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Lord of the Rings Collectibles

Updated on July 31, 2012

Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings has been one of the more popular fantasy book series in history, and has extended that popularity to the big screen as well, being among the top box office hits of all time.

That has spawned the usual interest in action figures, scenes, and a plethora of items that have quickly become very collectible.

I have included several from my personal collection here, although most will have to be viewed in their boxes, as I don't take any of them out, and probably won't.

That's because I'll eventually sell them some day, or pass them on to someone in the family.

The upcoming release of the Hobbit will stir up even more interest, and some new characters will be introduced to provide even more material to base collectible products on. I can't wait to see what emerges from that.

New Lord of the Rings Products Still Being Made

With the first installment of the Hobbit movie to be released in the latter part of 2012, companies are already producing some new products in anticipation of that. I've included the latest I've acquired, which will eventually become one that appeals to several types of collectors; always a good thing to consider when buying collectibles you may eventually sell.

If you're already a seller of Lord of the Rings items, always look at products which include something that appeals to more than one collectible market.

For example, I saw an Argonath statue set with the figures sitting on either side of a snow globe. That is the type of collectible that can do very well over time because of its broader appeal.

Argonath Snow Globe

With that in mind, we'll start off a look at Lord of the Rings collectibles with this very item.

The Argonath were a majestic and awesome set of giant statues when first coming into view as the fellowship traveled on the river. They retain that feel in this object.

Treebeard Walking with Merry and Pippin Action Figure

As far as being cool looking, Treebeard is one of my favorite collectibles from the Lord of the Rings. The detail is amazing on the figure, and is well liked by LOTR fans.

Including Merry and Pippin on the back of Treebeard was a nice touch, and is one of the more important scenes with all of them.

Barbie and Ken as Arwen and Aragorn

Here we have another collectible which includes more than one area. It would appeal to Mattel collectors, Barbie collectors, toy collectors, and of course Lord of the Ring collectors.

I wish it would have looked a little more like Arwen, rather than the typical Barbie look. But still a good set.

A very detailed, nice looking collectible from the fantasy series.

Helms Deep Battle Set

Here we have a set built around the battle at Helms Deep. One of the things that make this so desirable among collectors is the inclusion of Haldir, who isn't easy to find as a figure. Haldir was the Elven leader who came to Helms Deep with his warriors.

He is the one on the right in the boxed set below with the red color included with his outfit.

Legolas Statue

Legolas is one of my favorite characters in the Lord of the Rings, and this statue is a fantastic rendering of him. If put in a safe place, they can be taken out of the box in order to display somewhere. Always remember to keep the box in a dry place where it can't be damaged.

When and if you want to sell any of your collectibles, having the box almost always results in a higher price.

Arwen Statue

Arwen always had that classy beauty about her, as interpreted very nicely by the statue of her below. It's a beautiful depiction of who she was and what she represented.

I love the flowing robes and how it reinforces her beauty and majesty. Beautiful rendering that has a likeness to her.

Ringwraith Action Figure

The transparent Ringwraith is an amazing part of my Lord of the Rings collection. It's very unique, and those flowing, mystical robes add to the terrific look of the creature.

While there are several Ringwraith figures, this is easily my favorite because of the transparent look look seen through the eyes of Frodo when wearing the ring of power.

PEZ Lord of the Rings Figures

Here's the latest addition to my Lord of the Rings collection mentioned earlier. Very cool.

No, I'm not going to sneak in and remove the candy from the collection. All of that will stay so the entire set will remain intact.

Lord of the Rings Figures and Collectibles

This is of course only a tiny sample of the thousands of collectible items connected to the Lord of the Rings franchise.

Being a rabid fan, I like the majority of them, and have them scattered across my office to enjoy. The trouble of course is you eventually end up having trouble displaying them all as the collection grows.

Eventually I'll start thinning them out by selling them or passing them on to family members who will enjoy them.

For now though, I'm still on the lookout for that Lord of the Rings product I just can't do without.

And with the Hobbit film trilogy soon to be released, there is sure to be a whole lot more of new figures to choose from.


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