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New and Retired Legos-The Lego Station

Updated on June 20, 2014

The Lego Station

I am a Lego fan and investor who writes summaries about various Lego Sets that are new and retired. I summarize new Legos and retired legos because this is the Lego Station! Please look around and familiarize yourself with this Lego Blog! I love Legos and collected them at a young age. I still collect Legos and build them from the ground up.

The Lego Set that got me very interested in building was the Eiffel Tower because it was the biggest Lego Set that I have ever seen to this day. Ever since I built the Lego Eiffel Tower, I have also bought other sets such as the Tower Bridge, Palace Cinema, Airport, and more! I will always enjoy building Legos!

Lego Palace Cinema

The Most Detailed Modular Building

The Lego Palace Cinema is a 2 story building with the best details out of all of the modular buildings and maybe the most detailed Lego ever. The Lego Palace Cinema comes with posters for upcoming movies, movie times, food, a movie theater with seats and a TV showing a scene. The Lego Palace Cinema has a detailed sidewalk with stars on the sidewalk in a pattern. The Lego Palace Cinema's roof consists of many 1x1 round bricks and has the word "Palace" hanging over the entrance.

New Lego Police Sets 2013

The Lego Police Theme gets a total change. Each set has more vehicles, more mini figures, and the police is now known as the Elite Police. The vehicles are each designed differently which means more variety and playability. No matter which Lego Police Set you get, you'll still be able to capture the criminals and bring them to justice.

Lego Cargo Train

One Of My Favorite Sets

The Lego Cargo Train has a lot of awesome train track pieces, train cars, power functions, and more! You can use the crane with the working winch to load the goods into the Cargo Train. The Cargo Train can travel throughout Lego City to deliver the cargo to the right destination. There are 2 small cars that can be a good part for your Lego City, and there are some train track pieces in this set that are very hard to find.

Lego Cargo Train

LEGO City Cargo Train 7939
LEGO City Cargo Train 7939
The Lego Cargo Train is an easy to build Lego with a lot of train cars, special train track pieces, and more! If you are just beginning to make Lego trains, this is the perfect train for you because it is easy to build, has a lot of stuff, and has the Power Functions so you can move your train via remote control.

The Lego Town Hall

Now, you might not be able to see the difference at first sight, but the Town Hall is much bigger than the other buildings. Now, there are 8 mini figures in this set, so that's the most I've seen! The Town Hall does feature a working elevator. There are no Power Functions, but it is easy to move the elevator up and down. Plants, a globe, a conference desk, and more are featured in this set, and who could forget about the mayor? This Lego Set measures 50 cm high and 25.5 cm across.

UPDATE: The Lego Town Hall is now a part of my ever growing Lego Collection.

The Fire Brigade is not in the picture with the Town Hall so it is likely that the Lego Fire Brigade Set will retire this year.

Do You Have The New Lego Town Hall Set?

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LEGO Mini Modulars 10230
LEGO Mini Modulars 10230
The Town Sets are unforgettable, and you can add them all to your collection by buying this popular set right now!
LEGO City Police Patrol Car 4436
LEGO City Police Patrol Car 4436
Stop the criminal with the new lego police car!
LEGO Creator Volkswagen T1 Camper Van 10220
LEGO Creator Volkswagen T1 Camper Van 10220
This is as authentic as the Volkswagen gets!
LEGO City Fire Plane 4209
LEGO City Fire Plane 4209
Fly over the skies and stop the fires with this Lego Set.
Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

An Awesome Lego

The LEGO Tower Bridge stands tall looking over the seas at more than 1 foot tall and over 3 feet long! With an opening drawbridge, rare bricks, and more, then Tower Bridge completely resembles the iconic Tower Bridge in England that has become one of the most famous landmarks in the entire world! The Tower Bridge, with over 4000 pieces will give Lego fans a lot of time to do what they love legos! The Tower Bridge also includes a mini green car, a mini black London taxi, a mini red Double Decker Bus, and a mini yellow truck that can all fit on the Tower Bridge. Better yet, the mini vehicles themselves are easy to build, so if you want, you could build even more mini vehicles through LDD (Lego Digital Designer). Even the roads and the 80+ windows look authentic, and the Tower Bridge is an iconic set. However, this set was released on October 1, 2010, so it might retire before its too late!

Tower Bridge For Sale - The Best Deal You'll Ever Find

The Tower Bridge is guaranteed to retire by the end of the year, so I would advise adding this Lego Set to your collection now before it is worth much more when it retires.

LEGO Tower Bridge 10214
LEGO Tower Bridge 10214
Since 1884, the Tower Bridge has been the excitement around the Thames River in London, England. With an authentic look, mini vehicles, over 80 windows, and more, this 40 inch wide and 17 inch long iconic Tower Bridge would make the perfect addition to any Lego Set. Get it while the prices are low, because when it retires, the prices will skyrocket! Amazon offers this Tower Bridge for FREE SHIPPING and QUICK DELIVERY. I order from Lego too, but not paying Shipping for the Tower Bridge would make a big difference!

Passenger Train

An Awesome Lego

The 2010 Lego Passenger Train roars across the train tracks at incredible speeds! With 3 train cars, 4 mini figures, and a small train station, the Passenger Train is ready to zoom into your collection! With 3 Train Cars that perfectly belong with each other, the Passenger Train also includes Power Functions that would usually cost nearly $50, but they come in the Set in addition to the train! So, you don't have to take apart your Lego Train to put in the Lego Power Functions pieces. Now, you can do that during your build so nothing gets displaced. You can also take the Passenger Train to the next level! I have added lights to my Lego Passenger Train and they shine as good as anything (not included in the Set)! The Lego Passenger Train can move all around your house, room, or wherever via remote control (included in the Set) and carry people in it. With over 10 chairs and multiple tables as well, the Passenger Train can also have people in all train cars!

Lego Mini Figures

When I look at a Lego Set, sometimes, I will look at the mini figures. For example, out of all of the Star Wars droids, the Super Battle Droids have really caught my eye. Also, you wouldn't get Count Dooku's ship without Count Dooku himself. Also, without mini figures, how would you be able to play with your legos? Lego mini figures are the most popular and most important part of Legos. There are some sets without mini figures, but if it's a set like the Eiffel Tower or Tower Bridge, then I'm ready to buy a lego set like that even though it doesn't have mini figures. What are your thoughts on Lego mini figures?

I Like Getting My Legos For Free

Do You?

I have built a great Lego City so far, but now I can expand my Lego City and get some of the coolest sets without spending a penny. Points2Shop allows you to complete offers to earn points which can be used to buy Legos and anything else that is sold on Amazon. I have used Points2Shop to order the Lego Mobile Police Unit which was a $37.70 value (at the time, that's how much it cost) for free!

Do you want to get your Legos for free and not worrying about spending money? Just register to Points2Shop and earn 250 points (which is equal to $2.50) just by registering right here!

Great Vehicles

They are better than you think!

