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LOTRO - Grind 300 TP in a day!

Updated on May 29, 2011

What are Turbine Points (TP) and why do you need them?

If you've come across Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO), a free-to-play (F2P) MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), you many have discovered how much fun it is. I love it. Truth is, though, I'm cheap and refuse (on principle and wallet) to pay ANYTHING to play.

LOTRO gives you some good content and stuff to start, but to advance in the game, you need what are called Turbine Points (TP). Turbine is the company that makes the game. TP is necessary to buy more content, to buy a horse (so you don't walk anywhere), to buy more storage (bags), and a whole other slew of fun things. Without more TP, I can't keep playing for free (content is the big reason). So, I've experimented with the best way to get TP.

So, I've worked on finding the best way to grind points. I've searched the net, and what I've discovered I have not seen, so I thought I would share it here. I just did this May 27-28 (24 hours), 2011, so I know it works. Good luck as you seek to get points -- at NO cost. I hope it helps.

Other Strategies Out There

Worth reviewing these. You should be experienced before trying this strategy.

I have found three main strategies on the Internet for grinding TP. I have done number one and number two, but not number three (it costs something, and I won't pay). All three are good though.


"Toon" is short for cartoon or MMORPG slang for character. You can gain a lot of TP just by doing all the things that generate TP with one character. It won't be enough to get everything you want. I recommend doing it, though, because it will teach you how to play the game. This guide is geared for someone that has ALREADY done this. This is not a detailed how-to guide. I will likely do other lenses dealing with this one. Again - do this before trying the strategy here. You should be able to buy your horse (95 TP) and some content Evendim (595 TP) just by grinding though on your main toon.


LOTRO has several servers, or remote computer systems. In effect, they are "worlds" (LOTRO actually calls them worlds) or "universes" where you can play. You can have multiple toons on each server. They can mail things to each other, share storage (vault) space (for a price of course), help each other out. Each time you go through the introduction sequence (1/2 hour or longer), you get a quest soon thereafter where the reward is 10 TP. Turbine gives you these points so you will go to the LOTRO store and buy a quest. Of course, you can choose not to take that quest and pocket the TP. There are 15 servers, right now, so this equates to 150 points for 7-8 hours work (once you know what you're doing of course. I recommend doing this after you do Strategy 1.


There are three types of accounts with LOTRO. An account is the real world account with Turbine that you had to create when you signed up for and downloaded LOTRO. The three types of accounts are (1) Free Player (also known as "free to play" or "f2p" - what I do); (2) VIP (short for "very important person" of course); and (3) Premium.

* Free Player costs nothing. It's how most start out. Turbine is betting that you'll likely enjoy the game so much that you'll pay for something. It's how their business model works. This is what I will keep doing. That's why there's a guide like this :)

* VIP is the subscriber account. Most MMORPGs like Warcraft (WOW or World of Warcraft), Aion, Warhammer, Eve, etc. are not F2P but cost a monthly fee (and sometimes a cost to buy the program itself as well...WOW is like this). Well, with LOTRO, when you sign up, you get the game for free (download it) and you can start playing with two toons per server. When you subscribe, you get all kinds of benefits. Huge amount of content, five characters per server, extra storage bag, etc. You can google the differences in the accounts to see what I'm talking about.

* Premium is what happens when you have PAID some real world money - - any money -- to Turbine at any time, and you are no longer (if you were) a VIP. If you subscribe for a month ($14.99 or $9.99 right now) and then drop, you get the allotted 500 TP per month. You can also buy TP directly from the LOTRO store, and then you are premium (right now I think you can get 700 points for $7.99. You can google about the things you get with Premium that are great for cost (extra bag, extra toon on each server, 5 GP (gold piece) limit, etc.

The 8-Step Plan

Here is a general overview of what to do


Create a new toon on a server you haven't been on before (this is an extra 10 TP). Create a male or female HUMAN CHAMPION. This is critical. HUMAN is critical because the intro is quicker, and you want to level up in Bree-Land (where Humans start out) before moving elsewhere. CHAMPION because the majority of your TP will come from slayer deeds, and champs (short for Champions) are the quickest killers and have the best AoE (Area of Effect) damage.


