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Lego Table Flip Top Design

Updated on March 26, 2013

Flip Top Lego Table: The Table That Is One Part Table other Part Lego City

The LEGO table flip top design is such a useful tool because you are not taking up a bunch of space for one thing. The flip top lego table allows kids to have a place to play Legos on then when Legos are put up, the table turns into a regular table for homework or really anything else. One side is covered with Lego top plates for great Lego fun and the other is a hardwood.

The tables are build of sturdy hardwood and feature a reversible LEGO top plate for standard sized LEGO bricks and the larger Duplo LEGO bricks and are designed to be used by up to four students at a time. This way the duel use Lego table can be used for toddlers then it will grow with them as they are ready for the smaller LEGOs.

While the LEGO table flip top was designed for the classroom it is really a great piece of kids furniture to have at home, especially when you have multiple kids. Also works great in daycare's, preschools and children church classrooms.

Standard Size LEGO Flip Top Table - Green Top Lego Table Flip Top Design

These tables are part of the LEGO Education range designed to incorporate LEGO into classrooms and includes activity packs and sets developed specifically for the education sector.

LEGO Education Flip Top Playtable
LEGO Education Flip Top Playtable

Suitable for up to four children, this solid hardwood table with flip top LEGO plate is ideal for children aged 2 and older. The reversible LEGO plate has two sides for standard sized bricks and Duplo bricks.

This Lego table is suitable for both home and school use and will work with any standard Lego set or any of the Lego education sets. Children can create projects on the Lego plate. Table measurements are 20 inches in height and 27 in width and length.

Cheap Lego Storage Solutions
Cheap Lego Storage Solutions

Cheap Lego Storage Solution

One of the cons about a flip top Lego table is that there is no built in storage. The solution that I have found to be the best is getting cheap plastic storage bins underneath.

The ones that are pictured can be found at a local Walmart or Dollar Store for cheap. I like them because they make it easy to keep Lego parts separate that you want to keep out of the way and you can see into them so you are not opening up drawers to find anything.

Unless the table is totally out of the way it probably is a good idea to get storage that has rollers. When lifting up heavy Lego drawers Legos are bound to explode out of them. It is easier to roll them where they need to go.

LEGO Flip Top Table in Red - The Table that Top Flips Over To Become A Lego Playing Ground

LEGO Education Flip Top Playtable
LEGO Education Flip Top Playtable

Lego Education Flip top table in red with two sides for Lego and Lego Duplo.


Solid Oak Flip Top LEGO & DUPLO Table - Lego Flip Top Table


This sturdy solid oak Lego table features a 4 color flip top Lego board. One side for standard Lego bricks with multiple colored flat lego blocks for Lego building for older children and the larger grid for DUPLO Lego sets. Will accommodate up to 4 children comfortably.


LEGO Education Three Seat Playtable, Solid Hardwood - Non Flip Built in Cover

LEGO Education Three Seat Playtable
LEGO Education Three Seat Playtable

This three seat Lego table is a great alternative to the flip top Lego tables above and is suitable for children aged 3 and over. The sturdy solid wood construction is designed to last and features three colorful areas for building. The table top is made of three Lego plates that are non reversible with a center storage area for bricks. This table comes with three matching chairs.


About LEGO Education and LEGO Education Building Sets

The Lego education range was specifically designed for teaching and is widely used in home schooling environments, preschools and classrooms. The sets feature different pieces that are designed for group building and play and include sets like historical minifigures and city building sets.

The Lego education system was first set up in Denmark in 1980 and later in the USA in response to a demand from educators for school specific sets and products for educational purposes.

Large LEGO Education Sets and Storage

These large Lego education sets with storage containers are designed for use with the Lego Flip Top tables above and are an educational tool for home or teaching. The sets feature educational bricks such as animals and their habitats for teaching about nature and the natural world and construction sets that teach about movement and transportation.

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