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Magna Tile Ideas

Updated on January 17, 2018

Magna Tiles - Best Toy Ever!

If you could buy just one toy for your children between the ages of 3 to 12, this would have to be it!

As an educator, I love Magna Tiles magnetic building blocks and it seems that kids and adults of all ages love them too.

You might already own a set of Magna Tiles, or maybe you have seen them in your child's day care centre or pre-school?

If you already own Magna Tiles this lens is designed to give you lots of ideas for even more creative play with pictures and tutorials on how to use this amazing magnetic toy.

If you don't, then maybe consider purchasing a set? I know they seem kind of expensive but they are extremely durable and will entertain your children for years.

Giant Cube (made by Chris)

Chris is a great teacher! Watch him make a giant cube from squares and triangles.

Magna Tiles - What To Build?

Magna Tiles come in 2 dimensional shapes. The sets typically contain 32 to 100 pieces which include different size squares, isosceles triangles, right-angled triangles, and equilateral triangles.

Some sets like the Magna-Tiles 48 Piece DX Set have extra unique pieces like a magnetic door, a wheeled piece, curved pieces and pieces with holes.

These tactile, colorful tiles can be used to create designs either on a flat surface or by building more advanced 3D objects like pyramids, cubes and more complex geometrical shapes.

What you can build is limited only by your imagination!

Make a simple house with Magna Tiles. Easy!

How to build a little boat with Magna Tiles.

Step by step instructions to make a cute elephant with Magna Tiles.

Magna Tiles Clear Colors

Magna-tiles come in Solid Colors and Clear Colors.

There is really no difference between the shapes and it is fun to have a mix of both translucent (Clear) and opaque (Solid) magna-tiles.

However, I have noticed that some children will lean towards the translucent shapes when they are building little houses and cubes, especially if they are building things for small toys like Fisher Price Little People or toy animals. They like to see the little toys inside their building.

So if you are choosing between the two types, I'd buy the Clear Colors tiles.

Magna-tiles are very open-ended and can be incorporated into practically any game.

Magna Tiles At Amazon

Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set
Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set
Popular 100 piece set comes with 50 small squares, 4 large squares, 15 Isosceles triangles, 11 Right triangles and 20 Equilateral triangles. Recommended ages 3+

Magna Tiles Skills

So what skills are children learning when they play with Magna Tiles?

Magna tiles help to develop fine motor skills and teach children how to build 3-dimensional objects using common geometric shapes. Children can learn simple geometric principles, such as two right-angled triangles can be joined to make a square or how to construct a pyramid.

Magna Tiles can be used to teach children more about:

Different Shapes and Colors Symmetry Pattern Recognition Math and Spatial Relationships Magnetism Sorting and Stacking Counting Problem Solving

Lets Build A Bridge

Watch these children build an instant bridge with Magna Tiles!.

Magna Tile Ideas - Magna Tile houses

Make a Magna Tile dog - too cute!

Magna towers with bridge and boat

Make your own house and garden

Why Kids Love Magnetic Toys

Magnetic toys are those elusive playthings that kids just can't get enough of!

Magnetic toys add an extra level of interactivity and a sense of mystery when kids feel the unmistakable pull of the magnets.

Kids love the way magnets stick together and they are fascinated by the way magnets can attract metal objects like paper clips.

Boys and girls can stack and connect magnetic shapes quickly to achieve their imagined object while developing physical skills like hand-eye coordination.

Magnets provide a creative, hands-on method for kids of all ages to explore scientific concepts.

Magna Tiles Working Trucks Set

Magna Tiles have also released a Working Trucks Set with bases and magnetic pieces that combine to create a huge range of popular vehicles.

There are 27 pieces in the set and you can put together 20 standard designs such as the fire chief's car, a police car, a garbage truck, a cement mixer or bulldozer, a mail van and more. The pieces can be re-arranged to make your own unique cars or trucks too!

The pieces are quite chunky and suitable for little hands but be aware that the smaller pieces, like the sirens, could be a choking hazard if your child still likes to put things in their mouth.

This product is recommended for children over 3 years old.

Creative Kids and Magna Tiles

Let these kids show you how to create a whole Magna Tiles city and then a Magna Tiles game for the Angry Birds!

Myles and Cole talk you through the Magna Tiles City they have built (it even includes a hot tub!)

Watch what happens when the Angry Birds meet Magna Tiles. Looks like fun to me!

What do you think? Are Magna Tiles are worth the money?

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