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Magic: The Gathering - Combo - Howling Mine

Updated on April 26, 2017

Howling Mine, the card drawing engine for all players.

Drawing extra cards is a big advantage in Magic: The Gathering. But most draw engines (like the Howling Mine) give extra cards to both players, so you'll have to make sure drawing cards is a bigger advantage for you than for your opponent.

Ebony Owl Netsuke

Put Howling Mine on the table at some point in the game together with an Ebony Owl Netsuke. When your opponent draws double the cards (or triple if you have 2 out) you can start punishing him for 4 every turn if he has more than 7 cards.

Make your opponent unable to play

Combine your deck with cards that make your opponent unable to play, counters that return to hand and other bounce spells.

Examples on the right are Exhaustion, keeping every tapped or Evacuation, returning cards to their hand. There are plenty more examples in different Magic: The Gathering sets.

Underworld Dreams

Punish drawing cards

Since you force everyone to draw extra cards, another way to take life is to punish this drawing of cards.

An excellent example is Underworld Dreams, doing 1 damage to the player for each card drawn. If you have 2 Howling Mines out, this would result in 3 damage every turn.

Relic Barrier

So you want to draw cards, but you don't like your opponent to draw them too?

Get a Relic Barrier!

Every turn, after you have drawn your extra card, tap the Howling Mine with the Relic Barrier. Your opponent won't get to draw his extra card, and your next upkeep will untap the Howling Mine again.

Found another combo?

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