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Lego's a Boys Dream for Any Occasion

Updated on March 11, 2016


Legos, Legos, everywhere, poking my feet, Oh how I wish my boys would put them in their place.

Sound familiar. We love Lego's but they do not always love us.

Boys sometimes they are easy to shop for and other times they are extremely hard but Lego have never let me down.

What do you think????

My 5 year old wants what ever My oldest wants just different color. They fight all the time but when someone else picks on either one of them that is not OK. They will fight tooth and nail to protect each other. When the 5 year old wants the same things it just reminds me of how close they are.

2015-2016 New Lego Sets

What’s Here:

1. LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (75097)
2. LEGO Minecraft The Cave (21113)
3. LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader (75111)
4. LEGO Scooby-Doo the Mystery Machine (75902)
5. LEGO Minecraft the Snow Hideout (21120)
6. LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon (75105)
7. LEGO City Deep Sea Submarine (60092)
8. LEGO Star Wars Poe’s X-Wing Fighter (75102)
9. LEGO City Space Port Utility Shuttle (60078)
10. LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box (10696)

Boys and Legos

My kids love Legos. My 10 year old cannot live without them. My 5 year old want to build whatever his big brother builds and the toddler like to eat them. Not really he learned early they do not taste very good, but he does love to build with the large building blocks. The 9 month old is following suit. He knows he can't eat the little ones but the big ones are good to chew on.

My boys have gone through fads of wanting whatever new toy that was on TV but when they bored with the new they always go back to the Legos. Let it be Bionicle, Hero Factory, and Nijacu?? or whatever, Legos have a lasting and long term appeal to my boys. So even though they plug up the vacuum and hurt my feet they are here to stay, in my house anyway. How about Yours???........

OWN-My boys love this game and give it a 5 star rating. They like the split screen

OWN-My boys love this game and give it a 5 star rating. They love the sword fightingh and the mini ship battle. They can play it for hour tring to find all the littl esecrets and treasures.

OWN-My boys love this game and give it a 5 star rating maybe 6 the 5 year old says.

They like the canteena area because they can become anyone they want.

OWN-My boys like this game and give it a 4 star rating it fustrates them at times. They like the characters and the story.


My boys are really looking forward to this game and I have to say so am I.

Othe good place

Do you Vacuum Lego Poll

Does your vacumm get plugged when you vacumm up LEGO?

See results

Lord of the Rings-Lego Video Game

What are your thoughts? - Do you or someone you know like to play with Lego's?

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    • Bobbie Jones Sh profile image

      Bobbie Jones Sh 4 years ago

      @blessedmomto7: They are great. My 6 boys love them and even if they hurt when you step on them they are a great toy to have....

    • blessedmomto7 profile image

      blessedmomto7 4 years ago

      My boys (I have 4) love Legos!

    • Bobbie Jones Sh profile image

      Bobbie Jones Sh 4 years ago

      @webmavern: They are fun. I do not know a kid that does not like legos

    • profile image

      webmavern 4 years ago

      Legos are a great toy for all ages. Can't wait until my granddaughter's old enough to play with legos.

    • Bobbie Jones Sh profile image

      Bobbie Jones Sh 5 years ago

      @arpak12: Thanks for the comment. I know they are my sons favorite thing.

    • arpak12 profile image

      arpak12 5 years ago

      Legos were my favorite things to play with as a boy!

    • JohnVShaffer profile image

      JohnVShaffer 5 years ago

      My sons love lego also. They are a pain to pickup when they spill them they hurt your feet in the middle of the night too. They are worth it though. Great fun.