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Magic Piano by Smule: A Review

Updated on July 31, 2014

How I was Introduced to Magic Piano

My roommate hands me her iPhone. "Here, beat this." Okay, I'm a gal who likes a challenge. I press play.

2 minutes in, I'm struggling with this horrendously hard Beethoven number. No disrespect to Mr. Beethoven - I greatly enjoy his work - but he really could have taken it easier on my poor fingers, just for this one game.

Interest piqued? I hope so. So sit tight, and let me tell you all about Magic Piano!

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How do you play Magic Piano, anyway?

The best way to explain what this game is similar to is Guitar Hero - remember when that game was massively popular? The major difference is that it's meant for piano. You tap the screen with the pattern shown on the screen. If you hit it correctly, the song plays correctly. If you don't, you'll hear discordant notes, meaning you messed up. See, not hard at all!

Magic Piano comes with a preset number of songs. I'd say there's a pretty good mixture of classical and popular songs. Some songs you can play here include:

- Let it Go

- Moonlight Sonata

- Chopsticks

- Moves Like Jagger

- Fur Elise

- Turkish March

- Many, many more songs

Each song has an easy, medium, and hard setting. You can pick whichever level you think you can handle. There is a 3 star rating - and you get all 3 if you have an exemplary performance. I personally enjoyed the hard level because they were the most exciting, and the most challenging. However, your mileage may vary.

This app is available for both iPhone/iPad and Android. It can be found either on iTunes or Google Play. If you want to add more songs to your repertoire, that will require you to purchase it through the game. However, the app itself is totally free!

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Here's the Song I Played - Beethoven "Moonlight" op 27#2 3rd movement

This person is pretty much an expert at this and fared way better than I did. If you've got 5 minutes, have a look at this!

Who Can Play it?

Anybody can! You don't have to be a pianist to enjoy the game, even though that's the reason I liked the game. It requires absolutely no skill, except maybe a teensy bit of hand eye coordination. Just come with an open mind and an appreciation for music!

The only thing you have to watch out for is getting way too addicted. I speak from experience.

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Calling all Pianists! - Here are some piano books you might be interested in

This game really appealed to me because I am a pianist. Maybe you're checking this app out because you are one too! Here are some books that I've used or think you all might be interested in. Happy Shopping!

Sound off!

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Thanks for stopping by! Let me know what you think! - In the meantime, I think I'll be playing another round...

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