The 5 Great Vehicles are the Garbage Truck, Ambulance, Tipper Truck, Dirt Bike Transporter, and Car & Caravan! They are all amazing and I hope to collect them all. I recently got and built the Garbage Truck and Ambulance from AMAZON! The Garbage Truck stores all of the Garbage and doesn't let any of it out until you want it out. Even if you put the Garbage Truck upside-down, no lego garbage will fall out (even if there is garbage in the truck). The stretcher slides into the Ambulance and you get 3 mini figures (you get 2 in the Garbage Truck Set)! The vehicles look authentic with the stickers and can really shape a Lego City into a bustling "Lego State!" The Great Vehicles include mini figures and look like what you would expect to find in the streets of your town, neighborhood, city, etc.

Great Deals for The Great Vehicles

LEGO City Town Garbage Truck 4432
LEGO City Town Garbage Truck 4432
The Garbage Truck comes with 2 mini figures, a garbage can, a fish mini figure, and more!
LEGO City Town Car and Caravan 4435
LEGO City Town Car and Caravan 4435
The Car and Caravan comes with 2 mini figures, hot dogs, a detailed interior for the caravan with a TV, and more!
LEGO City Town Tipper Truck 4434
LEGO City Town Tipper Truck 4434
The Dump Truck comes with 2 mini figures, 1x1 rock bricks, and more!
LEGO City Town Dirt Bike Transporter 4433
LEGO City Town Dirt Bike Transporter 4433
The Dirt Bike Transport comes with 2 mini figures, 2 motor bikes, cones, and more!

Air Plane

Fly through the skies!

The Lego Air Plane is a hard to find lego that every lego fan wants in his/her hands! The Lego Airplane has room for 10 passengers with 1 cockpit for the pilot! The Air Plane Set also includes the airport, and this is actually a really good price because the plane is HUGE and it looks amazing. If you don't believe me, you can always look at the picture! However, this Lego Airplane was released in 2010, so it is close to retirement. This Lego is a rare lego that has quality, but they leave the shelves quickly, so get yours while you still can!

Green Grocer

The Retired Town Lego

The Green Grocer is a retired Lego, but it was popular and still is. The Green Grocer features vegetables, fruit, a cash register, 3 floors, a roof terrace, and more! The interior of the Green Grocer looks nice as well with professional stairs, a fireplace, a grandfather clock, and YES, EVEN MORE! There are also a couple of mini figures featured in the set. Best of all, the Green Grocer attaches to your other buildings such as the Grand Emporium and the Pet Shop. In fact, I have 4 buildings attached to each other (Pet Shop Set=1) and the sidewalk and everything about each building looks really nice. The Green Grocer is an amazing lego that everyone wanted and still wants even to this date!

Lego Eiffel Tower

France's Iconic Landmark

The real Eiffel Tower has been a part of France's capital, Paris, ever since the 19th Century! You can't call yourself a tourist if you go to Paris but don't see the Eiffel Tower. Even if you don't see it, you will still see it up in the sky with the French Flag on top waving in the wind. Now, you can add this historical masterpiece to your Lego Collection. Out of all of the historical sites in the world, Lego fans adored the Eiffel Tower with a great passion. If you want a tall lego, then this is as tall as you get. This lego is over 3 feet tall! This lego is taller than the average 6 year old! If you wanted to make some modifications, you could fit a train under the Eiffel Tower. Going on, the Eiffel Tower looks 100% authentic in every regard with the real Eiffel Tower that stands proudly at Paris, France. The Eiffel Tower is a collector's item and the perfect addition to any Lego City (especially a Lego City with historical landmarks).

What Did My Lego Eiffel Tower Do For Me?

I didn't build the lego Eiffel Tower until three years after I got it. It tok me three days to build, but it was the funnest experience I ever had with Lego. I was actually losing my faith in Legos and didn't want to see another brick again. However, building the Eiffel Tower completely changed my thinking process. Now, I collect as many Legos as I can and write about them right here.

Death Star

The Climax of Star Wars

The Death Star is an amazing lego. There are actually 2 versions of the lego on Amazon. The first Death Star is the entire planet with nothing in it, but it looks very authentic. The second Death Star has multiple rooms with different features for each room plus well over 10 mini figures including 2 Royal Guards, Darth Vadar, Luke Skywalker, Old Ben, and more! It may not look as authentic as the actual planet since it has compartments, but you can play with your mini figures in the second Death Star. Which Death Star do you like better? Honestly, both are incredible!

The photo is not to be biased. I just couldn't get the two Death Stars together so I flipped a coin.

Lego Grand Carousel

Round and round she goes!

The Lego Grand Carousel has a fancy display including the faces of the clown heads towards the center, plates with stickers, and large rides with eyes (only the horses have eyes). The Grand Carousel moves up and down and right or left. The rides move as well in what you could easily call the ultimate fun test! Put your Lego mini figures on the rides, hold on tight, and prepare for the ride. I have the Grand Carousel in my collection, and it looks dandy!

Taj Mahal

The Castle of All Castles

The Taj Mahal, the jewel India is known be the world as a castle of great beauty and awe inspiring elegance! With perfect architectural design and a fancy display, the Taj Mahal would make the perfect addition for any Lego Collection. There is a lot of mini figure space so you can have a city as well. The Taj Mahal would make a good addition to any Lego Collection!


The most creative

Well, there are many creative legos on the web (especially Google images). You might have seen the yellow lego person with lego pieces falling out of his ripped chest. I thought of a Lego that was very creative as well. Now, it wasn't as time consuming as the Lego Yellow man and some others, but it was something that few to no one might have thought of yet. How about adding your name to your Lego Train! Any color and any size you would like. The train looks (and is) very simple to make. Just to prove that the "name" Train attaches to other trains, you can see at the right hand corner that there is another Train Car. So, there's my proof. I think it is one of the most unusual and creative legos yet. It may not be the best in front of the other creative legos, but having your own name or any words on your Train would look really cool.

Lego Trains

All about them

Lego Trains come in different shapes and sizes, and it is only natural to jump into the Trains Pool once you see them in action! They zoom across the Train Tracks via remote control and carry lego mini figures in them as well. The Lego Trains contain magnetic pieces allowing you to hook up other train cars from a different set to another train. For example, my MARC train and Emerald Night Caboose are attached to the Passenger Train. The Lego Company keeps on creating new trains and even more ways for your Lego Trains to cross through your Lego Cities in a normal fashion. There are so many Lego Trains for you to choose from already! The Passenger Train, Cargo Train, Red Cargo Train, 2006 Passenger Train, the Santa Fe Train, and more are all in Lego form and waiting to be added to your collection.

Lego Cities

Recommendations and more!

As you can see about the Lego City below, there is 1 thing that is obvious about that Lego City. It is so obvious that you could see it a mile away! Yes, this Lego City has buildings that connect with each other. The Lego vehicles make the city ooh good as well. You can't have a ghost town, even with the best buildings. Also, vehicles are used to move around in a easy format. It is easier for the police to chase criminals in a car than by foot. Don't miss out on the Great Vehicles on Amazon (please scroll through my blog to find the best prices) because they include Legos that you would see in your life. An ambulance, garbage truck, and even a tipper truck. These are 3 of the 5 Great Vehicles that are very popular. The road looks good on the Lego City. What you need most of all are the Lego People. The Community Set with over 25 lego mini figures are the best for getting mini figures fast. Many of the Lego Sets do include mini figures. I have well over 100 mini figures, and my Lego City is bustling. Those are some suggestions to make your Lego City the best it can be. Once you have done this, you could add an airport and train to make your Lego City even better. There are so many options when you are in control. Lego houses are your other options make your Lego City even better!

