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Buying Lomo Oktomat, Actionsampler & Supersampler Cameras | Multi-Lens Toy Cameras for Casual Snapshot Photography

Updated on April 6, 2013

Okto - 8 is better than 1!

Action sampler photography is named thus as it takes multiple shots within a space of a given time in sequence. Often, these snippets of time are placed within one conventional photo.

With 8 lenses, the Lomo Oktomat is one unique camera. True to the idea of casual spontaneous photography, this little gem takes 8 pictures over 2.5 seconds in serial succession to create your very own micromasterpiece. You choose the scene and setting, the cast and the story and you are now the director. Tell your story, and the fun is endless.

Camera Features

8-Lens Battery
One push of the shutter button releases all 8 lenses over 2.5 seconds, taking a sequence shot that will fit 8 frames into the standard 35mm frame.

Collapsable Viewfinder
A whimsical addition, the viewfinder lets you have a first-person view of what the Oktomat is seeing. Just note that what you see will not be exactly what you'd get. That's part of the surprise and fun!

Fixed Speed And Aperture
Forget about settings. With the Oktomat, there is no need to focus, and no worries. Just point and shoot your Oktomat in full sunlight or slightly overcast conditions (with fast film). These leave you with more time to get creative and compose your story!

Size: 4.25" x 3" x 1.25" (11cm x 7.5cm x 3.2cm)
Weight: 0.4lb (0.2kg)
Film Type: 35mm (Negative, Slide, and B&W)
Lenses: 8 individual units
Serial Exposure time: Approx. total 2.5 seconds for all lenses to fire
Approx. Lens Aperture: f/8
Approx. Shutter Speed: 1/100 sec

The Lomo Actionsampler

Actionsampler clear
Actionsampler clear
Actionsampler chrome
Actionsampler chrome
Actionsampler flash
Actionsampler flash

Compared to the Oktomat, the Actionsampler has four lenses and uses the same 35mm standard film. The button releases all 4 lenses over the time of 1 second to get four frames on the same negative. Similar to the Oktomat, this camera is perfect to capture movements and action.

It is recommended to use at least 400ISO even for outdoor shots with a lot of sun. The family comes in clear, chrome and flash.

Size: 10cm x 3.1cm x 5.8cm
Weight: 0.1kg
Film Type: 35mm Standard
Lenses: 4 individual units of 26mm lenses.
Range: Fixed focus from 1.2m to infinity
Shutter speed: Approx. 1/100 second
Exposure intervals: 0.22 seconds per frame and 0.66 seconds in total for four frames

The Lomo Supersampler

The Supersampler is another unique camera that has a unique pull-cord film advance. Aim the Supersampler at your desired subject, pull the ripcord, then press the tiny button! The result is four panoramic panels that are wickedly cool.

This lightweight shootbox operates without batteries, and needs a high ASA film (800 ASA recommended for all lighting conditions) of all kinds - negative, slides, color, or black & white. There are two speeds available - 4 photos in 2 seconds (.50sec/photo) or 4 photos in 0.2 seconds (.05sec/photo). It has a fixed focus of 0.3 meter to infinity hence there is no need to mess around with the settings. Just point, shoot and enjoy!

Size: 6.4cm x 3.2cm x 10.2cm
Weight: 93g
Lenses: 4 sets of Panoramic 20mm plastic lens
Film type: All 35mm varieties (color negative, slide, B & W) Outdoor use only. Bright indoor scenes will work, but the results will be somewhat grainy. 800 ASA reccomended

Other toy cameras

Other than the multi-lens cameras like the Oktomat, there are other cameras on the market like the Holga, Fisheye and the Diana. In terms of features, functions and flexibility, the Holga has more functions while the Fisheye is the most similar with the Oktomat as a basic camera.

Read the other related articles on these other great shots and compare how they fare against each other!


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