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Find inspiration for a Magic the Gathering Elf theme deck

Updated on May 30, 2013

Full list of all MTG elf type creature cards

Elves are one of the iconic creature card types in Magic the Gathering and as such they are often the target of theme decks and speciality builds. I have compiled a full list of all the elf creatures available in MTG and sorted them by mana cost. That way you can easily find the cheapest or the most expensive elf card.

I have also included a list of cards that works well in combination with an elf themed deck.

There are approximately 250 elves in all the Magic the Gathering sets and most of them are green, so your theme build could easily be a mono green elf deck.

Picture: Llanowar Elves - Beta Courtesy of Amazon

1 mana cost mtg elf creature cards

The one drop cards are the cheapest elf creatures available. This category contains old favourites like the Llanowar Elves and it is the perfect place to look for early game starter creature that can help boost your mana pool or just harass the opponent with some initial damage dealing.


7 mana cost mtg elf creature cards

These are the most expensive elf cards available. While a 7 mana casting cost might seem a bit steep, these mtg cards are also very powerful. Furthermore a card like Allosaurus Rider is pretty good for endgame as you can choose to get rid of 2 cheap elves and cast what can potentially be a very high power creature.

Many green elves has the ability to help you get basic lands into play, which will help you pump the Allosaurus Rider.

Nissa Revane - Elvish Planeswalker

Magic: the Gathering - Nissa Revane (170) - Zendikar
Magic: the Gathering - Nissa Revane (170) - Zendikar

This Planeswalker is perfect for an elf themed commander deck.


Great combo cards for a MTG elf themed deck

These cards all somehow add benefits if played in a deck full of elves. My personal favourite if probably the Wirewood Lodge which can help you keep your elvish army untapped and ready for another round of battling.


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Did you find any cool elf cards?

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