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Lego Toys For Kids Review

Updated on September 19, 2015

Lego Toys For Kids Review

The Lego Toys Review will provide you with the most popular Lego toys for boys, girls and for toddlers. You will find fabulous girls Lego sets and boys Lego sets as well as the most popular beginner Legos for toddlers who are just getting started in the Lego building world. Lego toys have been a popular toy for kids for a few decades and continue to be one of the most popular especially as new Lego sets are introduced in the most popular styles (favorite characters and themes). One of the newest is Lego Friends for girls. Some of those have also been included in this review.

At the bottom of this hub a series of videos are presented to give you additional ideas when selecting LEGO toys for your kids. Beginners and Advanced Lego Enthusiasts are sure to find a perfect set here. This gives you plenty of choices for your kids.

Boys LEGO Toys!

LEGO City Arctic Helicrane 60034 Building Toy (Discontinued by manufacturer)
LEGO City Arctic Helicrane 60034 Building Toy (Discontinued by manufacturer)

Here is a selection that will certainly satisfy your children's imagination and give you the opportunity to get the most out of your effort to make your kids happy. Although the designation is for "boys" I am sure any child can find enjoyable experiences when playing with these LEGO favorites.


How To Choose The Best Lego Toys

When you are choosing a toy you are first going to make sure the toy is age appropriate and safe. Next you will want to make sure the toy will be fun (a bit of challenge added for each level rather than a huge challenge all at once). The following ideas will help you to choose a great LEGO toy for any child of any age.

Consider the following:

  • Every LEGO toy has the age recommendation right on the box (determined by safety and then skill level ability)
  • Choose age appropriate sets and size for your child (DUBLO for under age 5 -- and regular LEGO for over age 5 -- SEE the box for specific set by set suggestions)
  • Themes also give children more interest in play time. The LEGO Friends series is especially designed with the topics girls care the most about
  • Expand the options -- The older the child the more capable they are so they can easily adapt several sets to create their own topics and themes (provide several starter sets as well as bulk block sets to help them expand the horizons)
  • Each box will have the number of pieces included. Be sure to note that piece count often includes extra accessories (unless it specifies it is a block count) so a set may have figures, signs, other accessories and items to build a particular 'scene' and playtime option

Interesting problem solving imaginative playtime is an important part of growing up and nurturing thought as well as creativity. The LEGO brand seems to have many of the educational aspects covered and hidden inside a fun and interesting box of blocks. The ordinary block has an extraordinary mission and the opportunities are waiting inside.

Five Videos Summarize the - Lego Toy Review Product Information

Building blocks have been a part of growing up for many generations. LEGO brand blocks have been the most popular for several decades. The main reason is the LEGO brand continues to release amazing ideas and sets giving the imagination a boost and allowing the builders to build onto their existing sets.

There are two sizes of LEGO (in this review). The regular LEGO size is compatible with all other sets and LEGOs so you are continually adding to your set and expanding the number of ideas you can build.

The DUBLO sizes may vary from set to set and are designed to help smaller children to get started with building without the danger of choking. If your child is under the age of 3-4 years old you may consider buying DUPLO LEGO items until they are beyond the age when they are in danger of choking on the regular LEGO blocks.

  • Limitless possible building opportunities expanding well beyond the image shown on the box
  • Builds hand eye coordination and expands cognitive thinking skills
  • Develops problem solving skills
  • There aren't many toys which hold so many possible educational possibilities as well as being imaginative and fun

The five videos are offered here as an approach to help you pin down a toy selection by watching the variations available to you.

LEGO® League Video - Watch how LEGO has captured the most intellectual minds of our time

Lego Toy Review Guestbook - Have you purchased Lego Toys?

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    • profile image

      Joan4 5 years ago

      Our grandson loves everything LEGO makes! He will spend hours following directions, creating. And I love to watch him and help him find parts as he works!