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Legos for Girls: Lego Friends Heartlake Stables

Updated on October 18, 2013

When you have a slew of boys in the house, there are bound to be lots of Legos to play with. By default, my youngest child, a daughter, ends up playing with the sets that have been amassed through the years. She has her own box of pastel colored Legos for girls, but the options haven't been nearly as exciting until recently.

My daughter is very hands-on. Tactile learners seem to thrive on toys like Legos, and she can spend just as much time as the boys absorbed in building. Our recent visit to Legoland included some spending money, and this girl is now in Lego heaven at home. She found several great sets from the Lego Friends collection, and the Heartlake Stables was one that she brought home. We have a couple of horses, and this added to the fun of the set. However, you don't need to have horses to appreciate the longtime fascination little girls have had with ponies and horses. This is a great set for the youngster who loves hands-on activities and horses.

The set is labeled as appropriate for ages 6 to 12. My 8 year old daughter has no trouble following the directions. A 6 year old girl may need a little guidance with a more extensive set, making this a great interactive gift that a parent can enjoy with a child.

My boys have a great display shelf for their Lego collection...they display their planes, Star Wars characters and more. My daughter uses the coffee table at the moment for her collection. Encouraging your daughter in her tactile efforts may require relinquishing some space in your living areas for displaying and admiring her creations. However, I think there is a lot of value in encouraging Lego building in this way. As a math teacher, I find Legos to be excellent for developing math concepts:

  • Operations - area is great for multiplication and division modeling while addition and subtraction concepts can also be explored
  • Geometry - a sense of area, volume, shape and more can be visualized and experienced
  • Ratio and Proportion - making observations about how much of a given color or brick size is included in a set
  • Weight and Density - comparisons can be made about various brick sizes and what can fit into a given container or space

If you are looking for a great girl gift for the 6 to 12 year old, I really do recommend Lego Friends sets. the Heartlake Stables is cute, fun to build, and inviting for imaginative play after the set is together. The inclusion of characters and animals makes it easy to enjoy this collection in many distinctive ways.

Check out the small sets as stocking stuffer options for the holidays!

There are so many Lego Friends sets to consider. I really love the small sets as complements to my daughter's larger set. She can create some fun stories and scenarios, and they rearrange easily. She picked a couple of small sets out with her spending money, and she really spends a lot of time playing with these components. They haven't lost their appeal at all.

LEGO Friends Olivia Newborn Foal 41003
LEGO Friends Olivia Newborn Foal 41003

Add characters and themes to her collection with these small sets. These are great for introducing the newcomer to Lego building on a small scale.

LEGO Friends Stephanie Soccer Practice 41011
LEGO Friends Stephanie Soccer Practice 41011

You'll find many popular themes featured in Lego Friends components and collections.

Lego 30107 FRIENDS Birthday Party
Lego 30107 FRIENDS Birthday Party

These are great small sets to consider as stocking stuffers for Christmas or as favors at birthday parties.


Do you have a tactile learner? What are your favorite hands-on toys for girls?

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