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Cool Low Rider Bikes For Boys

Updated on February 24, 2017

Bikes Are Great Toys an Provide Exercise at the Same Time

Boys toys-low rider bikes for boys make the best gifts for any occasion. If you have a boy and are looking for a great present for Christmas or a birthday, a low rider is perfect. I know my youngest grandson enjoyed getting his last year. He rides it up and down the street and gets great exercise. There are many accessories he has put on it to customize it. Most of his friend also have low rider bikes, and they always have fun when they are together riding to park or up to the corner store

Bicycles have always been toys that kids like to ride and show off to friends. Many of them depend on their bikes for transportation to school. If you happen to go past the school, you will see many of them locked in place on the bike rack. I used to ride mine to school during the warmer months, but in the winter my mother drove me in the car. I always like the independence a bike gave me. I still ride it now that I am and adult, in fact, I trained my dog to run with me while I ride.

Lowrider bike has been around for some time now. They are stylish and fun for boys to ride and customize. Lowrider bikes come in a variety of-of styles and colors. In fact, many of them have a sort of retro design. I like the low rider bike in the apple green color because it reminds me of bike I used while I was in college.

My grandsons were excited when I purchased lowriders for them and love to ride together with their friends. The investment was well worth it since they were able to pass the bikes down to other kids in the family. Each of the kids added unique features to the original design and make it their own.

Cool Bikes

Goldern Dream

Low Rider Trike Parts

Manny Silva the Godfather of Lowriders

Manny Silva as some call him the "godfather of lowriders"makes custom-made bicycles. His shop was set up in 1973 in Compton, California. There he designs and produces modern lowrider bikes.

His bikes which he makes with the frames closer to the ground; feature hand tooled handlebars, uniquely designed spokes, his insignia, and individual designer seats.

"The lowrider bikes, every single piece is unique because it's custom, hand-made," says Manny design team includes his sons, nephews, and grandchildren.

"We fix people's bicycles, and we help people to fix their lives," he claims. He enjoys the challenge of creating his bikes for many groups of challenged people.

Some of Manny's Bike Shop is in music videos and films; he has clients all over the world. He especially enjoys the challenge of designing and make specialized bikes for disabled children who otherwise would not be able to ride. If you get the chance you many want to check out some of Silva custom designs.

Candy Apple Red

Origins of Lowriders

Lowriding originated in the Mexican-American subculture and was seen in the ’40s and ’50s the same time as car customization started shortly after World War II, and has continued since that time. Many lowriders have the same hydraulics that makes the wheels move and dance, velvet upholstery and decorations that reflect images from Mexican culture. Sometimes they are decorated with detailed images of an Aztec goddess or Our Lady of Guadalupe

Lowrider bikes have also taken on some of these same qualities. The bike is made for individuals and has unique customization and special features. This bike may also come as a blank canvas for the person to create his design. The bike is fun to ride, and many kids love the small compact size.

If you are in the market for a lowrider, you can find many styles and colors to choose from for your special boy. They good thing about these bikes is they are designed to fit most any budget and can be customized or left as is.

Ride Away

What are your thought about lowrider bicycles? Do you think they are a good investment?

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      Stanley Green 4 years ago from Czech Republic

      Hello! lowrider bikes seems to be the cool gift ideas for different occasions...