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Little Man Baby Shower - Mustache Theme

Updated on January 27, 2015

Little Man Party Ideas

A Little Man baby shower with a mustache theme promises to be big fun. If you are planning a baby shower for an expectant mother and know the baby is going to me a boy,consider this theme. Here you will find lots of great photos and ideas about Little Man:

*Party Favors

Little Man Baby Shower

All of the photos and ideas showing an actual Little Man baby shower (including the one you see here) are by Emily of Remarkable Home Blog. She also has an Etsy store where she sells the printables displayed in many of the images. This picture is an overview of the food table. You will see close-ups of the mustache and little man theme food as you view further.

Mustache Baby Shower Signs

Wherever possible, include signage that incorporates your party colors and theme. For instance, at the entrance to your party, place a sign with a large mustache that welcomes guests to the event. You can also place smaller sides inside silver photo frames and label each table (gifts, table 1, table 2, drinks, desserts, etc.). If you intend to provide a variety of food, place a label in front of each one, and include a mustache sticker. (These labels may include ingredients for each item if you are concerned about your guests with allergies.)

Emily created the cute and simple sign above "KEEP CALM AND GROW ON"

Little Man Baby Shower Decorations

Adding a few garlands with mustaches and bow-ties can transform an ordinary room into a theme party. You will find that many of the decorations that Emily created were actual food items shown below.

Little Man Party Food - Bow Tie Pasta Salad

Italian Bow Tie Pasta Salad is delicious and fits perfectly within the Little Man theme.

Little Man Theme Desserts

Thinking of theme treats is an excellent and delicious opportunity to show your creativity! In addition to a large mustache-shaped cake, complete with chocolate frosting, include individually wrapped cookies sealed with mustache stickers. (You can further personalize these by including the date of the event as well as the names of the parents-to-be.) Bow tie or mustache-shaped cookies, shown above, are another possibility, as are cupcakes topped with candy mustaches. (You can purchase the mold for these candies at your local craft store and create them yourself using the color scheme you've chosen for the rest of your decorations.) Place the smaller desserts on towers surrounding the cake, or lay them out in groups shaped like mustaches.

Little Man Baby Shower Favors

Little Man Baby Shower Favors
Little Man Baby Shower Favors | Source

These Little Man baby shower favors are so cute and offer many options to tie in your theme.

Little Man Baby Shower Printables - for Cupcakes

Adding cupcake picks with "little man" and mustache designs is an easy way to decorate. These are available on Emily's Etsy Store.

Pretzel Cigars

These savory treats are for the most discerning Little Man. Ladies will love them too.

Little Man Baby Shower Ideas - Triple Dipped Strawberries

Mustache Shower Cups

Whether you intend to serve a meal or just provide snacks and dessert, you can order disposable plates complete and stencil a mustache design on to each one. Also, you may use a larger version of this same stencil to decorate flags and balloons throughout the room. Then, in the center of each table, place a bouquet of flowers and tie it with a ribbon. Thread the ribbon through a large cardboard mustache to complete the decoration. Emily sells vinyl mustache stickers for your cups.

Mustache Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Photo Ops

You'll want to provide props throughout the room so that guest can have photo opportunities with the guest of honor. (Particularly while opening gifts, convince the mom-to-be to wear an adhesive mustache just for fun.) On each table, place disposable cameras, as well as plastic mustaches attached to a stick. (Think of theater glasses as you're designing these.) Guests can then hold them up to their faces for the photos. To add some variety, choose plastic mustaches in a number of different colors and styles.

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