The Secret

How to get this and more for a low price

Would you be shocked to know that I got this train car for less than $20.......when it was retired? No, I did not get a lucky bid on eBay! There are some Lego Websites that show you the building instructions for old legos. I followed the instructions on LDD, though it may be harder to access the interior of the train, I think we can all agree that this train looks exactly like the High Speed Train. This is a good way to get old legos for a low price.

However, it took me many hours to complete just 1 Lego and some pieces are unavailable at LDD. So, it would be practically impossible to make the 2006 Passenger Train (it needs to move and there are specific pieces that make the train's front). This method may not work with all Legos, but give it a shot and see how it can help you!

My Lego City

Day 1

I already had the Green Grocer, Grand Emporium, Fire Brigade, and Pet Shop all set up the way they were. However, I moved my Lego mini figures away from the city as well as the vehicles. I didn't want my Lego City to be a ghost town, so now I am going to re-add all of the mini figures and vehicles that I took away before plus some new ones. This is my first day to making this Lego City even better. I guess it is not hard to see the airplane at the top. I don't think that will be a part of my City yet. The mini figures cover the entire sidewalk with a blue car (Blue Roadster) with 2 people in it. This is day 1 and I hope you will like it. Please come back for Day 2 for my Lego City transformation!

What do you think I should add to my Lego City? Please comment.

Back In The Bricks

Lego bricks were first available in 1949, shortly after World War II. Legos have become famous since then and really took off with its debut of Lego Star Wars merchandise.

Lego Star Wars

One of the most crazed Lego Themes around

Lego Star Wars is the best way to come in contact with all things Star Wars. From the Republic Gunship to the Death Star, Lego has all of the Star Wars legos that we are used to seeing in the anime and on the movie screen! Obiwan Kenobi is available as a Lego back in the good days, in the anime, and when he was old (known as Old Ben). Clone Troopers and droids alike build the battle scene and make Star Wars just that much funner! Dive in to Lego Star Wars today and may the force be with you!

Lego Passenger Plane

Old and retired, but still awesome

The Lego Passenger Plane includes 4 mini figures (2 are passengers). With 12 seats (6 per class), a service kart, a sink, and more, the Passenger Plane is a good addition for anyone! If you don't want to buy the larger version, then don't worry because you can get a mini version for a lower price. Roam the skies at great speeds with the Lego Passenger Plane.

First Lego EVER

What was yours?

What was the first lego that you ever built? I don't remember the name of the set or when it was made, but this 16 piece robot was the first lego that I ever made. It is nothing like the Eiffel Tower or Tower Bridge, but it was my first lego. A simple design that is easily playable with mini figures because of its small size. I loved to collect Lego robots in the beginning, and I still do have those Lego robots. Nowadays, I collect the big challenges (think Eiffel Tower, Grand Emporium, Tower Bridge, Grand Carousel, etc.) I also focus on the mini figures for Lego City. I recently started looking at vehicles because I needed those. Basically, my ability to build Legos have changed for the better ever since my first Lego. I still have it in mint condition and make sure it never gets lost in my Lego Collection. What was your first Lego? Please comment.

A Creative Lego

What can you build?

Lego pool is now in full bloom with this creation. I wish it was a set because everything looks good to perfection. There are many Legos out in the world (online) that show all of the things we are used to seeing. For example, Angry Birds is a very popular video game app on the iPhone. Yes, if you looked on google, the Angry Birds and Green Pigs could be found in Lego form. Many people use Legos to make many different things. I added on to my large train additional train cars that are not sold as sets. They were created by me at LDD. That is what I build while other people might want to focus on other things like large humans or humans with different shaped heads. I think it would be nice to create something that you see in your daily life and show it to the world. It could be from something as simple to a water bottle to an actual size car. I saw the actual size car, and I bet it works with all of those crazy Power Functions, but I haven't seen the water bottle yet. Yes, we all (including myself) love to collect Lego Sets, but sometimes, I will take a break and create my own Legos from scratch. I am in the middle of creating a Lego Apple Store on LDD (don't steal it)! I just love to see how creative Lego fans just like you and me can be!

Lego Sopwith Camel

Rebuild an aviation legend with the Lego Sopwith Camel set. This detailed replica with a rotating propeller and rare bricks is designed based on the most recognizable British single-seat biplane to every fly through the skies. With a wingspan of almost 2 feet (a total of 19 inches) and measuring 15 inches long, this is an incredible set to add to your collection. The Lego Sopwith Camel is a great Lego to have, but for the Lego fans who find it hard to build complex sets, then don't worry. This set has only 883 pieces in it which makes the Lego Sopwith Camel an easy build with many adventures waiting for you.

Ferris Wheel

Goes Up and Down

The Lego Ferris Wheel doesn't include mini figures. Instead, it provides MANY cap sized people that can go on the Ferris wheel and ride it. With Power Functions, you can make the Ferris wheel go up and down. The 8 seats really move with the Ferris wheel and in my opinion, you can have some fun battles on a Ferris wheel with all of your people. The bottom is easy to access for the Lego people, and there is a stand. The Lego Ferris wheel is a 3 in 1, but I prefer the Ferris wheel.

What do you want Lego to Build Next

Many possibilities

What Lego do you want to see next? Do you want to see a Lego of an actual school or a large Empire State Building. Disney Land has also been a great place over the years. These Lego ideas are creative, but no matter what landmark the Lego is, it must be able to survive a hard impact landing without breaking. Why do I say this? Well, one day, the entire top to my Lego Eiffel Tower came crashing down and over 1000 pieces were spread across the room. I ran for my instruction books and miraculously rebuilt the Eiffel Tower. My dog did chew on one of the pieces, so it was replaced as a memory of what could happen in the future. No matter how meticulous you are, one of your Legos will probably end up crashing to the floor in your life. Lego can stop this by creating modifications that prevent a big lego (I'm talking Taj Mahal, Tower Bridge, Eiffel Tower, etc) from smashing into many pieces after a hard impact.

My Lego City

Day 2

I am starting to add some more vehicles (and horses). There are more people in the City, especially at the top of the buildings. The two construction workers got tangled up at the Fire Brigade and are hanging on. If you can't see it, then 1 construction worker is hanging on and the other construction worker is standing up on the first one. I thought it was very creative and you don't see it everyday. I felt that my town needed more police patrol, so that is what I added. I think that the City looks really good.

Check back in tomorrow for another update on my Lego City!

Lego Superheros

For Justice!

The Lego Superheros are back and ready for action! Batman, Superman, and the Green Lantern are in this picture, but they are not alone. Wonder Women and the Marvel crew will make their appearances (Wonder Women is available). The bad guys and all of those wretched villains are back too. From Lex Luther and the Joker to Two Face and Cat Girl, the villains are ready to invade the city. With the superheroes at the city's side, there will be no room left for evil.

The Lego Marvel Superheroes are out as well. Iron Man and the avengers unite to fight against evil.


