012, but there were limited edition teaser mini figures of Superman, Batman and the Green Lantern.

You might be able to pick up a collectors edition of one of the Lego Super Heroes mini figures released to lucky attendees of San Diego Comic Con.

Lego Superheroes 2012 - Prototype Pics

Poison Ivy, Joker, Cat Woman, Batman

Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Wolverine

Superman, Wonderwoman, Incredible Hulk

LEGO Super Heroes - Batman Teaser

Lego Batman Video

Lego have recently made this older Lego Batman series of videos available featuring Mr Freeze, Two-Face and The Joker. Definitely fun to watch while we wait for the new range.

Spiderman Lego

And there's already a Spiderman Lego range too. Again, it hasn't been updated in a while so the 2012 super hero lego reload is very welcome.

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Lego Super Heroes

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