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Lego Tables For Older Kids

Updated on February 21, 2016

Lego Tables That Are Not Made Of Cheap Plastic

When my seven year old son told me he wanted legos to build with for Christmas I started to look for a kids Lego table to put in the living room so he would have a place to store them and play with them. When looking I found mostly small plastic tables built for small kids and many of them had no storage solutions.

I could not imagine my son sitting at a table that looked like it came straight out of a preschool for three year olds. Lego tables can be somewhat of an investment and I did not want to make him think that legos was for babies or small kids. At this point I believe a big kid lego table with storage was in order.

So with little options left I found that I did not need a fancy Lego table, the best Lego tables for older kids are ones made with simple materials. It is simple to make your own lego table without making a big mess or spending a lot of money.

As pictured, we ended up finding one similar to the Lego Table Flip Top Design online for less then $100 dollars. The table was used but my kids really didn't notice plus it came with storage containers and they threw in a whole lot of legos.

The best thing I liked about the table is that it is the size of a small table that could be used by even an adult. There is a top that goes over the lego plates that can make the table extra table space when needed. I can really see using this table for a long time even after the boys have outgrown playing with legos.

Lego Tables For Older Kids
Lego Tables For Older Kids

How To Build A Lego Table For An Older Kid

Make Your Own Lego Table For Cheap

There are many ways to build a Lego table that does not look like it was made for a two year old.

You can go all out and make it from scrap and have Lego sheets inset into a table or you can just use a pre existing table.

The cheapest way I have seen it done is to glue Lego sheets on top of a square card table. While they may not have built in storage you can easily find Rubbermaid drawers that can fit directly under the table to make for an easy clean up.

You can easily build large Lego tables for older kids using per-existing furniture or to customize cheap IKEA Furniture. Super easy to build IKEA Lego Tables are becoming fairly popular.

Read my article on Super Simple DIY Lego Table Ideas to learn more about building a table at home.

Large Wooden Lego Tables

Best Selling Lego Tables For Older Kids

When looking for a lego table for an older child you do not want to look just for durability but to make sure the table is designed to last through many years of different style of legos and trends of a growing child.

My favorite table is the flip top lego table that can also turn into a regular table. I have found them to be very useful and they do not get in the way when I am looking for more space, like I originally though it may.

LEGO Education Flip Top Playtable
LEGO Education Flip Top Playtable

The solid red top is fun and you can flip it over for a regular table. The only think I do not like about it is that it has no storage. But a few well placed plastic storage units would do the trick.


Large Plastic Lego Sheets To Make Lego Table

Best Lego Boards To Make Kids Lego Table

The great thing about a lego table is that you have lego boards to stick projects to and there is a desinated place to keep all the lego pieces. Which if a child has a big collection can get very over whelming if there is no place to create.

A lego table for an older child can be hard to find in the store but really it is easy to make. All you need is an old table or area then glue down these large lego boards.

There are a few different sizes. The larger ones work best when gluing down for a table, but if table is small the smaller ones may work as well.

Lego Lap Table

If there is just not enough space, a lego lap table is a great option. You can find great choices on amazon or eBay. My favorite is the wooden lap table that can be easily stored in a drawer and brought out as needed.

Portable Lego Table With Folding Legs

Lego Tables For Older Kids

Portable Lego Tables with folding Legs is great for older kids. Not all Lego tables have to take up a lot of space. Fact is not everyone has space to keep a Lego table set up all the time. Even if you do it is nice to be able to move it or put it away when the space is needed.

So far I have not been able to find Lego tables that have folding legs on Amazon, however I have seen many well priced portable Lego tables that are either vintage plastic tables with folding Legos or made out of wooden material by individual craftsman on eBay.

Buy Portable Lego Tables on eBay

Many people are scared about buying large items such as a Lego table through eBay because of shipping. That is partly why the lego tables with folding legs are a popular item, because the item for sale is a lot easier to ship.

Lego Table Top Drawers - Lego Table Storage For Older Kids

Storing legos is very important when wanting to keep lego organized and off the floors. Lego table top Drawer storage containers can be an easy way to keep legos sorted. The drawers can sit on or below the table.

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What Are You Looking for in Lego Tables For Older Kids?

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      it would be great to have a Ledo table for older kids (7yr and up) with built in storage.

    • John Uwen profile image

      John Uwen 

      6 years ago

      these tables are great! wish they were around when I was a Kid. I would have been a Lego master. thanks for sparking those memories


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