Power Functions Train VS Treadmill

So, I decided to take a small break from blogging when I decided to run on my treadmill. I did good; I ran 6 mph for 10 minutes until I got exhausted (I wasn't wearing shorts). Then, a brilliant idea took place....let's put my Lego Train on the treadmill. So, I detached the Power Function Train from the rest (I don't like it when my Legos are destroyed or demolished). I put the 2010 Passenger Train (only the Train Car with Power Functions) onto the Treadmill. I made sure that the Train Wheels were perfectly straight (I didn't want my train to curve left or right especially because the Tower Bridge was nearby). I put the Treadmill to a speed of 1 mph and I made the Train go at a slow pace (I didn't want a demolition). The treadmill's speeds were too much for my Lego Train to handle. As the train moved forward, the Treadmill pushed it back. Finally, when my Train was about to fall off of the Treadmill (and likely break in the process), I stopped the Treadmill and saved my train.

Sorry everyone, Lego lost that round. Non-Lego 1 and Lego 0. I will think of another one soon and this time, I hope my Legos pull off a victory!

Star Wars-the clones

I don't think those droids stand a chance against this battalion. There must be well over 500 lego clone troopers in that room. I don't have 500, but I know that I have a lot of Clone Troopers. How many lego clone troopers do you have? Please leave a comment.

Star Wars- the droids

Wow, so many droids. There must be over 500. I am certain that I don't have that many droids, but I do have a lot. How many Lego Star Wars droids do you have? Please leave a comment.

Lego Cargo Plane

Carry the storage through the skies

With a room for cargo, the pilot, stairs, and more, this 20 cm Cargo Plane is spectacular. From wing top to wing top, nothing is more unique than the Cargo Plane. Transport goods to the Cargo Plane via other vehicles and watch the Cargo Plane fly off to deliver the goods! There are Passenger Planes, but none can properly deliver the goods. The Cargo Plane solves all of these problems and looks like an authentic air plane that you would see in the sky.

Get the best price on my post "Awesome Lego City Sets on Amazon"

My Lego City

Day 3

As you can see, there are more vehicles and more people (especially up at the Green Grocer). There are two construction workers looking up to the other two at the top of the Fire Brigade. Will the two construction workers be able to save the other two?

Also, I added two horses with a knight riding on one of them. One of the clearer sights would have to be the Tipper Truck/Dump Truck driving by. There is also a yellow speed car resembling a race car. That is why the NBA Player is at the wheel.

How do you like my Lego City? Please leave a comment.

Poll #1 - The Landmarks and the Death Star

Which Lego Do you Like the Best?

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Lego Fire Brigade

No fire is too strong for the Fire Brigade! With multiple fire fighters, a firefighter truck, and the appropriate tools all featured in this set, the Lego Fire Brigade will hose down any fire it sees. The building looks old and authentic. I think that Lego did a really good job with the walls because they have a particular pattern while looking like an old firehouse at the same time. Well, what do the fire fighters do on their day off? They play ping pong, eat food from the refrigerator, cook the food, watch time pass by on the grandfather clock, or just go to the top of the roof to see the view. All of this is in the Fire Brigade Set, and look out! It is likely to retire soon!

Please see my Ferris wheel AND MORE on Amazon post to find a good price for the Fire Brigade.

Republic Gunship

Defeat the Sepratists!

From a galaxy far, far away comes the Republic Gunship all the way from Lego Star Wars! Commander Cody, Obiwan Kenobi, and more mini figures are available in this set. With countless blasters and two hidden bombs, the Republic Gunship is a classic must-have for any Star Wars fan. With seats for the pilots and easy access, this is the dream Lego for you, but it gets even better. The Republic Gunship has an easy to open set of doors for both sides with areas to put down weapons. You could have more than 8 clones in that area. The Republic Gunship works especially well with clone troopers that have jetpacks. Open the doors and watch them fly into battle!

Please see the Ferris wheel AND MORE on Amazon post to find a good price for the Republic Gunship

Blue Roadster

Vroom Vroom Vroom!

The Blue Roadster is a new 3 in 1 Lego Car that is a sight to behold. I personally love this Lego car because of its simple design. The wheel is at the right side of the car (something new) and it fits up to 2 people. The Blue Roadster's seats are actually really good and the mini figures get to stay where they are (for some of the cars, if you flipped it upside down, the mini figure would fall out). The fancy designs for a low price make the Blue Roadster just that much more attracting.

Darth Maul's Ship

The Sith's Apprentice

I saw the Star Wars movie yesterday, so I decided to write about Darth Maul's ship (which I conveniently have). Don't worry about the mini figure because it looks exactly like Darth Maul. Patemai, a Naboo Soldier, and Obiwan's master are also featured in the set. Darth Maul's speeder and yes, the duel light saber are also included in the set. The wings can actually move and Darth Maul's speeder can be put in his ship since it is easily accessible.

Make this set yours today by going to the Ferris wheel AND MORE on Amazon post on my website

Lego Droideka

The most wanted

There are many ways to create a Lego Droideka. Some ideas are on Youtube while you can build others with instructions. The online pictures from google also contain a lot of forms for the Droideka. However, they are all the same; they have 3 legs, 2 arms with blasters, and those eyes. All Lego Droidekas can even roll if you adjust its body! Which kind of droideka do you like the most? Please leave a comment.

Countless Possibilities

Legos can create anything!

With Lego Bricks and Power Functions, you could create nearly anything you want out of Lego. There are White Houses, dragons, tall buildings, and more at the Lego Lands. However, there are some things that anyone can create such as these Angry Birds. From feather to foot, these Angry Birds look exactly like the ones in the video game. With Lego, everything is possible---if you put the time and effort into it!

Which one do you like the most?

Lego Angry Birds Poll

See results

My Lego City

Day 4

I am going to take a break from updating because I have to think of even more ideas! However, the cherry on top, the last and best, my Lego City!

I added the small police car and a small tractor, but that is it. The construction workers were saved and are still on the Fire Brigade in their orange uniforms. I am very happy to have my Lego City restored. 4 days ago, there were only buildings. It was just the Grand Emporium, Fire Brigade, Green Grocer, and Pet Shop. Now, those 4 buildings are still there, but now there are people and vehicles everywhere! This is the kind of evolution any Lego City needs. This may not happen as quickly for you though. I just had all of the spare legos from back then, but no matter who you are, you could have the same results. Each Lego City update did not take me long to do, but I LOVED IT!

As of the moment, I am very happy with my Lego City's success!

The Old Lego Batman Batmobile

Chase Two Face and Bring Him to Justice!

Batman has something up his sleeve. He will find any way necessary to bring evil to justice. Our noble hero chases down another villain, Two Face. The henchman drives away from Batman as Two Face tries to deliver the final blow. Batman is not far from the truck, but Two Face is coming closer and closer to Batman with a weapon. Will Batman catch the truck, crash, or will Two Face finish him off? You can decide!

Lego Police Station

No Criminals Escape!

Do you need police cars to chase down the criminals? Well, that's no problem for this set because it features 2 police cars. The Lego Police Station has much more than that however. You can put up to 4 criminals into jail with this super set (you can also include roommates to arrest more criminals). The set comes with 4 police men (1 is a woman) and 2 criminals. For the criminal's transportation, this set features a white bike, but it will be hard to access since it belongs to the police. Send the dog after the criminals as well! When the dog is exhausted, it could rest in its KENNEL! Well, the Police Station has a kennel.....what else does this awesome set have? Well, the Police Station has an evidence room, 2 garages for each of the police cars, a secret room, and more. For example, it can be hard to keep track of loose criminals. That is why there is a WANTED SIGN in the Lego Police Station set! If you find the criminal, then the handcuffs are your best choice. The Police Station is easily accessible. Just flip it around and you will be able to see the other side. Reach in and get what you need because there are no safe locks for your Legos!

