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Lost Bobbleheads

Updated on March 12, 2012

Collect your Favourite Lost Characters!

The phenomenon that is LOST has come to an end... Lost fans, what are you going to do with yourselves? How can you fill the gaping void the show has left behind?

Well, you could start collecting what I consider to easily be the coolest bit of Lost merchandise ever... the official Lost Bobbleheads.

Yes, they are here, and wow, are they fabulous! Surprisingly, the first wave of bobbleheads features secondary characters rather than the main cast - think Daniel Faraday and Richard Alpert. Favourites such as Hurley and Claire are emerging, but no sign of Jack, Kate or Sawyer yet - guess they must have temporarily gotten lost...

The figurines are produced by Bif Bang Pow! and each one is made out of resin, standing at 7 inches tall. The attention to detail is phenomenal - no generic figures here! Each figure has features of significance, such as Eloise the rat perched on Daniel Faraday's shoulder or Crazy Claire clutching her scary dead squirrel baby rather than the real Aaron!

So come on, check out these awesome collectibles and find out where to get your mitts on them!

Benjamin Linus Bobblehead
Benjamin Linus Bobblehead

Lost Benjamin Linus Bobblehead

The very first Lost Bobblehead was released in 2009 as a San Diego Comic Con exclusive. Surprisingly this first figure was Ben Linus - perhaps they wanted a baddie figure out first...?

Ben is first introduced to us in Lost as Henry Gale, a lost balloon pilot who crashed on the island, but he is later exposed as Ben Linus, leader of the mysterious Others, and a pretty mean piece of work (although as the series progresses, you can't help but feel a bit sorry for him somehow... this complex character is actually one of my favourites, possibly because you can never quite tell if he is really genuine or not!)

Creepy Ben comes bloodied and bruised with his arm in a sling - presumably from his run-in with Desmond And Penny - and he stands on a black and white Dharma Initiative base. Ben is a limited edition of 1,008 and had a retail price of $17.Buyers at the con were limited to buying no more than two each!

Daniel Faraday Bobblehead
Daniel Faraday Bobblehead

Lost Daniel Faraday Bobblehead

I have to say, despite being surprised at the choice of characters released to launch the Bobbleheads series, I am quite pleased! Here is another of my favourite characters, and the first in the general release of Wave 1 figures.

Daniel Faraday is one of the mysterious people who arrive on the island from the freight - the Lost islanders think they are there to rescue them, but it turns out they were sent by Charles Widmore to capture Ben - however, even then, all is not as it seems...

Daniel stands on his notebook of equations with Eloise the rat on his shoulder. Due for release end of July/beginning of August 2010, you can pre-order him here:

NEW! LOST Daniel Faraday Bobblehead

Edgar Halliwax Bobblehead
Edgar Halliwax Bobblehead

Lost Dr. Edgar Halliwax Bobblehead

The second Bobblehead in Wave 1 is Dr. Edgar Halliwax, one of the Dharma Initiative and also known as Pierre Chang. This was the guy we all saw in those mysterious orientation videos.

We later found out that he was also Miles' dad, during the time travelling escapades of Season Five.

Halliwax is holding his test rabbit number 15, the bunny who shifted in space and time, and he stands on a black and white Dharma Initiative base. Due for release in late July/early August 2010, and available for pre-order here:

NEW! LOST Dr. Edgar Halliwax Bobblehead

Richard Alpert Bobblehead
Richard Alpert Bobblehead

Lost Richard Alpert Bobblehead

The final wave 1 figure is yet another of my favourite characters - the forever young Mr Richard Alpert. It wasn't until seeing these Bobbleheads that I realised how many of the characters considered non-main cast were favourites of mine. Of course, as time went on they became more and more integral to the plot!

Richard is the never-aging member of the Others, who is closely connected to Jacob and appears the same now as he did in flashbacks to the 50's. Of course, in Season Six we get to see just how long he has been around for!

Richard is holding a torch and standing on a temple base engraved with "Ille qui nos omnes servabit.", a Latin phrase meaning "He who will protect us all". Again, he is available from late July/early August 2010 and can be pre-ordered here:

NEW! LOST Richard Alpert Bobblehead

Lost Bobbleheads Commercial

John Locke Bobblehead
John Locke Bobblehead

Lost John Locke Bobblehead

At last, a main character immortalised in Bobbleheadedness! This fourth general release figure is due in August 2010.