By this I mean go through the introduction and do couple quests to reach level 6. At level 6 you will get a present in the mail (as well as your binding stone) with your horse whistle. Prepping the character means doing all you can UNTIL YOU GET YOUR HORSE. I recommend prepping the character in a separate session BEFORE you start grinding for your TP. This is because you will be doing some hard core gaming, and if this is done, you have a head start.


I am basically recommending NOT doing any quests without the horse, once you get it. Once you open the (tarnished) horse whistle, you have 24 hours until it expires. Once it does, you have two choices: (1) grind by walking...uck forget it, and (2) buy a horse. Buying a horse has two components -- the horse, which is 500 SP (silver pieces) and the riding skill, which you HAVE to buy in the LOTRO store and which costs 95 TP. If you created the toon to grind, giving up 95 TP makes no sense (unless you like the toon and want to play longer...a possibility I haven't explored yet.)


Because the horse is the key to everything with this strategy, you have to do it (recommend you do it) when you have 24 hours to devote to the game. I started it about 6 pm on Friday night. Went to bed about 1 AM. Got up Saturday morning about 7/8 am and played straight through until the horse clock ran out at 6 pm on Saturday. If you don't have 24 hours to do it, I recommend prepping characters (ca. 35/40 min.) or work on your main toon's progress.


The first general strategic point is to work Bree-Land until you have completed 45 quests. I'll go into the details about what points I got and how next. You should be about Level 14 when you're done. This will take a while, but the time put in will get you to a high enough level where you can clean up in Ered Luin and the Shire.


From there, I recommend moving to Celondim, which is the starting area for elves in Ered Luin. Some people recommend going to Thorin's Gate. I've tried that, but I like starting here for a number of reasons. You work all the quests until you hit Hero of Ered Luin (30 quests completed). You will not do the dwarf quests in the Thorin's Gate area and Noglond following this strategy.


Once you hit your 30 quests AND finish off slayer and explorer deeds in Ered Luin (means you maxed out TP), you move on to the Shire, where you will do the first two levels (Life of a Bounder and Life of a Bounder: Advanced) for 45 quests. You do NOT work toward the 60, but as time is running out, you finish the explorer quests and slayers.


If you've done it right, you will have at least 400 new TP and feel great about it...until you realize it would have cost you about $4.00. Wow, $4.00 for 24 hours worth of hard, fun work. Is it worth it? Asked myself that. I don't know. But it does feel good knowing I haven't paid anything, lol.

14 Tips and Tricks

Things to keep in mind when doing this strategy



Many of the guides I've read talk about not looting. Generally, I think this is a solid recommendation. But, you will need money to level up the Champion skills. So, as long as you got the money to do that, feel free NOT to loot. I happen to like looting as a rule, but when I'm doing slayer harvesting, I don't as a rule. Often though, looting gives my Morale bar a time to charge up, so it's a good use of time.


I talked about this before, but it's worth mentioning again. This strategy is different from other TP strategies, because in order to cash in on the slayer fest, you have to be high enough to get the right Champion skills, Morale, Offensive Rating, etc. These are key because your ability to clean up on the slayer deeds in Ered Luin and then the Shire depends on being Level 14 and higher. It also makes Explorer deeds much easier.


Since killing fast is of paramount importance, you will use two weapons, instead of a two-hander and/or using a shield. You should already be two wielding from the very first instance. Most online guides for Champion recommend this as well. If it's your main toon, it is, of course, a preference. But my strong recommendation here is two weapons all the time. Let the blood flow.

