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Let's Rock Elmo Plush

Updated on December 10, 2012

Sesame Street Let's Rock Elmo Plush

Sesame Street's Let's Rock Elmo Plush needs no introduction, being beloved by both kids and adults of all ages. But the unique Let's Rock Elmo Plush does a lot more than just being adorable. He is interactive and comes with a microphone, tambourine and drums. Elmo knows how to play over six songs, and recognizes the instrument one chooses and plays along with you as well as sing. This is no boring push a button type of product, it is much more entertaining and has a variety of options. Could you think of a more perfect gift for little kids who love music?

Little Known Fact About Elmo

Elmo is perhaps Sesame's street biggest success with children since his first appearence in 1972, and has since only risen in popularity into a mega star. Elmo, with his famous high pitched cute voice famously refers to himself in third person, which did not stop him from being the first non human to testify in front of U.S congress with the plea for increasing funding for musical education.

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Let's Rock Elmo Plush Features

Additional Info On Let's Rock Elmo

Always make sure you're purchasing an authentic product, as mentioned by the "Sesame Street" brand over at amazon.

  • Elmo Knows Over Six Original Songs
  • Arrives With A Set Of Instruments Including Drums, Microphone And Tambourine
  • Elmo Recognizes When You're Playing And Joins In On The Action
  • Additional Instruments Available Such As A Keyboard Or Guitar (Sold Seperately)
  • Free Two Day Shipping
  • Age Requirements : 18 Months And Up

Check Out The Let's Rock Elmo Plush In Action - A New Rockstar In Town... Elmo!

Let's Rock Elmo Plush Reviews

Customers Who Purchased The Let's Rock Elmo Plush Vote - 4 Stars Out Of 5

Below is a summary of the reviews about the Let's Rock Elmo Plush By Sesame Street, With A Nearly Unanimous Positive Response:

  • Many Hours Of Fun Without Getting Old
  • Realistic Interaction With Kids
  • Easy On The Batteries
  • Highly Contagious Songs, Expect Both Kids And Adults To Sing A Long!
  • The Instruments Themselves Could Be More Impressive
  • Could Be A Little More Cuddly

As mentioned before, It's difficult to find anything better than Let's Rock Elmo For Kids Who Love Music

Besides the Let's Rock Elmo Plush, which other classic character would you like in your band?

Is The Let's Rock Elmo Plush Taking Over? - Elmo Vs Eddie Vedder Is On The Way!

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