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Best Loadout Weapons

Updated on February 11, 2014

The Best Loadout Weapons

Loadout is a fun, free game - If you don't have it, you can download it at "It's If Quake and Team Fortress 2 had a baby, and then kicked it in the head" according to popular YouTuber BirgirPall. It's non stop action and warfare, however of course there's an element of customization.

The weapons in Loadout are completely customisable - If you want a high powered sniper rifle that sets fire to it's targets, then sure, it's available. If you'd prefer a spiked ball launcher that shoots 100 rounds minute, then of course that's available too. There are too many weapon combinations to count, in fact. However, in my opinion, a bad weapon can make for a terrible Loadout experience. So I've created this page (And a blog!) to showcase some of the best weapon designs that I've found.

Mongler - Laser Guided, Gatling Powered Bouncy Balls of Death.

Mongler Weapon in Loadout
Mongler Weapon in Loadout

Chassis: Pulse

Stock: Aluminum

Scope: Laser Guided

Barrel: Gatling

Trigger: Spooling

Magazine: High Capacity

Payload: Slug (Or Tesla if you prefer), with bounce

This gun is a medium, close and long range all rounder. Up close it'll destroy you with it's spread fire and high capacity magazine, while at long range those balls will always manage to tear you apart. You may recognize this weapon, or a weapon similar to this in the trailer. However, there have been some changes and additions to this weapon that aren't present. Firstly, the laser guidance. Laser guidance makes all projectiles home in towards a fixed point designated by your gun. This makes the Mongler incredibly accurate at both medium and long range, as the guidance effectively eliminates the large spread present when attaching a Spooling trigger and a Gatling head. Alternatively, for close up battles, ditch the scope and shoot. The bouncing balls will tear your enemies to shreds.

Snipoar - Boom, headshot.

Chassis: Rifle

Stock: Standard

Scope: Optical Zoom (Or Recon)

Barrel: Sniper

Trigger: Semi-Auto

Magazine: Bolt Action (Or Shell Loading, but you'll lose the one hit kill.)

Payload: Slug

This baby is a one shot kill headshot creator. One body shot will take away half your opponents health, while a headshot will knock off your opponents head like a golf ball off it's tee. The Bolt Action magazine is the real killer here, dealing out 30 points of extra damage over the Shell Loading magazine. A sniper barrel is of course necessary, a headshot barrel can improve this weapon however as it's already one shot, one kill, there is little need.

Rocket Lawn Chair - Sticky Tesla Treat that handles groups nicely

Rocket Lawn Chair Loadout
Rocket Lawn Chair Loadout

Chassis: Launcher

Stock: Aluminum

Scope: Laser Guidance

Barrel: Toob

Trigger: Semi-Auto

Payload: Tesla, Agile, Sticky, Impact (Can use timed), Cluster

Ever see a group of enemies clustered, capturing a point? Ever watch your rockets miss a hammer carrier as he sprints into the distance? Well, this weapon will solve those problems. Shoot a rocket at an enemy player, and watch as it attaches to him, electrocutes him briefly, then showers him and his teammates in a blaze of lightning powered glory. With the sticky upgrade you can make sure that this weapon carries on doing more damage after the projectile has been fired.

Corkscrew Horror - Clouds of Spinning Steel Balls

Corkscrew Shotgun Loadout
Corkscrew Shotgun Loadout

Chassis: Pulse

Stock: Compact

Scope: Bio Scanner (Or Ironsights)

Barrel: Scatter (Or Narrow Scatter, if you have it)

Trigger: Semi-Auto

Magazine: Shell Loading

Payload: Slug, Corkscrew

As the name suggests, this gun fires corkscrewing shells. The scatter forms essentially a large cloud of death ready to dish out some ass whooping. The corkscrewing enables this gun to hit more in it's wide field of view, however as always this gun should be used as a close range weapon best suited for melee fights.

Medigun - Oktoberfest!

Medigun in Loadout
Medigun in Loadout

Chassis: Beam

Stock: Dampening

Scope: Bio Scanner (Or Ironsights)

Barrel: Light Assault

Trigger: Full Auto

Cooling: Heatsink

Payload: Healing

MEEEEDIIIC! This gun operates like the medigun in TF2, however the bonus is it also heals you as well as your teammate! Use the Bio Scanner to identify teammates in need of aid, and then blast them with this to fill up both of your health bars. This weapon works best when used in combination with a primary weapon, as of couse you cannot do damage with this.

If you've got any suggestions, feel free to write them here! If they're particularly good, I'll add them to my blog!


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