~~ FOR BREE-LAND (and later) ~~


You get Trail Food and Cooked Food as well as morale/power boosts. I hardly ever use power boosts, so after doing this again, I recommend selling all of those, too. Of course, when you have a choice, take the morale boosters. In your inventory, lock all consumables (morale, trail, and cooked) and keep "selling all." It's quicker that way. Keep consumables in your hotbars. Use all the time. I always stock up with about 15 Simple (before level 10) and/or Dry Rations (which you can use after level 10). I use them all the time when I'm slayer killing. They are available from Provisioners, and there's one even in Archet!


Early on, you will get some tokens in Archet you can barter to get the Novice's Mark, which is a pocket item (it will equip where it needs to go) which gives you +5% out of combat run speed bonus and +10% on use bonus (I didn't use it often, but should). The extra 5% of running matters. Even with the horse, you run a lot. So, make sure to get it. It comes from turning in the "A Message of Thanks" quest into Constable Thistlewool in Archet. The quest itself comes from the Level 6 gift you get in the mail. You have to open it; then you have to open the letter. Turn it in, get your 5 Tokens of Salutation. Barter 3 of them for the Mark.


You will get the crafting quests early on (soon after you get horse), which you can do in Combe. Choose Armsman, and do all three crafting skill quests (Prospector, Weaponsmith, Woodworking) . The main reason for this is just by doing the quests, you will be able to make two bronze swords. The swords each give 7.9 DPS each, which is a big deal as you're leveling up. You will craft a sword with the Weaponsmith craft, and then you can use the bronze ingot(s) from the Prospecting craft quest to make another sword. Armourer is a bad choice since you can't wear the heavy armor until level 20.


Except for the beginning quests and the bronze swords, crafting (including gathering metal) and keeping task items don't matter AT ALL. As opposed to looting, which gives cash, crafting and tasks are a waste of time. Don't do them (with this strategy.)


The gift you got in the mail keeps on giving. As you hit each early level (6,7,8,9,10) and then later every 5 (15, 20), you open your gift, and you get more stuff. The most important thing you get is the Slayer Accelerator, which I saved to finish off the Goblins in the Shire as well as the Slugs in the Bog. I also thought about doing the Neekerbreekers and Sickle-Flies in the Marshes with them. Might be a good idea. The second most important thing you get is the XP accelerator, which I used as soon as I got it. The next are the other power boosts, which I hit up just when I was going to slay. Remember that bag space is at a premium, so I use to also get open space, to get loot, cash, and auctionhouse items.


This may seem elementary to many, but it took me a while to figure out how to manipulate the deed log. At the bottom of the deed log are tabs that are hard to see at first. By clicking on them (wasn't intuitive for me), you switch from one area (Bree-Land, Ered Luin, Shire), so you can see the various deeds. Remember that all of the deeds we're working on are in the Eriador tab (at the top), NOT Class/Race/Etc. or other ones. As a footnote, class deeds are not relevant here, as you are maxed out per day on the number of uses of a class skill toward deed accomplishment.

For each deed you click on (in the Deed Log), you can add to Tracker (aka Quest Tracker). The Quest Tracker are the (up to) 5 quests on the right-hand side of the page that you are following at any one time. Putting slayer or explorer deeds in there when you are going after them is very helpful, I've found.


After your first 15 quests, you will get your first Trait (Empathy), which gives you some extra bonuses. Equip at the bard in Combe, and keep equiping and upgrading. By the end I had 2 Loyalty and 3 Justice.


Even though you have a horse, I use the Stable-Masters whenever I can. Old Mully - your mount - like every purchased mount goes 62% faster than running speed. The rides you buy seem faster (more like 100% faster), but I can't find verification of it on the net. Also, it gives you a break. In order to do this, you have to talk to all of the stable-masters as you come across them. Also, West Bree gives you swift travel to Celondim, Thorin's Gate, and Michael Delving. Swift travel is the way to go. You get an all-access pass with your level gift, which you need to use when you're ready to go to Celondim.

