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LEGO Zombie: Will There Be A LEGO Zombie Apocalypse?

Updated on April 6, 2013

LEGO Monsters, Zombies, and Werewolves...Oh my!

LEGO has a whole collection of LEGO Zombie sets also called The Monster Fighter Sets, complete with monsters, zombies, werewolves, and more! If you're creating your own LEGO Zombie Apocalypse check out some of these unique LEGO Zombie Minifigures, and LEGO Zombie theme sets to help you create your Zombie Apocalypse masterpiece.

Will the LEGO Zombies take over the world? Only time will tell! Until they do, we can have some fun mixing and matching these sets to create our own Zombie LEGO scenes and stories.

Image Amazon: LEGO Zombie Groom - LEGO Monster Fighters Minifigure

LEGO The Zombies

LEGO The Zombies 9465
LEGO The Zombies 9465

LEGO Zombies is a Lego Monster Fighters set that was released in August of this year, featuring Jack McHammer. It also features "The Graveyard", home to the coffins of the Zombie Groom and Zombie Bride. The set also includes a perfectly frightful glow in the dark spider.

Image: Check out all the details and purchase at the LEGO Shop: LEGO The Zombies 9465

LEGO Zombie Sets

These sets in the LEGO Monster Fighters series feature all kinds of creatures of the night, including of course, some zombies!

LEGO Monster Fighters 9463 The WerewolfCHECK PRICE

LEGO Monster Fighters The Crazy Scientist & His Monster #9466CHECK PRICE

LEGO Monster Fighters 9464 The Vampyre HearseCHECK PRICE

Lego Zombies Take Over Lego City In The Lego Zombie Apocalypse

LEGO Zombie Minifigures

Need some super cool LEGO Zombie Minifigures to complete your LEGO Zombie sets? Check these out!

LEGO Zombie Groom MinifigureCHECK PRICE

LEGO Zombie Circus Clown MinifigureCHECK PRICE

LEGO Zombie Hazmat Guy MinifigureCHECK PRICE

LEGO Zombie Minifigures

Check out these super cute, oops, I'm sorry! Check out these super scary Zombie Minifigures to add to your LEGO zombie collection! There are quite a few to choose from! I just highlighted a few of my favorites! You can click on them to visit Amazon and find even more zombies there!

Create Your Own LEGO Zombie Minifigures

With a little paint and some regular LEGO Minifigures you can create your own custom Zombie LEGO minifigures to create your own Zombie Apocalypse. Have fun!

Are You a LEGO Zombie Fan?

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    • marigoldina profile image

      Heather B 5 years ago

      Aw, they're cute, even as zombies!