Arrest the criminals and let justice reign your Lego City by getting the Police Station today!


Lego Mini Figure VS a Bouncy Ball

I easily knew which of the 2 would win if I dropped them on the ground at the same time and wanted to see who would bounce higher. That was too obvious. So, I did something interesting. I put both the ball and Lego mini figure onto the trampoline and I wanted to see what would happen. So, I put the lego mini figure and bouncy ball at the center of the trampoline side-by-sde. Then, I picked the trampoline up from the bottom and started shaking it. I wasn't shaking it too vigorously and only 2 of the legs went off of the floor the entire time. The result was shocking. The lego mini figure was going really high, doing backflips in the air, kung fu moves, 360s, and more. Every time the Lego mini figure hit the trampoline, he popped up in the air again. It was like watching a roller coaster! The bouncy ball didn't do terrible, but it was no match for the lego mini figure. The bouncy ball never got higher than the lego mini figure.

So, there has now been an equalizer, and my Lego City citizens are overjoyed. The score: Legos 1 and non-Legos 1

Lego Mini Figure Series

Many, many possibilities

Awhile ago, Lego started selling exclusive mini figures to us in wrappers that were unavailable in the regular sets. The mini figures are very diverse and have many background. From Indians to Spartans all the was down to gorilla suit people, there are many Lego mini figures in the series. This is the best chance you may have of getting a rare mini figure. The Lego mini figures come in packs, so choose wisely because its the game of luck! How do you like the Lego mini figures series? Please comment!

Lego Statue of Liberty

Freedom, Honor, and Bravery

The Lego Statue of Liberty stands tall over Ellis Island and welcomed the immigrants with hope for a better life---the American Life! Now the Statue of Liberty is available in Lego. It is always great to visit the landmarks, but it is twice as great to be the architect responsible for building your Lego Statue of Liberty! The Lego Statue of Liberty perfectly matches with any Lego City and is the rarest lego ever!

Lego Robots

Beep Boop Beep Boop

Lego Robots are the closest Lego group we have to Bionicles. They fly, run, have bulk, and do so many other things. In fact, my first Lego was a Lego robot and robots got me into Legos. I started with robots and evolved to building Legos like the Eiffel Tower. The Rescue Robot's arms bend and look nice allowing you to move its arms like you move your arms in life. The Lego Rescue Robots hands are especially awesome! They could hold large objects and save the day!

New Lego Star Wars Set


This is the Lego Set that leads up to the most important point of the Clone Wars, when Anakin battles his own master, Obiwan. Anakin lands his ship and R2-D2 is ordered to stay behind as he brutally slays Vice Gunroy and some droids. When Obiwan encounters Anakin, now a warped person with the dark side of the force, it is no easy slaying. They battle it out in small platforms. The first one to fall---gets burned in the flames. Poor Obiwan has to now fight the one person who he loved, respected like a brother, and trained Anakin from nothing to everything. Will Obiwan be able to fight the one he loves, or will he give up to Anakin's new dark side? You can decide and add this set to your collection today!

Lego Fire Fighter Plane

No Fire is too Strong!

Danger! Danger! There is a wide spread fire causing havoc and mass destruction and the residents are running for their lives. The fire trucks can't get a good shot at the raging fires, and the fires are spreading out and are heading for the houses! The fire fighters try out all of their hoses, but the fire is just too strong. When all seemed lost, a small speck in the sky flew a distance from the fire fighters. The object got closer. Soon enough, everyone knew that the Lego Fire Fighter Plane was here to the rescue! The brave pilot flew his plane right to the center of the fire and dropped countless buckets of water out of his fire fighter plane. The water from above greatly reduced the fire's range. Now with a weakened fire, the fire fighters were able to put it out with their hoses and trucks. No one got hurt, the residents returned to the city, and miraculously, no houses got burned down in what seemed like an imminent disaster. The entire city was saved, and it was all because of the fire fighter plane. Don't let a fire destroy you Lego City and get the Lego Fire Fighter Plane Set today!

Lego Volkswagen

Red One

The Lego Volkes Wagon is a hard to find collectable Lego that travels with you wherever you go! With the authentic VW symbol and a spotless to perfection inside with features like a table, checkered floor, and more, the Volkswagen is the perfect Lego for you! It's a small house that moves on wheels. The Volkswagen is an amazing Lego that might retire soon!

Purchase it now at the Fire Plane and more on Amazon right now for FREE SHIPPING and QUICK DELIVERY!

Lego Police Car

The new Lego Police car is a very fancy car that drives throughout the forests near Lego City to hunt down those criminals. This is a classic set" 1 Police Officer (this one actually looks like a native), 1 criminal, and 1 police car! The criminals can run as fast as they want, and even if they try to hide behind the thick trees, the police will find them and bring them to justice!

Lego Mini Modulars

It is hard to put the Green Grocer onto someone's desk or the Grand Emporium. If you attempted to put all of the buildings on your desk, then no one would be able to see you on the other side! That is one of the many reasons why Lego came up with the mini modulars set. This set includes 3 retired legos (Hotel, Green Grocer, and Market Place). This set also includes the Fire Brigade and Grand Emporium. The mini buildings completely look like their larger counterparts, but you can get these buildings for a much lower price than getting all 5 of the buildings in large forms. Now, you can put all 5 of these buildings on your desk without the worry of losing space to what we all love: legos!

New Lego Police Station

I don't think it is too hard to say that the old Lego Police Station had more detail, but this Lego Police Station does have its benefits. First of all, the bear is definitely a new addition to lego, the police car looks incredible, the criminal actually has a good ride, and this set includes a police helicopter. I think that this police station could have had an extra floor, but for certain, Lego did a great job with the vehicles and bear. The police station looks commercial, but there is probably not as much playing space. What are your thoughts?

Lego Police Dog Van

Oh my, a gold mile! The criminal drives in his car straight to the gold mine to find himself some gold. However, it is off limits. As the criminal uses all of his strength to open the door, he hears a motor from a far off car. Then, he hears two dogs barking in the distance. The motor grew louder, and the criminal could finally see the vehicle, a Police Dog Van heading right for him. The criminal runs for his car, but the two police dogs beat him to it. As one gnaws at a tire, the other police dog helps the police officer capture the criminal and bring him to justice.

This set includes 2 vehicles, 1 police officer, 1 criminal, and 2 police dogs.

Lego Fire Fighters to the Rescue!

There is a fire in Lego City, but the lego fire fighters have it all under control. Get the Lego Mobile Command Center and save the day! Speed down to the fire and hose it down with the help of the two vehicles (smaller on can be put on the bigger one). This set includes two firefighter Lego mini figures that will help save the day!

Authentic Lego Death Star

95th Post!