~~ FOR ERED LUIN (and later) ~~


If you don't do this, when you head over to Ered Luin, you won't see them. Open up the System section (blue computer to bottom left of your LOTRO screen, then click on Options. Select UI Settings (User Interface). WAY down the list, after Toolbar Slots, Floating Information, Special Effects, Tooltips, Panels, Quest Guide, and Webstore sections is the Misc section. Number four on the list is "Show Trivial Quest Icons in Radar." Check the box! OK, you're good to go.


I always take whatever armor and weapons I can. You will be doing medium armor for this whole strategy (you don't get heavy until Level 20). Keep taking best weapons you can as you get them. Once you hit Bree itself toward the end of the Bree-Land Adventurer part of this strategy (about level 14), you should hit the auctionhouse to upgrade what you can and what you can afford. This is where looting helps. I also use the one in Thorin's Hall when I'm finishing up Ered Luin.


This is worth it's own section, so I put it in the next one.

Going into Fervour stance
Going into Fervour stance

Reaping the Harvest

How to kill as fast as possible for slayer deeds

Learning this was key to getting a lot of slayers in quickly. Harvest killing means finding a place where a lot of the monsters congregate in close proximity, attracting a lot of them to attack you, then killing off a bunch at a time with AoE (Area of Effect) offense. This really beats one-on-one conflict which is really time consuming.

You need to use a number of the Champion skills to use this technique.


Fervour (Level 4) - this should be on all the time. Make sure you click it on if you log out or are killed.

Battle Frenzy (Level 12) - I always use this BEFORE a battle. I take the Fervour and do Exchange of Blows before heading in.

Exchange of Blows (Level 8) - This reflects damage. It hurts them when they hurt you and lasts 30 sec., which is more than enough time to mow down the group you're fighting.


If you are close enough (not too close, lol) in level and they are still green (I think it's 8 levels difference or closer), they will start following/attacking you if you get in their vicinity. So, you run until you gather up the number you can handle and who are close enough, and then start the attack.


Blade-Wall (1) is a great AoE attack that GENERATES fervour, so keep watching the clock and use as often as you can.


I use Wild Attack (Level 1) and Swift Strike (Level 1) to generate the fervour necessary to use my AoE (Area of Effect) attacks. I don't even care who I'm targeting. I just want to build it up to use Blade-Storm. Along with Blade-Wall, Blade-Storm (10) rocks.

Best places I used this technique included Hendrovail slaying in Ered Luin at the lynx den (can get up to 8 at once), goblins at Nen Hilith and the wolves at the Vineyard -- both in Ered Luin (can get up to 6 or more at once), Dourhands (brigands) at Kheledul (also in Ered Luin), spiders at Reth Teraig (Ered Luin), goblins and men almost anywhere (all are in close quarters at castle/camp type structures.

Bree-Land Deeds - Area 1

75 TP now (10 more at end)

It's important to remember that all of the time you are putting in in Bree Land is more about leveling up your toon so you can kick butt in slayers and other quests in other areas. 40 points are yours (not counting extra 10 for first toon on server during prep). Doesn't seem like a lot, but remember the payoff is coming in Ered Luin (and the Shire).


Bree-Land Adventurer - 15 quests (10 TP)

Bree-Land Adventurer (Advanced) - 15 more quests (10 TP)

Bree-Land Adventurer (Final) - 15 more quests (15 TP)

**Work on these. Stop doing quests when you hit 45. Basically everything east of Bree plus a couple more. This includes Archet, Combe, Staddle, Marshes.


Do these once you've finished Quest Deeds and Slayer 1

Ruins of Bree-Land - find 10 ruins (5 TP)

**3 are west of Bree

History of Dunedain - find 6 items (5 TP)

**missed this, need one more on my experimental toon.


**This is where you start to earn some TP coin. I did Slayer 1 before moving on. Did Slayer 2 at end of 24 hours.

Brigand-Slayer - 30 kills (5 TP)

Brigand-Slayer (Advanced) - 30 more (10 TP)

**Do not harvest kill. You will get these just by doing the quests.

Spider-Slayer - 30 kills (5 TP)

Spider-Slayer (Advanced) - 30 more (10 TP)

