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List of Q Words Without the U For Words With Friends

Updated on September 6, 2016

Words With Friends Letter Q Strategy

Words With Friends is a two-player word game like Scrabble that has been really popular on smartphones and on Facebook. It has become somewhat addicting for many and has caused many late nights. But what do you do when you get stuck with that pesky letter Q and you don't have a U to go with it? Or all the U's are already used and you can't fit your Q in and create a word?

If you pull the Q, worth ten points, early in the game, you can hold onto it for a couple of turns, but don't wait too long because it can get harder to play later on in the game. It's best to get rid of it early and not save it for a Triple Word or a Triple Letter space because you may not be able to play it. If the score is close, you do not want to be stuck with it at the end of the game. You'll lose ten points and your opponent will gain those ten points.

Here are the lists of Q words that don't require a U, along with the score without the use of any of the premium squares. The definitions are included because your friend might message you and ask, "What the heck does that mean?" Now you'll be able to answer them.

Two Letter Q Words

Well, there's really only one, and that's the word "Qi".

Qi - In Chinese culture, it's translated as life force or energy flow. (11 points)

Sorry, QA is not a word since neither Words With Friends nor Scrabble allow the use of abbreviations.

Three Letter Q Words

Qat - An alternative spelling of khat, a plant in which the leaves and tops are used to achieve a state of euphoria. (12 points)
Qis - The plural of qi. (12 points)

Four Letter Q Words

Qadi - An Islamic judge. (14 points)
Qaid - Also spelled "caid", it is a Muslim leader. (14 points)
Qats - Plural of qat. (13 points)
Qoph - The nineteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. (17 points)

Five Letter Q Words

Faqir - Also spelled as "fakir", it is a Muslim or Hindu mendicant monk regarded as a holy man. (17 points)
Tranq - A drug that tranquilizes. (15 points)
Qaids - Plural of the word "qaid'. (15 points)
Qanat - A water management system constructed of vertical shafts and connected by gently sloping tunnels. (15 points)
Qophs - Plural of qoph. (18 points)

Six Letter Q Words

Faqirs - The plural form of "faqir". (18 points)
Qabala - A body of mystical teachings based on an interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures. (19 points)
Qanats - The plural form of "qanat". (16 points)
Qindar - A monetary unit of Albania, the 100th part of a lek. (17 points)
Qintar - An alternate spelling of "qindar". (16 points)
Qwerty - Yes, it takes this one, the first six letters on the left side of the keyboard. (20 points)
Sheqel - A monetary unit of Israel. (18 points)
Tranqs - More then one tranq. (16 points)

Seven Letter Q Words

Qabalah - Same as Qabala. (22 points)
Qabalas - Plural of "Qabala". (20 points)
Qindars - More than one qindar. (18 points)
Qintars - Plural of "qintar". (17 points)
Qwertys - Sounds odd that it's accepted in the game, but it's the plural of "qwerty". (21 points)

Eight Letter Q Words

There is only one of these.

Qindarka - Another spelling for "qindar". (23 points)


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