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Lightsaber FX - Realist Replicas and Collectibles with sound effects

Updated on April 8, 2013

The various uses of a Lightsaber FX - Lightsaber FX Review

Hello all Star Wars and Lightsaber fans out there.

I felt the need to create this lens to complement the ones I made about the top 10 strongest jedi ever and the How to build a lightsaber alike.

I found out that in those lenses, people were clicking out a lot on my amazon lightsaber fx ads, so I felt the need, by beeing an expert, to review them for you and let you know what I think of them.

First of all, the Lightsaber FX items are ment to be collected, but you can actually duel with them, they are hard and durable, and the only reason why they advert not beeing duelable is the fact that their manufacturers don't want to be held responsible for broken blades when you get to rough on them.

They even make the impact FX when they hit their target, and they change the typical hum when shaken. They are pretty realistic, in appearance and in noise they make so even just holding one makes you feel epic already.

I'm going to review the Lightsaber FX and list some possible uses to it. My personal favorite is using these amazing lightsaber replicas to decorate a theme room. A room themed about movies, about cinema, about star wars. I don't know why but I really love themed rooms.

Why to buy a Lightsaber Replica? - and why are Lightsaber FX so popular?

This is a question that is pretty easy to answer. First of all, the Lightsaber is the most appreciated movie prop that ever existed and surveys show its the most popular weapon in the movie industry even though it doesn't exist in the real world.

Although this is true, not existing in the real world gives it even more a mystical feeling. Who is the kid that doesn't want a lightsaber? I would go even further, who is the man that doesn't want one? Even for decoration purposes (and dueling alone when nobody is watching. Lets be honest and face it, there is something about the Lightsaber that fascinates all of us fans of the Star Wars saga.

So why are Lightsaber FX so popular? Because they are realistic! Realism is the key. If you plan to collect it you want realism, if you are planning to offer it to a kid you need realism or he will be disappointed, if you need it for an Halloween Costume you need realism. You always need realism, and in the rare cases you don't need realism, you WANT realism. So the moving sounds, the standard humming, the shocks when it clashes and the realistic light, ignition and retraction make it an ideal piece.

Lightside, Darkside, removable blade, Double bladed, there is a lot of variety, and a lot of uses. In the course of this lens I will focus on 3 uses - Collecting, Decoration and Duelling.

Anakin Skywalker's Lightsaber FX - The Review

This review shows why this is a piece so attractive in the fan world.

Anakin Skywalker - Lightsaber FX

This is the saber of the video, an exact replica of the Lightsaber Anakin Skywalker uses.

From my point of view its one of the best. I really love Yoda's Saber and Darth Vader's Saber too. So the best blue saber is this one, the best green is Yoda's and the best Red is Darth Vader's and that is my choice.

I just remember that you choose the best option for you - removable blade or permanent blade.

You get shipping free in most orders.

Star Wars Ultimate Anakin FX Lightsaber
Star Wars Ultimate Anakin FX Lightsaber

- Very realistic motion sensor controlled sound effects

- Cool multi-LED lighting for sliding up and down effect

- Very sturdy


Anakin Skywalker's Lightsaber on the video above - An example of a Collection Piece

So, as you have seen, the removable blade makes a good addiction to this type of Lightsaber for a collector, because it facilitates in the display and packing. There are FX Lightsabers without removable blade, which come out cheaper normally, but they lack this aspect of easy to display and ease of packaging.

The sound as you may have seen is pretty realistic and the effect in the dark is awesome. When I wore one at an Halloween Party everyone wanted to play with it. Even people that didn't saw or read Star Wars so you can see the effect it has.

In the picture, you can see a Lightsaber with removable blade in its display case.

Lightsaber FX Dueling - Because its meant for you to have fun

In this video, 3 choreographs make an awesome lightsaber duel with FX Lightsabers. A must see

Darth Vader's Ultimate Lightsaber FX with Removable Blade - Sturdy and a must have

According to... well.. me... this is the best Lightsaber out there. When I think of Lightsabers I think of this one.

Maybe because I like Darth Vader so much, but also because it has a really cool format and it unites sturdiness with the removable blade collectors need. Everyone recognizes it, and you can display it with max effect.

Star Wars Signature Series Force FX Lightsaber w/Removable Blade - Darth Vader(Discontinued by manufacturer)
Star Wars Signature Series Force FX Lightsaber w/Removable Blade - Darth Vader(Discontinued by manufacturer)

Well we all know Star Wars is awesome, but the greatest part of Star Wars (besides Carrie Fisher in a slave bikini)

The Lightsaber! A more elegant weapon for a more civilized age. And the Star Wars ForceFX Lightsaber is the closest thing to the real thing you can get.


Finally, Decorating Purposes. - Make the walls look epic

Ok, if you are still reading, then you are liking what you see, so I'll show you my favorite way of using the lightsabers - Decorating. Dueling with them and Collecting them is great, but the displays you can make with them are awesome. I found this video in which this collector has them on the wall, and even though the collection is not that great, it makes that normal wall look epic.

Take a look

An aspiration I have - A room like this

I collect some Star Wars Items, like film posters, and I hope I can someday have a room like this listed above. Its a great use of those Lightsabers and it gives a distinct look on the division. Awesome idea for a movie theater themed room. Maybe add some plasma screens with some special effects... and you have a room worthy of a geek King.

Duel Debate Module

Are you interested in the Lightsaber FX? What do you think of them?

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