**Harvest in the Iornath cave in Archet and along the spider path.


Neekerbreeker-Slayer - 30 kills (5 TP)

Sickle-Fly Slayer - 30 kills (5 TP)

**I didn't do this, but I might use my Slayer Accelerator in the future here. Used it on goblins and slugs in Shire.

Ered Luin Deeds - Area 2

130 TP - It's a beautiful thing


* These go really quickly, as you only need 10 for each level (instead of 15, 15, 15 like in Bree or 15, 30, 45 in the Shire)

Ally of Ered Luin - 10 quests (10 TP)

Hero of Ered Luin - 10 more (10 TP)

Defender of Ered Luin - 10 more (15 TP)


*Easy peasy except for Reth Teraig. Crookdell is guarded by elites you can't harvest kill. Tough to get there.

Elf Ruins Exploration - 5 places (5 TP)

Places of the Dwarves - 5 places (5 TP)

Scouting the Dourhands - 4 places (5 TP)

Reth Teraig Exploration - 5 places (5 TP)


Brigand Slayer - 30 kills (5 TP)

Brigand Slayer - Advanced - 60 more (10 TP)

* Did these at Kheledul towards end (harvest killing)

Goblin Slayer - 30 kills (5 TP)

Goblin Slayer - Advanced - 60 more (10 TP)

* I harvest killed these in Neth Hilith, but I don't think you need to. Should get all through quests and explorer (Reth Teraig)

Hendroval Slayer - 30 kills (5 TP)

Hendroval Slayer - Advanced - 60 more (10 TP)

* I harvested these at Lynx Den across road from Thrasi's Lodge. You kill, go do something else and come back. Important to note that you could clean up Hendrovail in Kheledul, too, with Dwarves, then do what's left.

Spider Slayer - 30 kills (5 TP)

Spider Slayer - Advanced - 60 more (10 TP)

* Harvesting in Reth Teraig, southern most section is beautiful. 7-8 at a time, and they respawn fast.

Wolf Slayer - 30 kills (5 TP)

Wolf Slayer - Advanced - 60 more (10 TP)

* Harvested in vineyard near Celondim. Don't spawn superfast, so I would quest, kill them (about 15), then come back. Sometimes it's hard because a lot of people doing this as elf starter quest, but still a good place.

The Shire - Area 3

105 TP - Whew!

Your last area. Again, don't go for the third rank of "Life of a Bounder" Quest Deed. Need 75 to get it. Takes too much time. 35 more quests from 40 in rank 2. Forget it. Do NOT do the mail quests (you have to run carrying mail; can't use horse) or the pie quest (Holly Hornblower north part of Hobbiton). Mail quests are in each village/city. Pie quest only in Hobbiton area. I took Swift travel to Michael Delving and started there. Don't forget Little Delving.


Life of a Bounder - 15 quests (10 TP)

Life of a Bounder - Advanced - 30 more (10 TP)


* Hit the rest of them after 45 quests were done. 3 places left each - southwest and west in Shire.

The Farms of the Shire - 6 places (5 TP)

The Sights of the Shire - 6 places (5 TP)


Brigand Slayer - 30 kills (5 TP)

Brigand Slayer - Advanced - 60 more (10 TP)

* Narrowcleave rocks for this.

Goblin Slayer - 30 kills (5 TP)

Goblin Slayer - Advanced - 60 more (10 TP)

* I used my accelerator for this one, was close to end of horse 24 hours. The Scrag-Dells in northeast Shire place to go. Do quests first, then see what you need.

Harvest Fly Slayer - 30 kills (5 TP)

Harvest Fly Slayer - Advanced - 60 more (10 TP)

* The Yale Height is the ONLY place to do this. Go up, kill 'em all (more on way up). Come down. Kill a few around bottom. Run around a few times (the Height). Rinse, repeat. Beautiful. Can get 10+ flies in one harvest at top. :)

Slug Slayer - 30 kills (5 TP)

Slug Slayer - Advanced - 60 more (10 TP)

* Tough. Just like Neekerbreeker and Sickle Flies. Did Slayer Accelerator on Goblins and then finished slugs. Accelerator is 15 min. only, so I had to hustle.

