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Madame Alexander 18 Inch Dolls

Updated on November 12, 2013

18 Inch Madame Alexander Dolls

Madame Alexander 18 inch dolls are high quality, attractive dolls that little girls just adore! They are the same size and have a very similar look as the American Girl dolls, but they are just a small fraction of the cost. If your little girl wants an American Girl doll, but it's too expensive for your family's budget, then consider purchasing an 18 inch Madam Alexander doll instead.

To satisfy her desire to create and share beautiful hand crafted dolls Madame Beatrice Alexander Behrman founded the Alexander Doll Company in 1923. Beatrice believed that dolls should spark a child's imagination and help them learn about the world. For this reason, she used historical and literary heroines as inspiration for many of her doll's designs. Today the Madame Alexander Doll Company continues to earn awards for its high quality dolls.

Now your daughter can enjoy the exquisite dolls that this company continue to craft. Below you will find a large assortment of the best Madame Alexander 18 inch dolls.

Amazon Madame Alexander 18 Inch Doll - Key to my heart Madame Alexander doll

I love this Madam Alexander doll. I like her care free pony tale that's paired with the ultra trendy headband. I also adore her modern pink and gray outfit. She's adorable and ready to play with your little girl.

Madame Alexander Key To My Heart 18" Doll
Madame Alexander Key To My Heart 18" Doll

This can be dressed in a variety of easy to find outfits since all 18 inch doll clothes (American Girl, My Twin, etc) will fit her.


Madame Alexander 18 Inch Doll - Cute doll that makes a great gift

This adorable 18 inch Madame Alexander doll is so cute and sassy. She dressed in stylish clothes, has long straight hair, and a classic red hair bow.

Madame Alexander Monkey Love
Madame Alexander Monkey Love

This playmate is spunky and full of personality.


Madame Alexander Doll - Sweet cowgirl doll

Yeehaw! You're little cowgirl is going to love this sweet and feminine cowgirl Madame Alexander 18 inch doll. She dressed in pink that's paired with a denim skirt and cowboy boots.

Madame Alexander 18" Urban Cowgirl - Favorite Friends Collection
Madame Alexander 18" Urban Cowgirl - Favorite Friends Collection

She is down to earth and ready to become your little girl's best friend.


More 18 Inch Dolls - All of these sweet dolls make great playmates

These large dolls are super popular and make great gifts for girls. The clothes and furniture are interchangeable with all 18 inch dolls such as the American Girl and My Twin dolls.

Disney Madame Alexander Dolls - Disney character 18 inch dolls

What girl doesn't adore Disney Princesses? Now she can have a large doll of her favorite Disney character.

Alexander Dolls 18" Disney Belle
Alexander Dolls 18" Disney Belle

Belle from Beauty and the Beast is beautiful in her classic yellow gown.

Alexander Dolls 18" Disney Tinker Bell
Alexander Dolls 18" Disney Tinker Bell

Girls of all ages adore Tinker Bell's spunky personality.

Alexander Dolls 18" Disney Ariel
Alexander Dolls 18" Disney Ariel

The Little Mermaid is so pretty with her fishtail dress.


Wizard of Oz Madame Alexander Dolls - Lions, tigers, and bears...oh my!

What little girl doesn't love the fantastic story told in The Wizard of Oz?

18 Inch Madame Alexander Dolls on eBay

Find a great deal on a Madam Alexander doll on eBay.

Do You Love the Madame Alexander 18 Inch Dolls? - Thank you for visting

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    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 6 years ago from Canada

      I love the little cowgirl Madame Alexander doll. I hadn't seen this little dolls before - or should I say big dolls. Thank you for the introduction.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      another new lens by you that I just squidliked! Yeah for you! See ya around.