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Little Tikes Adventure Wagon - The More Affordable Kid's Wagon

Updated on August 1, 2015

Little Tikes Adventure Wagon For A Little Ride

The Little Tikes Adventure Wagon is a medium-sized plastic wagon that can fit your little one comfortably. You can even squeeze in two young kids for a ride sitting facing each other. To pull it along, there is a 32-inch black handle, which folds flat for storage.

The wagon is dark green in color which makes it gender neutral. It also means it is not so childish for you to use it to transport other things once your kids have outgrown it. The sides are also removable to make it easier for your kids to get on and off. With this design, higher sides are made possible which is good for safety purposes. This will help to prevent your toddler from falling off the wagon compared to those with lower sides all round.

The Little Tikes Adventure Wagon also has 6-inch caster wheels to make it easy to maneuver. This is to ensure that you can pull it along without too much of an effort to give a smooth ride to your little one. Whether you are going to a parade or a picnic, a wagon is a perfect ride-on toy. You don't have to end up carrying your kid and he can have a ride when he is tired of walking. It is an item that benefits both you and your child!

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A Comparable Alternative - Cheaper, Maybe?

Step2  Neighborhood Wagon
Step2 Neighborhood Wagon

At the time of writing, the Step2 Neighborhood Wagon seems to be the cheaper alternative of the two. It is about $10 cheaper and also made by a reputable company in the USA. With great reviews and ratings, you probably be better off with this wagon instead. So, check it out!

little tikes adventure wagon
little tikes adventure wagon

Why Buy The Little Tikes Adventure Wagon

The Little Tikes Adventure Wagon is one of the cheaper ones in the market by a reputable brand. Most of the other wagons out there would cost a little bit more. Therefore, if you are conscious of your budget, then this one is a good buy for its durability and safety.

On top of that, this wagon is roomy with high sides which is better if you have toddlers. Since toddlers can't sit still for long, the higher sides would be safer when you are pulling the wagon and can't continuously keep an eye on your kid.

The only improvement that I would like to see to this wagon is that it would be wonderful to have a canopy. For rides to the park and elsewhere, a canopy helps to keep out the harsh sunlight during those hot days. Of course, having a canopy will inflate the price but it would be good to give buyers an option.

Having said that, the Little Tikes Adventure Wagon is a basic model that merely aims to provide your kid with a nice ride. It can also double up as a transport vehicle for your trash or gardening supplies. So, having a canopy is not necessarily ideal either if you do have other uses for the wagon. But with or without a canopy, what is important is the Adventure Wagon will still be able to give your kid a fun ride all the same.

Image Credit: Image Credit: Amazon

For A More Comfortable Ride - The Little Tikes Deluxe Ride And Relax Wagon

Little Tikes Deluxe Ride and Relax Wagon with Umbrella
Little Tikes Deluxe Ride and Relax Wagon with Umbrella

This one is also by Little Tikes but is obviously more expensive than the Adventure wagon. With an umbrella for protection and attached cooler for drinks, it is also convertible into a bench, enabling both an adult and kids to sit on the wagon after a long ride.

It costs more, but it also offers much more than a basic wagon. You do get what you pay for!


Another Affordable Wagon To Take A Look At - The Step2 Wagon For Two Plus

Watch the girls having fun riding on the Step2 Wagon For Two Plus. This is another affordable wagon for kids and comes in a few colors. Shown here is the pink one, perfect for girls!

Step2 Wagon For Two Plus - Wagon In A Similar Price Range

Step2  Wagon for Two Plus Blue
Step2 Wagon for Two Plus Blue

Shown here is the blue Step2 Wagon for Two Plus. Comes with a foldable handle, two seats, storage compartment, seat belts and molded in drinks holder. You can also choose to attach a trailer to the wagon for more storage space.

Take a look now. It won't be disappoint and it's a great alternative to the Little Tikes wagon at a similar price range.


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