Wolf Slayer - 30 kills (5 TP)

Wolf Slayer - Advanced - 60 more (10 TP)

* Wolf's Den place to go. Good harvesting. Can do Dora's farm while they respawn and don't have to leave.

Final Thoughts

Where do you go from here?

A couple thoughts...


I've thought about buying the horse at 95 TP and continuing to grind. I can figure it out later. This puts the net at over 200 TP plus the ability to grind more. Hmmm...will have to see.


I can definitely go finish up the Neekerbreeker and Sickle Fly slayer on foot. That's 20 more TP there. I can, even though it might be a little painful, finish up the Shire quests. I'm thinking footspeed boost, which I haven't used yet (in my bank) and doing pies and mail.


I've also thought about getting a toon up on a server to get a lot of cash so I can send them items in Bree-Land and Shire (and even Evendim) for cash. I tried with this toon, but I didn't have the needed Shire quest to turn in. This will be worth another 50 TP for Shire (using Well-Kept Mathom) and 50 TP for Bree-Land (Cardolan Trinkets). Still might be able to save and do without horse. Requires a higher level toon on a server, and then cash stuff like crafting, etc. might come into play....Very interesting thought, though.

Footnote: there seemed to be the ability to turn in regular Mathom ONCE for big rep. May experiment with this later.


Good experience but don't want to do again soon. Liked "getting it done" in a day, though.

Good luck as you continue your LOTRO adventures!


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      You will also have enough TP to purchase all quest pack. Buy bundle. Warden * Rune-Keeper include in one of the bundle. You will also have enough TP for Beornings.

      This guide not just help you get TP but also master all profession and levelling up 7 class in enjoyable way under ONE ACCOUNT (TP shared)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      There's more efficient and fun way. This short guide will save your time for TP and creating 7 toon to master 7 craft under 1 account.

      1. Pick your favourite class, play your first toon, choose profession, until you reach first 595 TP. Stop. Buy 1 character slot. (Don't delete, you will be playing this later to continue collecting TP while levelling up crafting & also your toon)

      2. Pick your second favorite class, play your second toon, choose profession, until you reach first 595 TP. Stop. Buy 1 character slot. (Don't delete, you will be playing this later to continue collecting TP while levelling up crafting & also your toon)

      3. Repeat until you have 7 character with different class and profession. Play your main. Whenever you need to craft or adding TP, play your alt.

      You will have exceesive amount of TP plus 7 crafting profession to master plus 7 different class to help you solo at higher level instance. Good luck.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      There's more efficient and fun way

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      This is a pretty insufficient strategy. There is a far better one at

      it will get you 130 TP in under 3 hours (so, 24 hours = 1040 TP, if you are willing to play that long). It is also completely repeatable, and no matter how many times you do it, you'll get your 130TP.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Reth Teraig Exploration - 5 places (5 TP)

      I have found, its best done by doing the Prologue questline in Ered Luin, but it then stands against your fast time doing it.

      On reputation, doing that third leg of Shire quests gives you enough Gift Mathoms for Acquitance there. So its possibly a double pay for double work. Also, both Pies and Quickpost net you 5 TP in end. Plus there is third hidden deed - Shire Brewmaster, that also gives 5TP if you do 6 quests for 6 shire tavern owners.

      I would definitely keep the Deed accelrator for Breeland Neekers and Sickleflies , especially tier 2 there. Shire slugs need it too, but Bree you can do two at a time.

      On lootings, bag space is premium, but i sell most i get as i turn in quests, thankfully there usually always is a trader nearby. The only ces of me noty selling all was when i decided to get my dwarf a Thorings hall rep from Gondamon tasks, so i mailed all low level task stuff to him. On level 15 he was kindred, doing only tasks, and was also close to finish task deeds. OTOH, that took more that a month realtime.


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