Well, the Death Star doesn't look anything like the Legos I posted about earlier, but it is an authentic Death Star with a TIE Pilot and TIE Fighter. There is a small inscription next to the TIE Fighter. This is a small set, but authenticity is worth it! Also, this is the only Death Star that you could put on a small desk without losing too much space!

Car & Caravan

Do you go to vacation and love where you go? However, didn't you also wish you could take a piece of your house with you? Well, today is your lucky day with the Lego Car & Caravan set. Have the man drive the girl or the other way around. The caravan has good space and good things inside for the man and woman to use in their daily lives. When it gets cold out, the man and woman could set up a fire and sit right next to it, telling each other stories as the flames flicker into the air. With the Lego Car & Caravan, you are never too far from your home!

New Lego Star Wars Lego

General Grevious' best droids have come to wipe out the Clone Army for his arrival! The droids move up in the Battefield and gain ground, but the clones will not give in. Man the cannon and shoot down those droids so that Grevious will have to face an army when he arrives. Shoot down the droids and save the clones base by adding this set to your selection now (General Grevious mini figure is not included)!

Lego Star Wars Geonosian Cannon

Stop the Geonosians from using that cannon for evil purposes. A Jedi and clone are all you will have to defeat the two Geonosians. Will you be able to do it? The set includes 2 Geonosians with wings, a Jedi, a clone, and the Geonosian Cannon. You might want to put this set on your wish list because the Geonosian Mini Figures usually cost over $20 at other places (when they were discontinued).

Naboo Planet


The Lego Naboo Planet is back and better than ever. With a Naboo pilot and a Y-Wing Fighter, the Naboo Planet is an awesome set that will take Lego Star Wars to the next level! Fly across the galaxy easier than ever with the new Naboo Planets with a small inscription under the Naboo Pilot and a standing place for the Y-Wing Fighter!

Lego Star Wars Escape Pod

Oh my, your ship didn't make it for too long during the battle, but at least you made it! With the new escape pod, R2-D2, C3P0, and two rugged Clone Troopers set out to find the natives and get on a ship so that they can reunite with the Republic at Corrisonce. Will they be able to find a ship and set out for a search for the Republic, or will they be left stranded until they cannot bear it any longer? There is 1 vehicle, so not everyone has to walk the long distance to find the natives. Do you want the two clones and two droids to be saved, or do you want them to starve on the planet? You can decide by getting this set now!

Lego Dinos

Oh no! The T-Rex is running away! If the T-Rex reaches civilization, many cities and buildings will be destroyed. The residents see the T-Rex coming from miles away because of the T-Rex's pure height and start to panic. Luckily however, the authorities are trying to capture this T-Rex with the flying helicopter with a claw to scope up the T-Rex. The courageous man goes on a small vehicle and heads after the T-Rex as well. Will they capture the T-Rex before it causes havoc and destruction in Lego City? You decide!

New Lego Star Wars Summer Set

Sorry about the picture, but there was no other image to find. The ship looks amazing and I believe it belongs to the Separatists; FINALLY! Well, if you were shocked about that, just wait for the mini figures. This set includes Count Dooku, and Anakin Skywalker. Well, those two mini figures are good. With those two mini figures alone, you can have an epic battle, but Lego wouldn't want to disappoint. That's why General Grevious, Asoka, Padme, a tactical droid, and a Battle Droid are all in the set! Will Count Dooku and General Grevious overpower Anakin and his young patawan, or will Count Dooku and Grevious breathe their last breath on the ship? You decide!

This is Lego's creation, not mine or anyone else's. This product is an authentic Lego Set that is produced by the Lego Company!

The Sand Planet

When he was a young boy, Anakin Skywalker pod raced on these planets and was a young slave to others (I want to say Genosians, but I'm not sure). Republican money is worthless on this planet, and Obiwan and his master are trapped on the planet. With a broken hyper drive, the two Jedi rely on Anakin to beat his rival, Sebulta in pod racing. Sebulta messes around with Anakin's pod to gain an early advantage. However, it is Skywalker who is crowned the victor. The Jedi get the hyper drive part, and Anakin goes along with them to learn the way of the Jedi. Now, you can add this set to your collection. With the Sand Planet, Sebulta, and his pod racer added to your collection, your Lego Star Wars collection will be that much better!

Darth Maul Mini Figure

Well, well, well, would you look at that. Lego is now selling a Darth Maul mini figure. Lego gets all of these mini figure ideas from the producer of the animated Star Wars series, so if they show a mini figure, chances are that it will come out in the Lego Star Wars show. I was just as shocked as you were to see that Darth Maul figure. I wonder if the Chancellor knew. Well, all of those questions will be answered later on. Right now, all we can do is look at the legos.

Droid Battle Pack

It isn't like your average battle pack of Pirates of the Caribbean Battle Pack. The Lego Droid Battle Pack is actually a set. I have multiple sets of this because of the amount of mini figures. So, there are 10 DROIDS (2 pilots and 8 battle droids) and 2 Gungan Soldiers (Jar Jar Binx and someone else). Will the droids defeat the 2 Gungans (well one of them is Jar Jar, and he's not the battling type), or will the 2 Gungans throw a bomb at the droid's ship and watch the fireworks? You can decide!

Lego Star War Ship

Obiwan, his master, Padme, Jar Jar, and more come from this set in the near future. An awesome Lego Star Wars ship would make anyone's day! I can't wait for Lego to release this awesome set based on the First Episode of Star Wars (The Phantom Menace). I think that ship is the best one yet, and I can't wait to add it to my collection. I hope that you all feel the same way.

Jabba the Hut and Your Opinions

Soon, Lego is coming out with Jabba the Hut's palace. eBay prices on the old ones are high, so having a new version for a lower price is awesome. However, is Jabba's Palace the end? Will they bring back other Legos as well? Will the Lego Company make a Naboo Planet like they did the large Death Stars? What will Lego make next. I hope that they remake retired Lego Star Wars sets so getting them for a lower price is easy. What do you think?

Batman's Batwing

Oh no! The Joker is running away on his helicopter. Batman can't let that happen, so he jumps into the Batwing and flies off to pursue the Joker. The Joker won't give up that easily though. With a fast helicopter with missiles, Batman is going to have to do some quick navigations at intense speeds in order to dodge the missiles. Batman is getting even closer to the Joker's helicopter, but the Joker has one more trick up on his sleeve. Will the Joker get away or will Batman be victorious? You decide!

Lego City Transportation

Hop on the train, car, or bus to catch your next destination! With over 5 mini figures, 5 vehicles, and more, you will love this Lego Set. Lego fans like you wanted this set themselves so Lego produced this set so that goal would be possible. Join the thousands or even millions of Lego fans who have this set in their collection!

What's Your Favorite Lego?

What is your favorite lego of all time? Mine is the Eiffel Tower because of its height, design, and story behind the Lego I got as well as the actual landmark in Paris, France. What is your favorite lego? Please leave a comment in the Guestbook.

Start Your Lego Collection

The Best Way Possible

I am well aware that Christmas is not close by, but for future reference, getting the Advent Sets are the best way to get a lot of Lego collectables at once. Just look at the picture. There are mini ships that you can collect with the mini figures. A clone, droid, Chewbacca, Yoda, Gunroy, and more are featured in this set. That is a lot of play time when you have built all of the legos for your set.

