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Logos Quiz Answers

Updated on March 12, 2014

My Fascination With Branding

I've had a love for logos and branding since I was a child. Football logos on helmets, classic imagery in television commercials and movie trailers are just some of the things I picked up on at an earlier age. A game that my friends and I would play was "Spot".

On a weekend afternoon, we would ride our bikes to a nearby movie theater, just a few blocks away. For a matinee event, we would all pony up $3.50 for our ticket and money for a giant box of popcorn and hang out in an air-conditioned environment watching random movies and cutting up.

Spot was the name we coined for it and the loser had to buy everyone else game tokens at the nearby video arcade (ie. Quarterhorse or Tilt) or an ice cream cone at Haagen-Dazs. Granted, this was in the era of Mr. Roboto, Rubick's Cubes and the Atari home system.

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Joe Cinocca

Video Arcade
Video Arcade

Loser Pays

Movies + Video Arcades = Perfect Weekend

Most of the time the movie theaters were empty for the first showing, so we would crack jokes and keep track of who had the most matinee. If you were the first person to see a product that was in plain view, you got a point.

The original premise was based off of the game "Slug Bug" but without the punches to the shoulder. If you were the first person to see a product in the background of a cene (ie. a poster on a wall, soda can next to a lamp), you got two points. However, the trick was you had to say out loud "Gimmick" to get the points.

The person with who had the lowest point total had to get game tokens at the arcade next door to each of the other players. The contest was fierce because we were just hoping to not be the person with the least number of points and we didn't have much money. If one of us couldn't play because they didn't have enough for tokens, they would be the unbiased score keeper.

(Image Credit : Wikipedia)

Logos Quiz
Logos Quiz

Entrepreneur At Heart

The Progression Continues

Without even realizing it, this game sparked my fascination with advertising. My appreciation for Boxing, Pro Wrestling and now Mixed Martial Arts were born from my love of logo hunting. Rabid fanatacism for NFL Football, Minor League Baseball, FIFA Soccer and NHL Hockey are because of the sports logos and color combinations.

I watch soccer for the excitement, but also to see who is advertising along the sideline billboards. UFC gets my attention because each fighter has their own legion of financial backers and they do a good job of finding unique ways to brand their advertising sponsors.

As I continue to write articles and earn a living helping clients brand their businesses and image, I find myself downloading a lot of mobile apps. The purpose of this article is to tell you about an app I adore, called Logos Quiz. If you enjoy branding or advertising, in general, this free app is an interesting way to spend a few minutes or hours, testing your knowledge.

This is also a great way to see which organizations you know by heart and what companies need to work harder to convey their image and message better.

Advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry globally. The digital age and low international wages have caused more corporations to become global entities, making the importance of a logo and branding paramount.

Logos Quiz is a free mobile app that tests your knowledge of these companies. The game consists of level packs.. Each level pack has 34 distorted brands that you must successfully answer. These logos might be missing the text or part of the color scheme.

Once you have correctly guessed all 16 puzzles, the next level pack will unlock. (Note : The thing I least like about this app is the fact that I can only check out one level at a time.)

At the end of each puzzle, if you answered it correctly, you will be given a score and coins. The coins you earn can be used to buy boosts that help you, when you get stuck and you need some help.

The boosts available in Logos Quiz are : Resolve, Bomb, 3 Hints and Ask. This is considered a "twist" to the original trivia puzzle app concept. Resolve will solve the solution and immediately bump you to the next question. Ask will let you pose a question to one of your social media accounts.

While this app was downloading on my iPhone 4 smartphone, I was feeling confident and let my ego get in the way. Before playing this game, I considered myself to be pretty knowledgeable on this subject. After playing this game, I realized just how oblivious I have been to the world around me.

I think for most of us, we go about our daily routines and are unscathed by the propaganda and commercial advertisements that are being communicated. Much like Muzak in an elevator or Soft Jazz at a drug store, the corporations chatter and we just (un)intentionally ignore.

On more than one occasion, I found myself stuck (ie. I haven't earned enough coins to buy a boost to get me out of this puzzle. I have no boosts left, etc.). What the developers want the players to do is purchase virtual coins with our real money in their in-app store. My wallet demands that I not do this, so to satisfy both sides of my problem (continuing to excel at the game vs. having coins), I started visiting a cheat site I found online, called Logos Quiz Walkthrough

In a matter of just a few clicks, I was back in business, earning coins, buying boosts and moving along towards the end result, to finish every level of the game.

Answer Guide

If you don't feel like looking up the level in the Logo Quiz Walkthrough database, you can watch this video to see solutions for Levels 1 through 166.

Picture Gallery

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Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein
Level 1
Level 1
Logos Quiz Answers
Logos Quiz Answers

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I've curated 4 apps that might interest you, including Logo Quiz. Picture Quiz Apps are the current genre in the iTunes App Store and Android Marketplace that are dominating the FREE charts. If you travel often and find yourself stuck in airports, these games make fantastic time killers.

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This is a fun picture trivia app that chronicles all things 90s.

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This app is more my speed because it harkens back to my childhood.

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I was a wee lad when Disco, Bell Bottoms and the Sex Pistols were tearing up the country.


Mobile App Reviews

My first job in 1982 was at a video arcade changing bills for game tokens and keeping the place clean. My childhood consisted of Atari, Ms Pac Man, Tetris and Galaga. There were an infinite amount of games that I really got into like: Donkey Kong, Pitfall, Track & Field, Pole Position, Tempest, Gorf, Defender and Robotron. Throw in a healthy dose of pinball machines, classic 80s music and shooting a nice round of pool and that summed it up.

When MTV debuted, my gaming activities drastically decreased until the novelty wore off. After the Nintendo craze hit, I moved on to other things and didn't really play video games that much. The smartphone revolution has kicked in and I find myself harkening back to the formative years, testing new apps, writing reviews and seeing what breaks next. It's been a wild ride and I hope to continue writing introductions to new games.

If you've made it this far in my article, I just wanted to sincerely thank you for visiting and hope that the information I have provided will help you, somehow, on your journey through this game. Thanks for reading!

Do You Play Logos Quiz? - What Other Apps Do You Play?

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      not really, but it looks interesting

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      Scindhia 3 years ago from Chennai

      As a marketing major, we used to play logo quiz all the time. Nice lens!

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      Fun lens!

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      I have been addicted to Top Quiz app on my Iphone, and the logo quizzes are my absolute favoriite.

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      Great lens. I've tried the app, but I wasn't very good at it. Doh! :-)

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      Logo quiz is the bomb!

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      I love studying logos. They can be so interesting and thought provoking. It's amazing how important they are to a brand as well.

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      Logo Quiz would be a fun game to play, great page :)

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      I really enjoy this app. Thanks for sharing!

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      My daughter had a friend over just last week and they were both trying to get through the quiz so they kept bugging me every five minutes with questions. I ended up doing most of it for