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My Lego Star Wars Minifigure Collection

Updated on November 2, 2010

How it All Started

I first purchased Lego Star Wars: the Original Trilogy for the PC around three years ago. The intent was to keep the kids occupied while I do other things around the house (I really wanted to play it too). It was a great game for many reasons. It was fun, funny, and the game playing was not too difficult. You could have two kids (or adults) playing on the keyboard at the same time. But the game was for children 10 and up. My kids were under 10 at the time and so I became the tech support and game problem solver for them.

Seven years ago I started purchasing Lego kits for my son when he was a toddler. My favorite Lego kits were of the Star Wars variety. I was really never interested in the other themes like Lego City, Exo-Force, Aqua Raiders, or even Bionicle. The kits that I would normally buy were under twenty dollars. I understood why Legos were expensive toys. The pieces fit very well and the company put great emphasis in the tolerances of the parts. When I put together other Lego like kits from other companies such as Mega-Bloks or Best-Lock, many of the blocks didn't fit. Legos were like Mercedes-Benz when compared to other knockoffs that are like Chrysler.

When I bought Nintendo Wii two years ago, one of the first games that was purchased was Lego Star Wars: the Complete Saga. Soon I was buying a Lego video game for the Wii as soon as it came out. After the Complete Saga, there was Lego Batman, Lego Indiana Jones, and Lego Indiana Jones 2. There were countless hours of enjoyment for the whole family. Only mommy didn't care for playing Lego games. She was happy that we were happy.

What the Kids Really Liked in Lego Kits

As far as the Lego Star Wars kits go, it wasn't the actual toy that the kids enjoyed, it was really playing with the minifigures that was more exciting. And as more Lego Star Wars kits were collected, more unique minifigures started coming along. And unfortunately Lego rarely sell minifigures all by themselves. Most of the time you need to purchase the entire kit. That could be an expensive endeavor just to get minifigures.

After buying some of the cheap Lego Star Wars kits, I still built up a decent minifigures collection. Unfortunately for my kids who would destroy Lego kits after they've been built, I treated the minifigures like expensive knickknacks. I needed a list to make my quest more interesting. A catalog of minifigures was derived from the Lego Star Wars games.

Below is a list of all the minifigures characters that are in the Lego Star Wars video games. You can copy and paste this list into a spreadsheet so that you can use it to build your own collection. When you paste this list into a spreadsheet, make sure you paste it as text. Just go into “Edit” in the Main Menu and select, “Paste Special”. Each name of a minifigure should end up in an individual cell. From there you can manipulate the list anyway you like.

Hunting Down the Minifigures

There are 124 minifigures in the list. So far I only have 29 of them. One way of hunting down the minifigures is to buying the kits that they belong to. That really isn't possible because Lego only releases the kits for a limited time and then don't make them anymore. After a few years, Lego sometimes bring the kits back. Sometimes never.

You can still buy old kits through the Internet. EBay is one source but there are many others. There are websites dedicated for buying and selling Lego products. You name it and they will have it. These websites will sell items as minute as a single Lego block with one peg to an entire kit.

Just like anything of value, the market drives the prices. For example there are many clonetroopers and stormtroopers available and may cost as little as a penny. Rare Star Wars minifigures can cost into the vicinity of hundreds of dollars. I am really not that crazy to shell out a lot of bucks for minifigures. I will just browse the Lego trading websites once in a while and be patient for the right price to come on a specific item.

It will be a while before I finish my collection but it will be fun.

The List

Below is a list of minifigures so that you can begin your own Lego Star Wars minifigure hunt.

Aayla Secura

Admiral Ackbar

Anakin Skywalker (Ghost)

Beach Trooper

Ben Kenobi (Ghost)

Bespin Guard

Bib Fortuna

Boba Fett


Captain Antilles

Death Star Trooper


Dexter Jettster


Gamorrean Guard

Grand Moff Tarkin


Han Solo

Han Solo (Endor)

Han Solo (Hood)

Han Solo (Hoth)

Han Solo (Skiff)

Han Solo (Stormtrooper)


Imperial Spy

Imperial Guard

Imperial Officer

Imperial Shuttle Pilot

Indiana Jones


Lama Su

Lando Calrissian

Lando Calrissian (Palace Guard)


Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker (Bespin)

Luke Skywalker (Dagobah)

Luke Skywalker (Hoth)

Luke Skywalker (Jedi)

Luke Skywalker (Pilot)

Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper)

Luke Skywalker (Tatooine)


Palace Guard

Pit Droid

Plo Koon

Princess Leia (Bespin)

Princess Leia (Boushh)

Princess Leia (Endor)

Princess Leia (Hoth)

Princess Leia (Prisoner)

Princess Leia (Slave)


Rebel Friend

Rebel Pilot

Rebel Trooper

Rebel Trooper (Hoth)


Scout Trooper

Skiff Guard


Taun We

TIE Fighter Pilot

Tusken Raider




Yoda (Ghost)

Zam Wesell

Anakin Skywalker (Boy)

Anakin Skywalker (Jedi Knight)

Anakin Skywalker (Padawan)

Battle Droid

Battle Droid (Commander)

Battle Droid (Geonosis)

Battle Droid (Security)

Ben Kenobi

Boba Fett (Boy)


Captain Panaka

Chancellor Palpatine


Clone Trooper (Episode II)

Clone Trooper (Episode III)

Clone Trooper (Episode III, Pilot)

Clone Trooper (Episode III, Swamp)

Clone Trooper (Episode III, Walker)

Commander Cody

Count Dooku

Darth Maul

Darth Vader

Disguised Clone


Emperor Palpatine

General Grievous


Gonk Droid

Grievous' Bodyguard

Jango Fett

Jar Jar Binks


Kit Fisto


Mace Windu

Mace Windu (Episode III)

Naboo Soldier

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Episode III)

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Master)

Padmé (Battle)

Padmé (Clawed)

Padmé (Geonosis)

PK Droid

Princess Leia

Queen Amidala

Qui-Gon Jinn



Shaak Ti


Super Battle Droid





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    • Romian1 profile image

      Romian1 5 years ago

      Check out this link. This is a million times bigger:

    • profile image

      Payton 5 years ago

      Hey man - You can sell/buy minifigs at

    • profile image

      Old Empresario 7 years ago

      Legos have come a long way