John Deere Lego Tractor

The John Deere Tractor lego looks awesome and is authentic as well with the real John Deere Tractors. When I look at good Legos like the Tractor, I sometimes wonder what I could create if I had all of the bricks. The Lego John Deere Tractor would be a good addition for anyone with its good look and authenticity.

An Awesome Lego Agents Lego Set

Everything about this set is just awesome and is the definition of secret agents. The truck is ginormous, but that is not all. The lego mini figures have unique hair and one looks like a spider. This set also includes two planes, two boats, and a mini vehicle. You can launch the plane up to the sky with this awesome lego. Also, talk on the go in the portable conference room inside the truck. You can hide all of the secrets behind this truck and them open them all up when you approach the criminals. The element of surprise is yours with this set.

Question About This Lens

I want to be clear when I say that I will still be adding content to this lens daily, but I have a question for you.

Do You Think This Lens Needs Any Improvements or Additions?

See results

Lego Star Wars Battle

So, one day, I decided to use all of my Lego Star Wars mini figures and vehicles to make the ultimate battle scene. You may not be able to see all of the people, but this battle included 6 Jedi, Darth Maul, General Grievous, a couple of Vulture Droids, the Republic Gunship, 3 Jedi Starfighters, Darth Maul's Ship, General Grievous' Ship, Gunroy's Ship, and more! Do you think you can top this Star Wars battle?

A Lego That I Think Will Retire Soon

I think that the red Lego airplane is the next set to retire. It has been out for awhile now, and Lego in my opinion will create a new Lego plane to replace this one. Every once in a while, Lego has a big burst in getting rid of old Lego City sets and replacing them with the advanced new ones. So, if you want to get a Lego soon to be retired, then I predict that the red plane is the best Lego.

My Favorite Lego Game

Frog Rush

Out of all of the Lego Games, Frog Rush is my favorite. Frog Rush gives you a grand total of 20 frogs plus a stork. You can leap over other frogs and earn points, but the stork is hungry and would like to gobble down some of the frogs. In the epic race to get the most points, who will win, you or your opponent? See for yourself!

Lego Skyline

The Lego Skyline is an awesome Lego set that shows the sky line of New York. It includes the Statue of Liberty, three big buildings, two cars, a dock, and a train! These aren't as big as Legos like the Eiffel Tower, but they are a good start. The skyline is beautiful, and the Statue of Liberty is an awesome Lego for a low price compared to the big 2,000+ piece one that sells for over $4000 on eBay.

Lego Mini Figure Memories

I am a big collector of lego mini figures for my lego city, which is somewhere on this page. Without lego mini figures, you can't play with legos as much because you need the lego mini figures to get on vehicles and buy food, etc. Bobba Fet is probably the rarest and most expensive mini figure, but I think Darth Maul and General Grievous look the coolest. What's your opinion on lego mini figures?


One lego mini figure that I do not have but will always admire is Indiana Jones for his way of solving cases and of course, dodging the boulder. Indy has the perfect look as a mix of a cowboy and a military soldier. Indy is an awesome mini figure that anyone can have fun playing with.

Marvel Makes A Comeback

Hooray! The Marvel Superheroes are now making a comeback, and they should be available as Legos in May! Some of the superheroes I saw were Spiderman, Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, and more! The Marvel superheroes are awesome, but they have their villains as well. Team up with the new Marvel Superhero Sets now, and don't forget about those DC Comics Justice League Sets anytime soon!

Getting Prepared For Marvel With The Hulk

Hulk Smash! We'll be hearing a lot of that when the Lego Hulk gets released. The Hulk is bigger than the other mini figures, but not that big. You know he's coming, and he wants to give those villains a Hulk Smash!

It's Wolverine!

Wolverine is back in action, but he still has the power to defeat his enemies with the greatest of ease. Wolverine is immortal, but a little reckless too, and his adversary is no pushover. Will Wolverine defeat his nemesis and claim victory, or will Wolverine be the one who faces defeat? You get to decide!

The Batwing

The location is Gotham City, and you have 1 mission--capture the Joker and bring him to justice. Batman is the man up for the task as he chases the Joker, but the Joker won't go down without a fight. The Joker' henchman tries to shoot down the Batwing while the Joker hangs on a ladder trying to shoot Batman who resides in the cockpit. However, the Batwing is armed with missiles of its own, and with Batman's great navigation skills, he could overtake the Joker. Joker's henchman isn't willing to give up, and the Joker won't be put to justice without a fight. Will the Joker run away, or will Batman bring the Joker to justice? You decide!

Batman Mini Figure

The Batman mini figure is an awesome lego mini figure to have, but which Batman mini figure is your favorite? I have the Batman mini figure with the original Two Face chase, and I am going to get one from the 2012 sets as well. I don't have any 2008 Batman mini figures, but my brother does. Which Lego Batman mini figure was your favorite. Remember, we are only talking about Batman, so that means no Robin, no Joker, or anyone else. We are just talking about Batman.

Looking Back

Those are all of the DC Mini Figures that I missed out on. The only mini figure I got from that group was Batman, but no one else. I wish I saw all of those mini figures before, but I didn't. I think the Flash and Green Arrow look the coolest (not including Lego Superheroes that are now for sale), and I hope all of the superheroes make a comeback. I will be the first one to get their sets, and I am so happy to see Lego give younger generations a chance to own their own Lego Superhero mini figures.

Looking Ahead

The DC Superheros are back, and Marvel will be back as well. I have seen the Batman and Superman Sets, but I haven't seen anything for the Green Lantern, so maybe he could come in with a lot of extra heroes. I can't wait to see what Lego creates. The Lego Superman in my opinion looks better now than before because the hair from the last Superman is very easy to find. This Superman mini figure is completely unique. I love buying Legos, and this is why. They keep on coming up with great ideas that are inspiring and awesome.

Lego Lord of The Rings

You heard me! Lego is now creating Lord of the Rings Lego Sets that are to be released in the summer. I'll be honest and say I don't know much about Lord of the Rings, but I know that a powerful ring makes everyone addicted to it when they get too close to it. There is only 1 person in the village that can hold onto the ring without getting addicted to it and go out of control. The gifted boy is by no means strong, but he is the only person who can hold onto the ring. No one else can even touch it or see it from a close distance. That sums up the summary of Lord of the Rings, and you can start the adventure in summer!

The Best Lego Set For Starters

This is one of the best sets ever for new Lego fans that they can use to create Legos of their own imagination. Legos are fun to build, and everyone loves the final product as well as the struggle to get to that final product. If anyone is looking to become a Lego fan, then this is a great starter's set to test out the mind.

A Trend That I Have Seen Based on Lego

There is one thing that I have realized about Lego. Most of the Lego Sets that they make are based on released movies and TV shows. Star Wars, Batman, Marvel, DC Heroes, Cars 2, and Pirates of the Caribbean are just a few of them. Lego makes sets based on movies, so when you see a new lego set about a movie in the past, that movie will most likely come back to life.

Which Lego Superheroes Are Your Favorite?

See results

Lego Dimension

The Lego Dimension as I would like to call it features stairs and mini figures with different forces of gravity from different directions. This is an important Lego discovery because it really tests the imagination of Lego fans. Imagine putting Legos flat on the ground, then to your left, then to your right, and eventually upside down. Don't think of Lego as a box with limits and go beyond your wildest imaginations!

How Legos Could Become Vital In The Next Couple of Years

That is an actual size of a Volvo that can most likely hold people in it (not the mini figures, you) and drive. Yes, I bet that car can drive because Legos use Power Functions and I believe that all is possible with Legos. The Lego Ferris Wheel is an awesome lego, but if you take that same Lego with a 100 scale dilation, you could probably fit real people like you and me in that Ferris wheel. Ferris wheels and cars aren't the limit. I could almost guarantee that Legoland will be able to make a full scale (no 2 cm equals 2 km deal) model of NYC. If Lego can build cars, then lego can build anything.

America's MOST Beloved Ballpark

My Favorite Lego

I would do a lot of things to get a hold of that Fenway Park set. I would pay $3000 for that set because of its perfect detail. The Fenway Park appears near the booth and the red seat in the outfield is still there. The Right Field, Green Monster, and Triangle are perfectly set up in the Lego. My only objection is that in the real stadium, there are 3 different foul pole lines including the foul pole itself. I saw that on a home run for the other team, and that shocked me. However, since they are only inches away from each other, it's okay. I would pay good money for that Lego.

Let's Go Red Sox!!

Stacking Lego Floors Together

I love looking at Lego Cities, but I realized in this one that the Lego Hotel has an extra floor and an extra side as well. Now, I don't do this at all, but I was wondering if anyone else did. Having an extra floor wouldn't hurt, but that would look too big. The Lego City looks amazing, and I would love to have a Lego City like that if I grew my collection and bulked it up every once in a while.

A Wicked Jail

I have been trying to create an awesome jail for awhile, but for everyone trying to do the same thing, then this is the jail for you. Lock up the villains and make sure there is no way out. It would take some serious hacking to open that jail cell or jail room. You could probably fit 20 mini figures in that jail. What do you think about the jail? I think it is perfect for playing with Lego Star Wars. The Republic could use jails like these to trap prisoners of war.

Why Did I Not Go?

I Will Definitely Go In The Future

One place that I have never been to is any Legoland of the sort. I write about Legos everyday, so naturally, I should go to Legoland, but alas, I have not. I hope to go to Legoland in the future, but now all I can do is look at Google pictures of Legoland. Based on what I have seen, Legoland has real sized giraffes, dragons, neighborhoods, trains, and more that are all made out of millions of lego bricks. How do you like Legoland?

My Lego Drought

Now Resolved

There was a point in my life where Legos seemed boring and dull. During these times, I didn't want to have anything to do with Legos. Then, something happened. Lego introduced the Star Wars Sets, and I watched the show, so why not? The sets were easy to build and I wanted to play with them. During this stretch, I built the Eiffel Tower that I had locked up for 3 years, and that is when my Lego building began at a new level.

Using Legos To Make Lego Bricks

The top part doesn't look so hard, but I wonder how the bottom is established. Believe it or not, those lego bricks are all put together to create a bigger Lego brick. Based on the red 2x4 brick and the 1x1 blue brick, these ginormous lego bricks can connect with each other. If these big bricks could connect with each other, Lego Houses for real humans could most likely be made. I wonder how far Lego will be able to go when these super bricks are available for everyone.

What Can LDD Do?

LDD otherwise known as Lego Digital Designer is an awesome tool that you can use to build your own Legos online. LDD can provide a lot of fun and creativity, but it can also provide for a lot of money if you make the right creations. I use LDD as a hobby to build my favorite Legos, and I might be selling them soon as well. The advantage of LDD is that your Lego will never retire, but that also means that your friends and other people in the world don't have access to your creations unless they give you a fair price.

You can see all of my good (and bad) LDD creations right here.

What To Do When A Lego Retires

When Lego retires a set, it is still possible to get the set for the list price. You might get lucky on Amazon although that is very rare when a product retires. What you can do instead is search every retail store you know and buy Lego Sets that you know are retired. Many people were able to buy the Lego Airport on Walmart when it retired which saved them over $100. Even when Lego retires a set, it still takes a while for all of those sets to leave the stores.

My Lego Animations

I have recently started to create Lego Animations. My goal with these animations is to become a YouTube Partner and to be able to make money while doing what I love. These are some of my first Lego animations, and I hope you enjoy them.

Before You Leave!

I am a lens master on squidoo who loves to give good content and please his visitors. This lens has received a lot of popularity over the weeks it has been a part of squidoo, and a part of the web. I want to make my other lenses like this one, so I would like to know where and how did you find this lens. Any answers given can and will strengthen this and my other lenses. Thank you all for the support.

Thank You

I will always love building and playing with my Legos. I hope that you enjoyed the Lego Station and thank you for visiting the Lego Station.

All of the Lego Batman mini figures are awesome, but which one is your favorite? You can answer below.

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      georgeac lm 

      9 years ago

      This lens is so mind-blowing-ly comprehensive and well written. Feel like getting a couple more sets to add to my collection.

    • TapIn2U profile image


      9 years ago

      I always have fun with this. Tower bridge is the best! Sundae ;-)

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Very nostalgic! I can remember when some of these kits were first introduced. I had no idea they made a Death Star...

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      call me old fashioned but I remenber going to our model shop and buying packs of lego bricks, singles, two, four, six, eight, windows, doors, roof tiles, bases.

      No kits! - great lens though, thanks for sharing

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I learn a lot form this lens.

    • flinnie lm profile image

      Gloria Freeman 

      9 years ago from Alabama USA

      Hi I learned a lot more about lego. Blessed by Squid Angel flinnie and added to my lens Squid Angel flinnie.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Awesome lego sets! Great lens by the way.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Whew, now this is the definition of comprehensive for sure!

    • sunny saib profile image

      sunny saib 

      9 years ago

      childhood..!! :)

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      my favoriet lego is the lego modular houses

    • MGuberti profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Yes you can. Just click on the Lego New York Skyline Photo, and then you will be brought to Amazon where you can make your purchase.

    • MGuberti profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Yes you can. If you click on the picture of the skyline, you will be brought to Amazon where you can purchase the lego skyline.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Can you Purchase Lego Skyline?

    • nickupton lm profile image

      nickupton lm 

      9 years ago

      Nice lens. I love Lego.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      This is a truly huge collection of Lego sets - very comprehensive apart from having no technic sets!

    • profile image

      adriangood lm 

      9 years ago

      reminds me when i was young

    • profile image

      adriangood lm 

      9 years ago

      reminds me when i was young

    • LouisaDembul profile image


      9 years ago

      Lego has really developed over the years. There is no end to what you can make with it.

    • BestRatedStuff profile image


      9 years ago

      I have always loved Lego. Like your selection here.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      You've got a great article going with a ton of cool legos, enjoyed my visit this morning. *blessed by a squid angel*

    • rasisonia lm profile image

      rasisonia lm 

      9 years ago

      really love all Lego sets in this lens..

    • TTMall profile image


      9 years ago

      Great lens with excellent pictures. Thanks for sharing!

    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      9 years ago

      So many really cool Lego sets.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Nice lens.

    • profile image

      Close2Art LM 

      9 years ago

      Awesome Lego lens, got it all here, Blessed!!!


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