John Locke is, of course, the unfortunate and previously wheelchair-bound fellow who vies with Jack for leadership and believes that the island has them all there for a reason. Eventually it brings about his demise at the hands of Ben, but that is not the last we've seen of him, because the Smoke Monster decides to take over his body when Jack, Kate and co bring his coffin back to the island.

This figure, however, is the good old mystical John Locke from Season One, as opposed to Flocke (the nickname for the fake Locke of latter seasons). He stands on an island base and is holding one of his trusty knives. along with an orange.

Hurley Reyes Bobblehead
Hurley Reyes Bobblehead

Lost Hurley Reyes Bobblehead

Everybody loves Hugo!

And here is good old Hurley, in his Mr Cluck's Chicken guise. Not sure why they opted to depict him in this briefly seen Outback costume from the Mr Cluck's Chicken Shack commercial, but hey, it's Hurley, right?

Hurley went from generally nice fat guy to the one even Jack turns to for leadership in the final season. Able to see and talk to the dead, it is only Hurley who can talk to Jacob after he is killed.

Hurley stands on a Mr Cluck's Chicken Shack logo base and is dressed in an Austalian outback costume complete with boomerang. He is due for release in August 2010.

Claire Littleton Bobblehead
Claire Littleton Bobblehead

Lost Claire Littleton Bobblehead

Comic Con Exclusive!

Another Comic Con exclusive!

This is the San Diego Comic Con 2010 exclusive Bobblehead of Claire Littleton. And we're not talking nice Claire here, this is the genuinely scary Claire from the final season, scary baby and all.

Claire is Jack's half-sister and mother to baby Aaron, who was born on the island but taken back to the mainland by Kate when Claire went missing and the Oceanic Six made it home.

This has great attention to detail, with Claire standing on a grass base and holding the freaky dead squirrel baby she created out of a rotting skull and dead animal fur, along with her rifle slung over her shoulder and her trademark crazy, disheveled appearance from Seasons Five and Six.

Claire was limited to 1,500 pieces and retailed at $14.99 at the Comic Con. However, this highly sought-after Bobblehead is now commanding a much higher price on eBay! Is there one currently available below? Catch her while you can!

Which Lost Bobblehead Do You Want Next?

Do you long for a Jack, Kate or Sawyer? Or do you like the secondary character approach, and quite fancy a Penny or a Libby? Maybe you'd like a Jacob or a Widmore. Or perhaps a smoke monster... can you make a smoke monster wobble??

Which Lost character would you most like to see as a Bobblehead?

See results

If so please leave your comments here, share which Bobblehead is your favourite, or shout out for the Bobblehead you most desire to see!

Don't forget to check back soon to find out which other characters have become immortalised in Bobbleheadedness!

Did you get Lost in this Lens?

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    • FanfrelucheHubs profile image

      Nathalie Roy 

      7 years ago from France (Canadian expat)

      Blessed by the current Collecting Memorabilia squidoo angel. Refreshing to see content written by the actual lensmaster. I am not a bobblehead fan, but was surprised to see they also make them based on TV shows'

    • Senora M profile image

      Senora M 

      7 years ago


    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I was so bummed McFarlane cut the LOST action figures short. I hope Bif Bang Pow! keeps these bobbleheads going for a long time. I'd love just about anybody, but I would particularly like to see Jacob and Desmond.

    • Lee Hansen profile image

      Lee Hansen 

      8 years ago from Vermont

      I get lost trying to follow Lost on TV. I will need to watch reruns several times to understand it all. Love the bobbleheads, and this lens is a hoot!

    • Deborah Swain profile image

      Deborah Swain 

      8 years ago from Rome, Italy

      hey! just realised the 5 star system has that's a big thumbs up for you instead - have also lensrolled you to my Vintage Action Figures lens!

    • Deborah Swain profile image

      Deborah Swain 

      8 years ago from Rome, Italy

      brilliant! love the john locke but i'm not sure they got benjamin linus quite right...! 5*****s!

    • jptanabe profile image

      Jennifer P Tanabe 

      8 years ago from Red Hook, NY

      Oh goodness, Lost Bobbleheads how funny! I can't quite imagine reliving Lost through bobbleheads, but you never know. Great job on the lens!


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