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Lego Maniac

Updated on September 3, 2013

I'm a Lego Maniac! (Self-Diagnosis)

I have been playing, building and learning from my Legos for many years. Legos make a perfect gift for kids, one which gets a lot of attention from them. Check out Lego's Architecture series because they are in great demand especially the "Falling Water" set.

When I grow up I want to be a Lego Certified Professional and a Brick Artist. is a great site to share your Lego creations and get ideas for new builds. Check out my latest creations over at It also appears that many hobbyists like to purchase used Legos at garage sales, craigslist or from Bricklink.

Sort your Legos with Box4Blox!

Lego Architecture from Amazon

Barnes and Noble bookstore is also carrying the Architecture series from Lego.

LEGO Architecture Fallingwater (21005) (Discontinued by manufacturer)
LEGO Architecture Fallingwater (21005) (Discontinued by manufacturer)

I found the last one of these at my local Barnes and Noble book store. The cost was $90. Some of these are really marked up on so be careful.


Lego Off Roader model 8297

Ages 11-16

This model has the most complex suspension that I have see yet! It is a complex build with 1,097 pieces. The power kit is used to power the winch and raise the suspension but not drive the vehicle. Gears are used to control the steering by hand and other gears move the engine pistons up and down if the vehicle is pushed. At $119, it is a cool kit

My Latest Lego Projects

The Book Forbidden Lego has some nice plans to build some interesting projects, including a candy catapult. The video of my catapult which uses Lemonheads as projectiles can be seen below. This project started our experiments with designing other Lego Seige Weapons.

3rd Party Lego Accessories

Lego has expanded what they allow to be created. In the past weapons were forbidden but times are changing. Check out Turning to Tie-Ins, Lego Thinks Beyond the Brick article from the NY Times.

Lego Books from Amazon

Sometimes I learn new techniques by building models others have created, especially when it comes to Mindstorms robots.

Lego Mindstorms Kit from Amazon

I am saving up for my second NXT. Many new sensors are being developed by private companies for the NXT. I have also just started teaching Lego Robotics a my son's Elementary School.

Lego Trains

I am going to put this on my Christmas wish list. It would be nice to have a Lego train running under the tree.

Lego items on eBay

It is hard to imagine, but some people actually part with their Legos. Go Figure.

Thanks for stopping by...

This Lens Supports National Public Radio.

Thanks for taking the time to look over my Lego lens which covers many of the Lego products my family own, or soon will since Christmas will soon be here.

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      Cool lens!

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      Can't believe the amount of Lego variations out there. You really are a fan!

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      Great lens... very informative. Thanks for the good read.


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      Nice Lens!

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      Lego rules OK! =)

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      I am adding this to the featured lenses on my Legos lens.

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      Nice Lens! Please visit my Lego Project for my school here: