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Lennox Lion Attack Review - LEGO 70002 | Legends of Chima

Updated on April 18, 2013

A Review of Lennox Lion Attack

Lennox Lion Attack (LEGO 70002) is a Lion Tribe vehicle from the Legends of CHIMA theme. Find out all about this set and where to buy it.

Lennox Lion Attack is Lennox the lion's CHI-powered buggy. The set includes a CHI crystal and Crug the Croc who steal it. Luckily the lion buggy is well armed so Lennox can chase after Crug to get the CHI back and safely stored on the vehicle.

We have this set along with several others from the LEGO CHIMA theme and I've included photos of our set on this page.

Lennox Lion Attack Review

We'll go into lots more detail below, but here's a quick Lennox Lion Attack review summary.

It's a great small-to-medium-sized set with a moderately complex build that will appeal to fans of the LEGO CHIMA Lion tribe (the main good guys in Legends of CHIMA.)

The Good

Looks like a lion!

Disc firing mechanism

Fun to play with (catch that Croc!)

CHI flowing through pipes effect is very neat

The Bad

Vehicle head piece is easy to knock off when playing.

Uses stickers

May only appeal to those who like the Lion tribe (my older son wouldn't choose this set because he likes the bad guys!)

CHIMA Lennox Lion Attack 70002

Lennox Lion Attack Vehicle

The main part of the Lennox Lion Attack set is the buildable Lion buggy.

This is a medium-sized vehicle that looks very much like a lion. It uses a gorgeous yellow-orange color which I love.

The buggy is armed with flick missiles (of course!) and also a very cool secret attack which fires discs out of the Lion's mouth. This is very neat and works well.

The vehicle also has a spot to store the included CHI crystal (if you can get it back from that pest Crug the Croc of course!)

CHI is a valuable power source in the Legends of CHIMA.

The lion head detail of the vehicle is very well done.

And we love the pipes with CHI flowing in them that presumably power the vehicle (they look like the ripcords from Speedorz too.)

Lennox Lion Attack Minifigures

The Lennox Lion Attack set includes two mini figures: Lennox the Lion and Crug the Croc. Crug comes with a weapon. Lennox has his Lion Attack buggy.

Lennox has cool anime-style big hair and Crug has bumpy crocodilian details on his head. Note that the animal headpieces are removable and there are printed minifigure heads underneath, each with two faces on.

The figures have detailed front and back printing. Even the feet are printed with claws.

Lennox Lion Attack - Building Difficulty and Experience

The Lennox Lion Attack set is rated as age 7-14 and has 230 pieces. This seems about right for actually building the set. It does use quite a few technic pieces in its construction and these are tricky for small fingers.

My (just) six year old is fine building regular LEGO sets rated for older children but does struggle with technic pieces because they can be physically hard to put together and the pieces are fiddly. This set isn't too big so a very experienced 6 year old might cope.

The set also uses several stickers which are difficult to position perfectly - well I find them difficult!

I built this set myself because it was for my four year old who loves the Lion tribe, well he built the minifigures. It was very enjoyable to build as it was interesting to see the special features and lion looks coming together and I just love the yellow-orange color.

Chima Lennox Lion Attack 70002

@ Amazon


Lennox Lion Attack Playability and Stability

We're very impressed with the playability of this set. It has the ubiquitous flick missiles (which my four year old can fire if he just pushes them) and also an ingenious disc-firing mechanism with an elastic band which my four year old can load and operate just fine. The flick missiles can be angled to shoot that pesky Crug the Croc (included) on the ground or to shoot at any Raven's in the sky.

This is a good set for younger CHIMA fans who might need help building the set but will enjoy playing with it. This happens a lot with younger siblings who want to get in on the action!

The set includes a CHI crystal and a bad guy - Crug the Croc to steal it. This means you can recreate a fun battle with the set. And of course the vehicle can be rolled along which is always fun for kids.

The pipes with CHI flowing through them are a great feature and very popular.

My son has played with this set a lot and it has stayed together. There's one exception - the head section regularly pops off. This is a nuisance. It does stay in one piece and can easily be put back on, but still, it is a pain.

My two sons have been having CHIMA battles between this set and the Wakz's Wolf Pack Tracker set.

Lennox Lion Attack Set Dimensions

Set dimensions (over):

Height: 3" (10cm)

Length: 7" (19cm)

Width: 6" (16cm)

Verified with a rule on the set. Actually the width is close to 17cm.

Lennox Lion Attack Designer Video

Watch the Lennox Lion Attack Designer Video to find out how the set was designed.

Video Review of Lennox Lion Attack

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LEGO CHIMA Lennox Lion Attack

Do you have this set, or do you want it? What do you think of it?

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